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Health - 10.07.2020
UK children’s intensive care units come together to offer first nationwide insight into new condition in children thought to be related to COVID-19
Some of the cases have been previously reported in smaller studies, but this study brings together the largest number of cases in a cohort of children with this condition needing life support.

Health - Veterinary - 10.07.2020

Health - Social Sciences - 09.07.2020

Health - Life Sciences - 09.07.2020

Health - 09.07.2020
Our itch to share helps spread Covid-19 misinformation
Our itch to share helps spread Covid-19 misinformation
Study finds social media sharing affects news judgment, but a quick exercise reduces the problem. To stay current about the Covid-19 pandemic, people need to process health information when they read the news. Inevitably, that means people will be exposed to health misinformation, too, in the form of false content, often found online, about the illness.

Social Sciences - Health - 09.07.2020
Empowering kids to address Covid-19 through coding
Empowering kids to address Covid-19 through coding
MIT App Inventor Challenge allows children to create apps that tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

Health - Pharmacology - 09.07.2020

Health - Life Sciences - 09.07.2020
How Environmental Chemicals Affect the Immune System of Pregnant Women and the Health of Their
How Environmental Chemicals Affect the Immune System of Pregnant Women and the Health of Their
On 1 July, the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) and the Faculty of Medicine at Leipzig University jointly appointed Professor Ana Zenclussen to the professorship Paediatric Environmental Epidemiology/Immunology.

Health - 09.07.2020
In new report, CIDRAP at the University of Minnesota calls for a directed, unified approach to COVID-19 surveillance
According to the U.S. Centers for Disease for Control and Prevention (CDC), disease surveillance includes the ongoing and systematic collection, analysis and interpretation of data on the occurrence of disease in the population.

Health - Pharmacology - 08.07.2020
From lung scarring to heart damage, COVID-19 may leave lingering marks
A preventive medicine specialist receives Saccharin spray during contamination suit testing at the Coronavirus Surge Facility in Philadelphia.

Social Sciences - Health - 08.07.2020

Health - Pedagogy - 08.07.2020

Health - Life Sciences - 08.07.2020
Opinion: How coronavirus affects the brain
Honorary Senior Lecturer Dr Michael Zandi (UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology) describes the four main effects Covid-19 has on the brain, and considers parallels to the 1918 influenza pandemic.

Health - Pharmacology - 07.07.2020
UChicago molecular engineers take innovative approaches to COVID-19 vaccine
As scientists around the world rush to learn more about COVID-19, several labs at the University of Chicago's Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering are taking an innovative approach to vaccine development.

Health - Administration - 07.07.2020
Opinion: Reducing barriers to data access for research in the public interest-lessons from covid-19
In a joint letter, Research Fellow Francesca Cavallaro, Associate Professor Katie Harron (both UCL GOS Institute of Child Health) and their colleagues explain how the Covid-19 pandemic has generated an urgency to improve data access.

Social Sciences - Health - 07.07.2020
Safe gaming - new guidelines will support children online
Research into how young people can be supported to use online gaming safely to enhance their mental wellbeing has been launched at the University of Birmingham.

Life Sciences - Health - 07.07.2020
Eight Cambridge researchers elected as members of the European Molecular Biology Organisation
Eight Cambridge researchers - six from the University of Cambridge and two from the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology - are among the 63 scientists from around the world elected this year as Members and Associate Members of the European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO).

Environment - Health - 07.07.2020
Air and noise quality study will help inform Oxford City’s future environmental policy approach
The new -OxAria- study started on 1st July, extending an existing collaboration which has enabled five low-cost air pollution sensors to be installed at city centre locations. Researchers at the University of Birmingham and University of Oxford have secured £207,000 funding from the Natural Environment Research Council to investigate the impacts of COVID-19 related public health measures upon air and noise quality in Oxford.

Health - Economics / Business - 07.07.2020

Health - Life Sciences - 07.07.2020
U-M’s BioArtography founder discusses the biological imagery of COVID-19
Share on: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn You've seen the image-a large spherical mass with protruding red spikes plastered across the television and the internet.

Health - Administration - 07.07.2020

Social Sciences - Health - 06.07.2020
COVID-19 shows fraying U.S. safety net, Berkeley panel of scholars say
The COVID-19 pandemic has led to unprecedented levels of unemployment and economic uncertainty, and despite strong government efforts to address human needs, continued support and bold policy are essential for the months ahead, top scholars said during a recent event at UC Berkeley.

Health - 06.07.2020
Coughing visualization illustrates the benefits of wearing a good mask
UW-Madison Professor Scott Sanders' team modified a mannequin so that the mouth releases a puff of air containing fog.

Social Sciences - Health - 06.07.2020
As teens delay driver licensing, they miss key safety instruction
Teens are getting licensed to drive later than they used to and missing critical safety training as a result, according to Yale researchers. In a study in the July 2 edition of the Journal of Adolescent Medicine (PDF) , researchers at Yale identified some of the factors contributing to delaying driving licensure, or DDL, and pointed to policy changes that could expand safety training regardless of age.

Health - 06.07.2020
Sussex Professor supports launch of high-profile report on global practices of gender discrimination
Sussex Professor supports launch of high-profile report on global practices of gender discrimination A University of Sussex Professor has contributed to the launch of a new UN report, which unveils the scale, prevalence and redressal of three silent, endemic practices of gender discrimination.

Health - Pharmacology - 06.07.2020
"We have the here and now. That’s all we really have."
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is still a relatively young approach from behavioral therapy, but has already proven itself in the treatment of a wide range of mental disorders.

Health - Social Sciences - 06.07.2020
Syphilitic city: One in five Georgian Londoners had syphilis by their mid-30s
250 years ago, over one-fifth of Londoners had contracted syphilis by their 35th birthday, historians have calculated.

Health - 06.07.2020
Stress levels remain elevated for many even as coronavirus restrictions are lifted
Stress levels remain elevated for many even as coronavirus restrictions are lifted
There is less fear of coronavirus since the end of the lockdown, but 40% of the population still feels more stressed than before the pandemic began.

Health - 06.07.2020
A Clear Solution to Protect Healthcare Workers
With a shortage of personal protection equipment available during the COVID-19 pandemic, health care professionals have an increased risk of contracting the disease.

Life Sciences - Health - 05.07.2020
Pioneering brain haemorrhage treatment reduces long-term disability in premature babies
Pioneering brain haemorrhage treatment reduces long-term disability in premature babies
Premature babies with serious brain haemorrhage treated with a 'brain washing' technique pioneered by Bristol researchers have shown in a 10-year follow-up study, were twice as likely to survive without severe learning disability when compared with infants given standard treatment. The findings are published today [5 July] in the journal Archives of Diseases in Childhood.
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