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Health - Pharmacology - 07.05.2019
New AveXis data at AAN showed long-term durability of Zolgensma in patients with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) Type 1
Interim long-term follow-up data showed all enrolled Cohort 2 patients maintained motor function and milestones achieved during the Phase 1 START trial Mean age of follow-up since dosing with Zolge

Innovation - Pharmacology - 07.05.2019
’Adopt-a-hive’ scheme for schools
A leading Wales learning technology company, Aspire 2Be, is teaming up with Cardiff University to encourage school pupils to learn about the importance of bees and beekeeping.

Health - Pharmacology - 07.05.2019
Novartis presents first-of-its-kind algorithm-based tool to help MS patients and physicians evaluate and discuss early signs of progression to secondary progressive MS
Up to 80% of relapsing remitting MS (RRMS) patients transition to secondary progressive MS (SPMS) , a stage of the disease leading to continuous functional decline, which is often undiagnosed or diagnosed only retrospectively Data presented at AAN show that MSProDiscuss TM , a scientifically-validated digital tool, was able to provide information to support differentiation between RRMS and SPMS with high sensitivity and specificity These fin

Pharmacology - Health - 06.05.2019
FDA approves Roche’s Kadcyla for adjuvant treatment of people with HER2-positive early breast cancer with residual invasive disease after neoadjuvant treatment
The approval is based on data showing Kadcyla cut the risk of disease recurring by half compared to Herceptin in the adjuvant setting for specific patients with HER2-positive early breast cancer The

Pharmacology - Health - 02.05.2019
Novartis to highlight extensive long-term safety and efficacy data of Aimovig across the spectrum of migraine at AAN
After long-term Aimovig (erenumab) treatment, two-thirds of chronic migraine patients converted to episodic migraine, experiencing 11 fewer migraine days per month on average Separate study showed

Health - Pharmacology - 02.05.2019
Yale joins NIH research network aimed at improving maternal-fetal health
High-impact research that makes its way into clinical practice is made possible thanks to large-scale multicenter clinical trials.

Pharmacology - Health - 30.04.2019
New data at AAN reinforce Novartis commitment to transforming the lives of people of all ages who live with neurological conditions
Novartis leads the way at AAN with 53 abstracts, showcasing its broad portfolio of transformative medicines and innovative solutions for people living with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), multiple scl

Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 30.04.2019
Researchers create the first maps of two melatonin receptors essential for sleep
Share This Article The behavior of humans and all animals is governed by a variety of natural cycles.

Pharmacology - Health - 29.04.2019
New Roche data at the 2019 AAN Annual Meeting showcase breadth and promise of neuroscience portfolio
Risdiplam data from Part 1 of pivotal FIREFISH study show infants with Type 1 spinal muscular atrophy achieve key motor milestones and improved survival after one year of treatment New analyses in re

Health - Pharmacology - 25.04.2019

Pharmacology - Health - 24.04.2019

Health - Pharmacology - 24.04.2019
Two Decades of Swiss Leadership for New Malaria Medicines
Two Decades of Swiss Leadership for New Malaria Medicines
On World Malaria Day 2019, Swiss organizations look back on a long history of successful public-private collaboration for new malaria medicines.

Pharmacology - Health - 23.04.2019

Health - Pharmacology - 23.04.2019
Roche launches new VENTANA HER2 Dual ISH companion diagnostic test for breast and gastric cancer patients eligible for targeted therapy
Nearly 2.1 million new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed worldwide each year, and more than 620,000 people will die from the disease.

Pharmacology - Health - 18.04.2019
University of Birmingham SCRIPT eLearning programme advocated for prescribers to ensure the safer use of medicines and reduce errors
Healthcare safety investigators advocate that all professionals responsible for prescribing use an online learning programme developed by the University of Birmingham.

Health - Pharmacology - 17.04.2019
Sniffles and sneezes: A Q&A about allergies with Dr. Ryan Steele
With allergy season upon us, YaleNews spoke to Dr. Ryan Steele , instructor of clinical medicine at Yale School of Medicine, about the current season, prevention, treatments, and other facts allergy sufferers need to know.

Pharmacology - Health - 15.04.2019
Novartis announces FDA filing acceptance and Priority Review of brolucizumab (RTH258) for patients with wet AMD
By 2020, over 1.5 million people in the US are likely to have wet AMD, the leading cause of blindness in industrialized countries Filing is based on Phase III data from the HAWK and HARRIER

Pharmacology - Health - 15.04.2019
Innovative Medicines Initiative Launches Translational Safety Biomarker Pipeline Project
The University of Zurich coordinates a worldwide research project that focuses on the development of new biomarkers.

Pharmacology - Health - 12.04.2019
Successful home-based heart rehabilitation programme rolled out
A new rehabilitation programme which helps heart failure patients achieve better quality of life from the comfort of their own homes will now be rolled out at four NHS centres across the UK. Research has found that the Rehabilitation Enablement in Chronic Heart Failure (REACH-HF) programme, developed by a collaboration led by the University of Exeter and the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS trust, significantly improved quality of life.

Pharmacology - Health - 12.04.2019
’Pharmabees’ to make honey cosmetics
Cardiff University is joining forces with a North Wales company to produce a new brand of natural cosmetics, Celtic Wellbeing.

