Adapt at work podcast series

Professionals face an increasing number of unexpected new and complex situations. What do you need, as a professional, to be able to deal effectively with work-related changes and challenges? How do you deal with innovations? And how do you integrate all of this into a study programme? The research project ’Adapt at Work’ investigates the development of the expertise required for that purpose, generally known as adaptive expertise.

Involved in this on behalf of the University of Twente are researchers Marleen Groenier (Technical Medical Centre) and Prof Maaike Endedijk (BMS). "We at UT are responsible for the work package in which a literature review has been carried out into the influence of workplace learning on the development of adaptive expertise," says Groenier. "In addition, Technical Medicine is one of the study programmes in which research is being conducted into the development of adaptive expertise during work placements in a Master’s programme."

The ’Adapt at Work’ project is a 3.5-year project subsidised by the National Transition Board Education Research (NRO). Six universities of applied sciences and five universities are collaborating in this consortium.

Podcast series

In the Adapt at Work podcast series (Dutch) researchers will engage in a dialogue with professional practitioners from a variety of domains. The professionals will talk about the situations they come across, how they deal with them, how they see others deal with them, what they need for this from their colleagues and how they think current and new colleagues can learn to do this.
The podcasts are useful for encouraging dialogue between professionals (and future professionals) about dealing with unexpected new and complex situations.

The contributors are an engineer who is leading an innovation in Big Trucks, a director of Inner Space Training, an adviser on administrative issues, an expert in criminal science, a trauma surgeon and a programme director of a Bachelor’s programme.

In an additional podcast (Dutch) four researchers, including Marleen Groenier of the University of Twente, relate the insights obtained from the literature survey to the stories of the professional practitioners.

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