Apply now to the ICURe DISCOVER programme

Secure your place on the ICURe DISCOVER programme, a game-changing 8-week part-time online customer discovery programme, to help you rapidly test whether there is a market for your idea, product or service from the comfort of your workplace/home.

The online market discovery programme is designed using lean start-up methodology. Lean start-up takes the scientific method (hypothesise, test, evaluate) and applies it to business ideas. You will learn how to use this approach to test what your potential customers think about your idea, product or service.

  • Create real-world impact;
  • Attend expert training;
  • Expand existing skillsets into marketing and business;
  • Explore new funding opportunities.

Past participants say that having 8 weeks of support and dedicated time to spend on customer discovery has dramatically changed their perspective on their innovation.

ICURe trains, funds, and supports UK research teams to determine whether there is a market for products or services that utilise their ideas, research, science, and technologies. This is an opportunity to ’get out of the lab’ and validate commercially promising ideas in the marketplace.

ICURe is open to research teams in all UK universities and approved public sector research enterprises (PSREs).

To be eligible, you must be a researcher (from Ph.D. to post-doctoral researcher) and be able to build a team that includes your principal investigator (PI) and a representative from your University Technology Transfer Office (TTO).

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