Pharmacology - Health - 12.04.2019
Queensland researchers join international search for new antibiotics
Queensland researchers join international search for new antibiotics
In an Australian-first, The University of Queensland will join forces with the Global Antibiotic Research and Development Partnership (GARDP) to tackle the growing problem of drug-resistant infections. GARDP, a not-for-profit research and development group initiated by the World Health Organization, develops new or improved antibiotic treatments.

Pharmacology - 12.04.2019
Computational power in the fight against cancer
Vittorio Limongelli, Associate professor at the USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences and at the USI Institute of Computational Science (ICS), has recently received a competitive research funding consis

Pharmacology - Health - 09.04.2019
Open source drug research could open up medicine
Open source drug research could open up medicine
Universal access to medicine could come via open source drug discovery, argues lecturer Dr Alice Motion.

Health - Pharmacology - 05.04.2019
Brexit threat to Sam's legacy in EU children's brain tumour research
A leading expert in childhood cancer is warning that life-saving changes to European clinical trials regulations that were inspired by the story of a young brain tumour patient of his, won't benefit children in the UK after Brexit.

Health - Pharmacology - 04.04.2019
New Project on Child Health in Tanzania
New Project on Child Health in Tanzania
Fondation Botnar has awarded CHF 7 million to researchers from Lausanne for further deployment of electronic diagnostic and treatment tools based on algorithms, which will help clinicians to manage febrile children.

Health - Pharmacology - 03.04.2019
Roche and Spark Therapeutics, Inc. announce withdrawal and refiling of Premerger Notification and Report Form under the HSR Act and extension of tender offer for shares of Spark Therapeutics, Inc
Roche and Spark Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: ONCE) (“Spark”) today announced that Roche has withdrawn its Premerger Notification and Report Form under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act (the “HSR Act”) in connection with Roche's pending acquisition of Spark.

Pharmacology - Health - 02.04.2019
Novartis first-in-class Cosentyx approved in China for psoriasis patients
China Health Authority NMPA approved Cosentyx (secukinumab) for moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis in adult patients who are candidates for systemic therapy or phototherapy Cosentyx is the first b

Pharmacology - Health - 01.04.2019
AveXis expands world-leading gene therapy manufacturing capacity with purchase of advanced biologics therapy manufacturing campus in Longmont, Colorado
Facility to become the largest of four state-of-the-art sites involved in manufacturing of AveXis gene therapies for pipeline of rare genetic diseases including spinal muscular atrophy AveXis plans

Health - Pharmacology - 01.04.2019
Roche’s ipatasertib in combination with Tecentriq and chemotherapy shows promising anti-tumour activity in triple-negative breast cancer in early phase trial
Data from Phase Ib study to be presented at American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) 2019 annual congress 73% overall response rate (ORR) irrespective of PD-L1 status or PI3KCA/AKT1/PTEN alter

Pharmacology - Chemistry - 29.03.2019
Raising smoking age and mapping HIV transmission: News from the College
Raising smoking age and mapping HIV transmission: News from the College
Here's a batch of fresh news and announcements from across Imperial. From recommendations to raise the smoking age to 21, to sequencing HIV transmission networks in Africa, here is some quick-read news from across the College.

Pharmacology - Health - 29.03.2019
Collaboration helps patients’ own immune system fight cancer
New West Midlands-based research into cancer treatment will support patients who are fighting cancer in their blood and/or lymph system - especially those from black and minority ethnic backgrounds.

Life Sciences - Pharmacology - 28.03.2019

Pharmacology - Health - 28.03.2019
Should more medications be available over the counter?
Making more drugs available 'over the counter' would be a win for the public and the health care system write University of Sydney pharmacy experts.

Pharmacology - Health - 27.03.2019
Novartis receives FDA approval for Mayzent (siponimod), the first oral drug to treat secondary progressive MS with active disease
Mayzent (siponimod) is the first and only treatment specifically approved for patients with active secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (SPMS) in over 15 years Up to 80% of patients with relaps

Health - Pharmacology - 26.03.2019
Personalized in vitro model enables drug screening for kidney cancer
One way to treat the most common type of kidney cancer is to use anti-angiogenic drugs to cut off the blood supply to the tumors, but patients respond differently to the drugs, and choosing the wrong one can make the cancer grow faster.

Pharmacology - Health - 25.03.2019
Researchers aim to use gene therapy to treat hearing deafness
Researchers aim to use gene therapy to treat hearing deafness
Professor Schambach was awarded approximately two million euros from the European Union for his "iHEAR" project / New gene therapies shall protect children and adults from hearing loss High accolades

Health - Pharmacology - 22.03.2019
Bringing a new generation of drugs to patients
Cardiff University is stepping up the development of new drugs for mental health and central nervous system conditions, with the launch of the Medicines Discovery Institute. Focusing on areas of unmet clinical need, the new institute will develop novel medications to improve the lives of people across the world.

Health - Pharmacology - 21.03.2019
Researchers awarded $40 million to study opioid addiction treatments
Yale School of Medicine faculty have been awarded $40 million in grants to study medication treatment for veterans with opioid addiction.

Health - Pharmacology - 20.03.2019
Ground breaking pancreatic cancer trial reaches patient milestone
A ground breaking pancreatic cancer trial, which aims to match patients with more targeted and effective treatment for their tumours, has successfully recruited its 100th patient.

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