All the materials of the second edition of the UB international mobility fair, available online


All the material and the sessions that took place during the Second UB International Mobility Fair can now be checked out on the internet. Unlike last year, the fair was held entirely online with a total of 340 registrations and there were times when more than 120 users were connected simultaneously.

In the first part of the Fair, students accessed all the necessary information to make a temporary stay in one of the international universities with which the UB has exchange agreements: language learning, certificates, financial aid, grant calls. Details of all mobility calls as well as available financial aid can be found on the website­internacional. Visitors to the fair could attend sessions on mobility options with Asia and the United States thanks to the collaboration of the Confucius Institute and the Fulbright Foundation. It is possible to retrieve the full broadcast of these talks at

One can also watch online, at , the conversations with students who are currently on a mobility stay or who have recently returned home. Students who have made their international stay in Scotland, Germany, France, Korea, Australia, the United States, Costa Rica and Argentina took part in these talks.

According to the collected data in the survey sent to the attendees at the end of the event, which took place on October 1, 76% consider this edition of the fair to be satisfactory or very satisfactory and 64% believe that it has been useful to make decisions regarding future their mobility abroad.

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