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Business / Economics - History / Archeology - 27.01.2020

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History / Archeology - Linguistics / Literature - 23.01.2020
On the trail of the Swiss Humboldt
On the trail of the Swiss Humboldt
The Argentinian Tomás Bartoletti wants to tell history from a global perspective. Since the summer of 2019 he has been doing so at ETH Zurich, where he has been researching the story of the Swiss naturalist Johann Jakob von Tschudi and his travels around Latin America.

Music - History / Archeology - 13.01.2020

History / Archeology - 03.01.2020

History / Archeology - 26.12.2019
Stalin did not want an Iron Curtain to descend
Stalin did not want an Iron Curtain to descend
In the immediate years after World War II, Josef Stalin sought a more flexible, geostrategic approach to advancing Soviet interests abroad, according to Stanford historian Norman Naimark.

History / Archeology - 23.12.2019

History / Archeology - 22.12.2019

History / Archeology - Health - 06.12.2019

Religions - History / Archeology - 04.12.2019
On show - and specially conserved
On show - and specially conserved
The walls, the floor, the ceiling - everything is black. The light is dimmed to such an extent that visitors' eyes first have to become accustomed to it when they enter the room.

History / Archeology - 02.12.2019

History / Archeology - 29.11.2019

History / Archeology - Linguistics / Literature - 25.11.2019

History / Archeology - 23.11.2019
No. 25 Tartans Advance To NCAA Semifinals
The 25th-ranked Carnegie Mellon University women's soccer team is going to the semifinals of the 2019 NCAA Division III Women's Soccer Championship after winning a penalty kick shootout against 19th-ranked University of St. Thomas, 6-5, on Saturday, Nov.

History / Archeology - 21.11.2019

Event - History / Archeology - 21.11.2019

Social Sciences - History / Archeology - 19.11.2019
Stanford course moves beyond the missions in Native American studies
Stanford course moves beyond the missions in Native American studies
Muwekma: Landscape Archaeology and the Narratives of California Natives allows Stanford students to move beyond the myth of the "perpetually vanishing native" and to understand Native American history and culture from an indigenous perspective.

History / Archeology - Art and Design - 13.11.2019
Results of research on Spanish masterpiece Lady in a Fur Wrap announced
Results of research on Spanish masterpiece Lady in a Fur Wrap announced
Leading international specialists in the field of art history have released the initial findings of a four-year collaborative research project centring around one of Glasgow's most famous paintings, the Lady in a Fur Wrap. For over 100 years scholars have been debating who painted the beautiful portrait Lady in a Fur Wrap, traditionally thought to be by El Greco (1541-1614).

Social Sciences - History / Archeology - 12.11.2019

History / Archeology - Music - 07.11.2019
Film & Television Archive staff help bring the footage of the past into the present
One of the ways that audiences can engage with the sights and sounds of the past is through new cinematic works, television shows and exhibition spaces that weave in and contextualize archival footage.

History / Archeology - Life Sciences - 07.11.2019
Researchers lay out first genetic history of Rome
Despite extensive records of the history of Rome, little is known about the city's population over time. A new genetic history of the Eternal City reveals a dynamic population shaped in part by political and historical events. Scholars have been studying Rome for hundreds of years, but it still holds some secrets - for instance, relatively little is known about the ancestral origins of the city's denizens.

Social Sciences - History / Archeology - 06.11.2019
As it prepares to rename Jane Stanford Way, Stanford honors its relationship with the Muwekma Ohlone
As it prepares to rename Jane Stanford Way, Stanford honors its relationship with the Muwekma Ohlone
As Stanford prepares to celebrate the new Jane Stanford Way on Nov. 14, university archaeologist Laura Jones talks about the history of Native Americans in this area, the university's relationship with the Muwekma Ohlone and the decision to rename landmarks that once honored Junipero Serra.

History / Archeology - 30.10.2019

History / Archeology - 28.10.2019
Storytelling and immersive technologies to connect us to our past
The way people lived their lives hundreds of years ago will be brought to life at a unique event being held at the Hunterian Museum at the University of Glasgow on Wednesday 30 October 2019.

Social Sciences - History / Archeology - 25.10.2019
Unmasked: Many white women were Southern slave owners, too
Stephanie Jones-Rogers says this book project represents "10 years of pain, intermingled with pride.” But the slaves' stories of trauma compelled her to persevere.

History / Archeology - Religions - 25.10.2019
Obituary: David William Miller Was an Acclaimed Scholar of Irish and Religious History
David William Miller, an internationally recognized scholar of Irish and religious history at Carnegie Mellon University, died Sunday, Oct.

History / Archeology - 25.10.2019

Event - History / Archeology - 24.10.2019

History / Archeology - 23.10.2019

History / Archeology - 23.10.2019
The fall of Rome was Europe's lucky break
The fall of Rome was Europe’s lucky break
Nothing like the Roman Empire ever emerged again - which was a good thing, says Stanford historian Walter Scheidel.

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Event - History / Archeology - 18.10.2019

Event - History / Archeology - 17.10.2019

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Art and Design - History / Archeology - 10.10.2019
Humanities Day keynote to examine how home movies represent cultural history
For more than a decade, Prof. Jacqueline Najuma Stewart has worked to preserve, digitize and exhibit an understudied cultural resource: home movies from the Chicago neighborhoods in which she was born and raised.
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