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Sport - Psychology - 30.05.2010
Fair play or foul World Cup sportsmanship under scrutiny at Birmingham
Sports psychologists at the University of Birmingham are investigating how factors such as motivation can influence how likely a football player is to adopt antisocial behaviour in their quest for victory in contests such as the World Cup.

Sport - Linguistics / Literature - 30.04.2010
1966 forgotten: Manchester plays host to Germany fans
1966 forgotten: Manchester plays host to Germany fans
A national football tournament for English based fans of German culture is being held at The University of Manchester on Saturday (May 1) in a bid to promote more understanding.

Sport - 19.11.2009

Sport - 29.08.2009
Young Olympic Hopefuls Set the Pace for 2012
As the Beijing Games come to a close, a number of talented young athletes in Birmingham are already poised for London 2012.

Sport - 20.08.2009
Don't sack the manager?
Don’t sack the manager?
PA 218/09 Experts at The University of Nottingham and Loughborough University have produced research which proves that Premier League clubs who have long-term managers are more successful than those who change their managers on a frequent basis.

Sport - Computer Science - 06.08.2009
Planning English football fixtures
Planning English football fixtures
PA 209/09 Can computers solve the logistical nightmare of planning English football fixtures? Professor Graham Kendall from the School of Computer Science at The University of Nottingham believes they can.

Sport - Mathematics - 26.02.2009

Sport - 21.01.2009
Birmingham trio help GB to golden glory
Three University of Birmingham Sport students have helped the GB Youth Hockey team win gold at the Australian Youth Olympic Festival.
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