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Health - Business / Economics - 20.12.2019

Pharmacology - Health - 19.12.2019
New MERS vaccine clinical trial starts in Saudi Arabia
The King Abdullah International Medical Research Centre (KAIMRC), in collaboration with the University of Oxford's Jenner Institute has started a Phase I clinical trial in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) for a vaccine against Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV).

Health - Social Sciences - 19.12.2019
A deaf child gained hearing-then lost it. Was there a better way to help?
For families with deaf children, a cochlear implant can feel like a miracle: An electronic device weighing less than an ounce, seemingly capable of opening a world of sound.

Health - Pharmacology - 19.12.2019
Sugar not to blame for high risk of heart disease in those at high risk for diabetes
Patients at high risk for diabetes are also at a high risk for heart disease - but not because of higher sugar levels, according to new research led by the University of Glasgow.

Social Sciences - Health - 19.12.2019
Spreading the seeds of Indigenous knowledge
Spreading the seeds of Indigenous knowledge
Indigenous wisdom and modern science are helping to bring a highly nutritious seed to the world's attention.

Health - Social Sciences - 18.12.2019

Social Sciences - Health - 18.12.2019

Health - Media - 17.12.2019
UCL is second in the world for ’most talked about’ research
UCL has been ranked second in the world for scientific research which has generated the most public attention and discussion, according to the Altmetric Top 100 released today.

Health - Social Sciences - 17.12.2019
Swiss Support to Healthcare Provision in Romania
Swiss Support to Healthcare Provision in Romania
From 2012-2019, Swiss TPH collaborated with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) to assist in the Romanian integration process into the EU in the area of health systems strengthening.

Health - Environment - 17.12.2019
A closer look at the diabetes disaster
A closer look at the diabetes disaster
In a new book, Amy Moran-Thomas examines how diabetes is reaching epidemic levels in countries across the world.

Health - Life Sciences - 16.12.2019

Pharmacology - Health - 16.12.2019
Novartis provides update on LUSTER Phase III studies in patients with uncontrolled GINA 4/5 asthma
Patients & Caregivers Healthcare Professionals Society & ESG Pooled analyses of LUSTER 1 and 2 did not support further development of Fevipiprant in asthma as a primary indication   Fevipipra

Pharmacology - Health - 16.12.2019

Health - 13.12.2019
The path to medical school: a profile of Dr Katherine Woolf’s research
As part of the BMJ's 'five minutes with', Dr Katherine Woolf (UCL Medical School), discusses the UK Medical Applicant Cohort Study, which could help level the playing field for applicants from underrepresented backgrounds.

Pharmacology - Health - 13.12.2019
Novartis receives positive CHMP opinion for Beovu (brolucizumab) for the treatment of wet AMD
Patients & Caregivers Healthcare Professionals Society & ESG In two head-to-head clinical trials, patients on Beovu achieved vision gains that were non-inferior to aflibercept at year one 1  

Pharmacology - Health - 13.12.2019
Roche announces positive Phase III study results for Tecentriq plus Cotellic and Zelboraf in people with previously untreated BRAF V600 mutation-positive advanced melanoma
Roche today announced the Phase III IMspire150 study, in people with previously untreated BRAF V600 mutation-positive advanced melanoma, met its primary endpoint of progression-free survival (PFS).

Pharmacology - Health - 12.12.2019
Graphene Industry Showcase comes to Manchester
![CDATA[ This week Graphene@Manchester hosted a jam-packed two-day (10-11 December) event showcasing the hottest topics in the field of graphene.

