Across the Cut: Paloma Sierra

As an artist, Paloma Sierra wishes to develop narratives for the growing Hispanic and Latinx population in the U.S. Sierra, who is pursuing a master’s of fine arts in dramatic writing at Carnegie Mellon University, discusses cultural identity and her love of poetry in this Across the Cut.

Across the Cut: Jason Li

Jason Li was a finalist for the NCAA Division III Jack Nicklaus National Player of the Year Award.

Across the Cut: Animation

From concept to completion, hundreds of hours can go into creating original animations from scratch.

Across the Cut: Alex DiClaudio

Alumni Association President Alex DiClaudio reminisces over his Tartan journey, talks Pittsburgh Dad and welcomes the Class of 2020 as grads.

Across the Cut: Daniel Curtis

Music Director Daniel Curtis tells us what it took for Contemporary Ensemble to compose new works while social distancing.

Across the Cut: Diya Nuxoll

Sweepstakes Chair Diya Nuxoll joined a dedicated group of Buggy fans who refuse to let the tradition lapse, even if the event was canceled.

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