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Chemistry - Health - 12.01.2022
Western chemists engage in ’game-changer’ metals research
Metal corrosion - in large steel bridges, computer microchips and medical nanoparticles, for example - cost billions of dollars in damage.

Life Sciences - Earth Sciences - 12.01.2022
Some birds sing the same song for hundreds of thousands of years
Many of the birds that awaken us each morning learn their melodious songs the same way that humans learn a dialect - from parents and neighbors.

Materials Science - Chemistry - 12.01.2022
1,000-cycle lithium-sulfur battery could quintuple electric vehicle ranges
1,000-cycle lithium-sulfur battery could quintuple electric vehicle ranges
A new biologically inspired battery membrane has enabled a battery with five times the capacity of the industry-standard lithium ion design to run for the thousand-plus cycles needed to power an electric car.

Astronomy / Space Science - Career - 11.01.2022
Use of locums highest in rural, small or poorer performing GP practices
New research led by University of Manchester researchers published today (11/01/22) in the British Journal of General Practice has thrown new light on the use and characteristics of locum GPs in England.

Campus - Health - 11.01.2022
Faculty Mentor Training Program Strengthens University’s Institutional Climate
A pioneering program at UC San Diego Health Sciences serves as a successful model for medical schools looking to improve faculty diversity and success Many universities are in search of strategies to improve their faculty diversity and institutional climate.

Innovation - Architecture - 11.01.2022
Optimizing indoor temperatures - thanks to AI
The Empa spin-off viboo has developed a self-learning algorithm for controlling the indoor climate. This enables predictive cooling or heating of buildings, thus saving around one third of energy.

Innovation - Environment - 11.01.2022

Campus - 11.01.2022
How much do students learn when they double the speed of their class videos?
Recorded lectures have become a routine part of course instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic, and college students often try to pack more learning into a shorter span by watching these recordings at double their normal speed or even faster.

Campus - Environment - 11.01.2022

Computer Science - 11.01.2022
From Green- to Machinewashing: misleading information in the digital age
People today tend not to fall anymore for the unhealthy practice of organisations providing misleading information by about their societal and environmental responsibilities. Greenwashing techniques, which were first noticed in the 1960s, are in fact easier to identify and organisations are urged to 'come clean'.

Health - Pharmacology - 11.01.2022

Environment - Campus - 11.01.2022

Life Sciences - Career - 11.01.2022

Pedagogy - Social Sciences - 11.01.2022
Wealth inequalities in Britain: it’s about homeownership, housing wealth and who your parents are
Parental wealth is playing an increasingly important role in explaining whether offspring own their home and their level of housing wealth says new analysis.

Event - Social Sciences - 11.01.2022
A growing number of people are rejecting formal funerals - why?
A growing number of people are rejecting formal funerals - why?
Research suggests direct cremation can enable families and communities to commemorate their dead in meaningful and different ways A funeral service is sometimes neither wanted nor needed, and familie

Campus - History / Archeology - 11.01.2022

Environment - Agronomy / Food Science - 11.01.2022
Safe drinking water remains out of reach for many Californians
The first comprehensive analysis of drinking water quality in California finds that 370,000 or more rely on drinking water that may contain unsafe chemical contaminants and that communities of color are more likely to be impacted.

Environment - 11.01.2022
Q&A: Bringing a justice lens to wildlife management
Q&A: Bringing a justice lens to wildlife management
Almost all of the world's 31 largest carnivore species, including gray wolves, grizzly bears, cheetahs and lions, have been impacted by human development and activity.

Pedagogy - History / Archeology - 10.01.2022

Social Sciences - 10.01.2022
Data Science for Social Good Programme helps tackle worldwide problems
Data Science for Social Good (DSSGxUK) is a summer programme that has been hosted by the University of Warwick with Ludwig Maximillian University (Munich) under the DSSGx UK chapter of the DSSG Foundation.

Environment - 10.01.2022
UWaterloo opens new aquatic threats research facility to study the impact of climate change on fish stress
Preparing for an online start to the winter term: for more information. The new multimillion-dollar facility will allow researchers to bridge the gap between lab and fieldwork Fish have a lot to stress about right now.

Chemistry - Materials Science - 10.01.2022

Law - Religions - 10.01.2022
’Clunky and challenging’ – views on getting married in England and Wales outlined in new briefing
The law on weddings in England and Wales has been too slow to respond to religious and cultural diversity and the increasing number of people who do not identify with any religion at all, finds a new study led by University of Warwick researcher Dr Rajnaara Akhtar of Warwick Law School.

Linguistics / Literature - Social Sciences - 10.01.2022

Politics - 10.01.2022
Flemish Government Renews Support for United Nations University Institute in Bruges Addressing Multi-Level Governance Challenges
Memorandum of Understanding between the Flemish Government, the United Nations University, UGent and VUB The Flemish Government has reaffirmed its commitment to the United Nations University Institut

Social Sciences - Environment - 10.01.2022

Computer Science - Transport - 10.01.2022

Health - Life Sciences - 10.01.2022
'We think carefully about how many mice are necessary'
’We think carefully about how many mice are necessary’
Professor Alfred Zippelius, from the Department of Biomedicine at the University of Basel, has been conducting experiments with mice for several years.

Career - Health - 10.01.2022

Economics / Business - Campus - 10.01.2022

Computer Science - Social Sciences - 10.01.2022
Privacy and cybersecurity can foster 21st Century democracy
Preparing for an online start to the winter term: for more information.

Social Sciences - 10.01.2022
New children's books published by TU Graz University Press
New children’s books published by TU Graz University Press
"Toni and the nut machine" and "Alex catches the echo" are the names of new children's books published by TU Graz.