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Administration - 17.07.2019
’This base is going to blow sky high.’ Port Chicago, 75 years later
Black enlisted men load ammunition onto a train car at Port Chicago while a white officer supervises.

Administration - 10.07.2019

Administration - Health - 09.07.2019

Administration - 08.07.2019

Administration - Environment - 05.07.2019
Millions in ARC funding for successful UQ projects
Virtual reality pilot training and better monitoring of water pollution are among University of Queensland research funded in the latest round of Australian Research Council Linkage Projects.

Administration - 02.07.2019
Shortfall in public finances in Wales due to lower revenues, report finds
The state of Wales' public finances will be discussed today (2 July) by experts from Cardiff University's Wales Governance Centre.

Pharmacology - Administration - 28.06.2019
Sussex Drug Discovery Centre appoints Professor Jeffrey Hill as new Director
Professor Jeffrey Hill has been appointed as the new Director of the Sussex Drug Discovery Centre ( SDDC ) within the School of Life Sciences.

Administration - Career - 26.06.2019

Environment - Administration - 21.06.2019
Goodbye, Clean Power Plan: Understanding the new energy rule
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency replaced the Obama-era Clean Power Plan this week with one that focuses on efficiency improvements at generating stations.

Career - Administration - 18.06.2019
"Europe has an important academic heritage."
Today, 18 June, and tomorrow, 19 June, the University of Münster will host the annual Federal Conference of the "EU Cooperation Centre for Science Organisations" (KoWi).

Environment - Administration - 18.06.2019

Physics - Administration - 13.06.2019

Economics / Business - Administration - 11.06.2019

Social Sciences - Administration - 11.06.2019

Health - Administration - 10.06.2019
Important information about former physician and UCLA’s response
To the Campus Community: Our university's first and highest obligation is to the communities we serve.

Administration - 06.06.2019
Constitutional crisis has no immediate answer, Berkeley Law dean says
The Constitution is being attacked, says Berkeley Law Dean Erwin Chemerinsky. (Photo by Dieter Spears via Wikimedia Commons) Until recently, Erwin Chemerinsky, dean of Berkeley Law, didn't want to be alarmist by shouting "constitutional crisis" from the rooftops.

Administration - Innovation - 06.06.2019
Strategies to secure American elections
Stanford scholars outline a detailed strategy for how to protect the integrity of American elections - including recommendations such as requiring a paper trail of every vote cast and publishing information about a campaign's connections with foreign nationals. Scholars from Stanford University put forward a comprehensive strategy for what needs to be done to protect the integrity and independence of U.S. elections, with a keen focus on the upcoming presidential campaign in 2020.

Innovation - Administration - 03.06.2019

Law - Administration - 30.05.2019

Social Sciences - Administration - 30.05.2019
University researchers to help Facebook counter hate speech
Researchers from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences are the first University of Sydney academics to receive research support from Facebook.

Administration - 26.05.2019

Administration - Social Sciences - 24.05.2019
New Collaborative Research Centre at Münster University
New Collaborative Research Centre at Münster University
A great success for the University of Münster: the German Research Foundation (DFG) will fund for a new Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) at the University with nine million euros.

Administration - Innovation - 22.05.2019

Chemistry - Administration - 22.05.2019

Administration - 21.05.2019
White Paper raises concerns about access to the nation’s digital past
People are struggling to access a treasure trove of the UK's modern digital archives due to physical, technological and legal barriers, academics have warned in a White Paper published today.

Economics / Business - Administration - 19.05.2019

Administration - Health - 15.05.2019
Transfer of EU powers leads to silent erosion of UK pesticide regulation
Transfer of EU powers leads to silent erosion of UK pesticide regulation
New analysis by the UK Trade Policy Observatory is warning that what should have been the technical formality of transferring EU powers into national law when the UK leaves the European Union, could

Administration - 09.05.2019

Health - Administration - 09.05.2019
UofG shares in funding for leading disease prevention projects
Two University of Glasgow projects have gained awards in the first ever round of funding by the UK Prevention Research Partnership (UKPRP).

Life Sciences - Administration - 08.05.2019
Plant researcher receives 1.5 million euros
Plant researcher receives 1.5 million euros
How does the Venus flytrap count and calculate? This is what the Würzburg plant researcher Rainer Hedrich wants to find out.

Social Sciences - Administration - 01.05.2019
How Crime Lab uses academic research to impact public policy | University of Chicago News
When Prof. Jens Ludwig thought about joining the University of Chicago more than a decade ago, he kept returning to an off-handed remark from a future colleague.

Environment - Administration - 30.04.2019
UChicago scholars study how municipal IDs can reach marginalized communities
Over the last year, more than 30,000 Chicagoans have enrolled in CityKey, a new municipal ID card created to help marginalized communities.

Administration - 30.04.2019
To explore peer-to-peer ‘free trade’ in excess energy
Households and businesses that generate their own power through micro-renewables, such as solar panels and wind turbines, may soon be able to decide where to distribute their extra energy thanks to funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

Administration - 24.04.2019
GOP’s 2017 tax plan came down hardest on California, researchers say
The tax plan pushed through by Republicans in 2017 has had a particularly harsh impact on California.
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