Health - Administration - 12.12.2019

Pharmacology - Health - 12.12.2019
Roche’s fixed-dose subcutaneous combination of Perjeta and Herceptin comparable to intravenous formulations in people with HER2-positive breast cancer
Fixed-dose combination administered under the skin in just minutes, compared to hours with intravenous administration, significantly reducing time spent receiving treatment Phase III FeDeriCa study s

Health - 11.12.2019

Pharmacology - Health - 11.12.2019
APHINITY six-year results strengthen evidence of clinical benefit with Roche’s Perjeta-based regimen
Greatest improvement in invasive disease-free survival (iDFS) remains in patients at high risk of recurrence, such as those with lymph node-positive disease with a 28% reduction in the risk of recurr

Health - Pharmacology - 11.12.2019
Novartis Kisqali data show superior overall survival compared to fulvestrant and consistent efficacy across advanced breast cancer patient subgroups in MONALEESA-3
Patients & Caregivers Healthcare Professionals Society & ESG MONALEESA-3 paper published today in The New England Journal of Medicine shows statistically significant overall survival results

Health - 11.12.2019
Discovering how people with breast cancer use Facebook for support
Many people turn to social networks, such as Facebook, to connect with friends and family during times of crisis.

Environment - Health - 10.12.2019
Medics and environmental policy experts rank parties on climate pledges
Conservative, SNP and Brexit Party pledges are worse for tackling climate change than those of the Green Party, Labour and Liberal Democrats.

Health - Life Sciences - 10.12.2019
ERC Consolidator Grant for cancer researcher Kim De Keersmaecker 
The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded its Consolidator Grants. This year's recipients include cancer researcher and geneticist Kim De Keersmaecker from KU Leuven.

Health - Pharmacology - 10.12.2019
Roche receives CE Mark for its Accu-Chek SugarView app
Accu-Chek SugarView is the first app that determines blood glucose ranges by taking photos with the smartphone camera without the need of a blood glucose meter.

Health - Life Sciences - 10.12.2019

Health - 10.12.2019
CEA-Leti Thin-Film Batteries Target Extended Applications and Improved Performance in Medical Implants
CEA-Leti Thin-Film Batteries Target Extended Applications and Improved Performance in Medical Implants
'IEDM 2019 Paper Reports Millimeter-Scale TFBs Exhibit the Best Performance In Both Energy and Power Densities SAN FRANCISCO ' Dec.

Health - 10.12.2019
Hydration myths may be putting older people’s health at risk
Myths about healthy drinking may be putting older people's health at risk by discouraging them from drinking enough fluid to stay healthy, according to a new UCL-led study.

Health - 10.12.2019

Pharmacology - Health - 09.12.2019
Novartis Kymriah demonstrates consistent efficacy and safety outcomes in US patients when used in real-world setting
Patients & Caregivers Healthcare Professionals Society & ESG Efficacy in DLBCL confirmed results seen in the pivotal trial despite treatment of a broader population, including older and more

Health - Pharmacology - 09.12.2019
Novartis global survey uncovers profound and often under-reported effects on sickle cell disease patients
Patients & Caregivers Healthcare Professionals Society & ESG Findings from more than 2,000 respondents in 16 countries underscore the debilitating and under-reported effects of sickle cell di

Pharmacology - Health - 08.12.2019
New data demonstrate the continued clinical benefit of fixed-duration, chemotherapy-free Venclexta/Venclyxto-based treatments in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia
In an updated analysis of the CLL14 study, Venclexta/Venclyxto plus Gazyva/Gazyvaro achieved remissions that were sustained over time in people with previously untreated chronic lymphocytic leukaemia

Health - Innovation - 06.12.2019
Rethinking healthcare systems
Rethinking healthcare systems
ETH Zurich is planning to step up its research activities in Singapore. It aims to extend its current Future Resilient Systems programme by five years and to launch a new programme, Future Health Technologies, in the coming year. On Thursday, 5 December, ETH Zurich announced its future endeavours involving Singapore.

Pharmacology - Health - 06.12.2019
Novartis Phase III data on new inhaled dual combination QMF149 show significant improvement across key asthma outcomes versus monotherapy
Patients & Caregivers Healthcare Professionals Society & ESG Once-daily QMF149 met primary endpoint of lung function improvement and key secondary endpoint of asthma control improvement versu

History / Archeology - Health - 06.12.2019

Health - 05.12.2019
"Staff shortages lead to more deaths"
UAntwerp research links lower nurse staffing to higher hospital mortality. A new study by researchers from UAntwerp has found that the number of nurses working on a hospital ward affects the mortality rate of the patients in their care.

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