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Transport - Innovation - 06.11.2019
Aviation Innovation
With all of the amenities of a mini city, research takes flight at Pittsburgh International Airport Carnegie Mellon University's research partnership with Allegheny County Airport Authority began six years ago where most trips start: in the parking lot.

Computer Science / Telecom - Innovation - 05.11.2019
Data innovation strategy: FSO pilot projects point to productivity gains
Official statistics can benefit from new analysis methods arising from its data innovation strategy. The automation of certain tasks, especially data preparation, seems to be particularly promising. Although the first results from the FSO's pilot projects are encouraging, according to an initial assessment published on the "experimental statistics" microsite, they still need fine-tuning before they can be fully implemented in ongoing production.

Electroengineering - Innovation - 04.11.2019

Life Sciences - Innovation - 01.11.2019

Business / Economics - Innovation - 01.11.2019

Linguistics / Literature - Innovation - 31.10.2019

Innovation - 31.10.2019

Innovation - 31.10.2019
Kubos and CSC develop LED technologies
A partnership between Cardiff's Compound Semiconductor Centre and Cambridge-based company Kubos Semiconductors has been forged to improve the efficiency of green LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes).

Innovation - Business / Economics - 30.10.2019

Environment - Innovation - 30.10.2019
Claudia R. Binder appointed dean of ENAC
Claudia R. Binder appointed dean of ENAC
Professor Claudia R. Binder will take over as the new dean of ENAC on 1 January 2020. We spoke with her about her plans to make the school a center of excellence in advancing the sustainability of our natural and built environment.

Environment - Innovation - 30.10.2019
Digitalisation in wastewater management: - Dystopia or panacea?
Digitalisation in wastewater management: - Dystopia or panacea?
Cashless payments, online maps for navigation, photo sharing on social networks - digitalisation has become an integral part of our everyday lives. But it's much less well established in urban water management. Why is that? Frank Blumensaat : Urban water management has traditionally been regarded as a conservative sector.

Business / Economics - Innovation - 30.10.2019

Computer Science / Telecom - Innovation - 29.10.2019

Innovation - 28.10.2019
Birmingham brings together experts to secure the future of technology-critical materials
Researchers at the University of Birmingham are drawing together a panel of experts to help secure the future UK supply of technology-critical materials.

Innovation - Computer Science / Telecom - 28.10.2019

Innovation - Career - 28.10.2019
Innovative ideas wanted
University of Miami faculty and staff with ideas for how to integrate Magic Leap's mixed reality into their classes or research should submit their pitches t o the provost by the end of the week.

Innovation - Event - 25.10.2019

Transport - Innovation - 25.10.2019
Surtrac Allows Traffic To Move at the Speed of Technology
Artificial intelligence is giving more Pittsburgh drivers the green light. Developing and deploying the technology to keep the traffic flowing took a team of researchers and roboticists from Carnegie Mellon University together with the help of city engineers and funding from foundations.

Innovation - 24.10.2019

Environment - Innovation - 22.10.2019
Scientists in China and Europe partner to tackle climate change
Scientists in China, Germany, and the UK are joining forces to find global solutions for delivering recycling solutions and low-carbon clean energy and reducing the environmental impact of waste - in a major international partnership.

Health - Innovation - 22.10.2019
EPFL spin-off GTX medical moves into the US market
EPFL spin-off GTX medical moves into the US market
GTX medical, an EPFL spin-off that has developed an implantable neuromodulation therapy to help people with spinal cord injuries walk again, merged today with NeuroRecovery Technologies, a US-based company, developing a transcutaneous stimulation therapy to improve upper limb function after a SCI.

Innovation - Administration - 21.10.2019

Transport - Innovation - 21.10.2019
The future of flight
Professor GeCheng Zha and College of Engineering graduate student Brendan McBreen examine a prototype wing containing micro-compressors that would generate vertical lift and propulsion in an electric V/STOL aircraft.

Environment - Innovation - 17.10.2019
Q&A: New sources of water with desalination research
A new and ambitious research project looks to develop affordable devices to recycle most of the water we now throw away, as well as to desalinate saltwater.

Environment - Innovation - 17.10.2019
Building renovation needs to be speeded up
Building renovation needs to be speeded up
Only one out of a hundred houses per year are renovated to make them more energy efficient - less than half the number needed to achieve the goals of the Energy Strategy 2050 for buildings. The National Research Programme "Energy" shows that the necessary technologies are available, but there is a lack of appropriate planning, building and energy laws, as well as of expertise.

Innovation - 17.10.2019

Social Sciences - Innovation - 16.10.2019
What’s next for the University of Chicago Crime Lab?
Editor's note: The following is part of  Urban October at UChicago -an initiative of the  University of Chicago Urban Network .

Innovation - Computer Science / Telecom - 16.10.2019

Environment - Innovation - 15.10.2019
UChicago and UN to host global symposium on sustainable cities and neighborhoods
Event to discuss the UN Sustainable Development Goals, neighborhoods-led approach to climate change Editor's note: The following is part of  Urban October at UChicago -an initiative of the  University of Chicago Urban Network .

Pharmacology - Innovation - 14.10.2019
A smart speaker helps care for the elderly at home
A smart speaker helps care for the elderly at home
Two students from EPFL have developed a smart speaker with voice-activation technology that connects patients directly to their loved ones as well as caregivers and emergency services.

Innovation - 14.10.2019
UQ maintain Uni 7s lead with silver medal
UQ maintain Uni 7s lead with silver medal
The University of Queensland has secured its third medal of the 2019 Aon Uni 7s Series after finishing runners-up at Round 3 in Adelaide.

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