ARC success for University of Sydney researchers

The Australian Research Council (ARC) has announced University of Sydney researchers will receive funding for more than 50 new Linkage and Discovery projects.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)  Professor Duncan Ivison  congratulated the successful recipients and said this success was further recognition of the University of Sydney’s outstanding research record.

"I am delighted to see colleagues from a diverse range of disciplines across the University being supported to undertake research that will have significant benefits for our community - whether it be by helping us better understand Indigenous cultures, improving the health and wellbeing of Australians, contributing to the conservation of our natural environment and more," he said.

Successful Linkage projects:

The  Linkage projects  program supports academics to work with government and industry partners to tackle complex problems and fast-track solutions to benefit end-users.

Five University of Sydney-led projects were awarded funding in this round, including:

  • Co-design guide for transforming ageing apartment buildings:  Associate Professor Sandra Löschke from the Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning will lead a multi-university team which has been awarded $320,184 to work with Cox Architecture Limited, the Government Architect’s Office, Allen Jack and Cottier’s Architects Pty Limited, Lannock Strata Finance 2 Pty Ltd, Max Build Pty Ltd on a project aiming to unlock the redevelopment potential of ageing apartment housing.
  • Climate risk disclosure: developing measures for best practice: A multi-university team including Professor Baljit Sidhu , Professor Stewart Jones  and  Dr Arunima Malik  from the Business School have been awarded $299,969 to work with the Australian Accounting Standards Board and the Auditing and Assurance Standards Board on a project to investigate how firms should disclose the impact of climate-related risk on financial statements, the contribution of their own activities to climate risk and a best practice set of quantifiable metrics that can be assured by auditors.
  • Design guidelines for safety-critical controllers in high-risk environments: Professor Cara Wrigley, Dr Erez Nusem , Dr Karla Straker and Dr Shaun Gregory from the  Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning have been awarded $274,933 to work with Bivacor Pty Ltd on a project to generate novel product design guidelines for developing safer controllers for use by potentially stressed individuals in high-risk situations.
  • Solar solutions to improve energy affordability for low-income renters: Associate Professor Lynne Chester and Dr Amanda Elliot from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences have been awarded $257,156 to work with AGL Energy Ltd and the South Australian Council of Social Service Inc on a project to develop solutions for low-income renters to access solar energy.
  • Better responses to gender-based violence in Cambodia’s construction sector: Professor Michele Ford and Dr Kristy Ward from the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre and Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences have been awarded $239,777 to work with Union Aid Abroad, Building and Wood Workers International and Solidarity Centre on a project aiming to produce the first systematic assessment of gender-based violence in Cambodia’s construction sector, which employs an unusually high percentage of women. 

Further details of successful grant recipients and projects are listed on the ARC website.

Read previous articles about succesful University of Sydney ARC Linkage projects previously announced in January  and April  this year.

Successful Discovery projects: 

The  Discovery projects scheme provides grant funding to support research projects that may be undertaken by individual researchers or research teams.

University of Sydney-led projects awarded funding are listed below. Further details of successful grant recipients and projects are available on the ARC website.

Professor Adrian Vickers ; Professor Yixu Lu ; Associate Professor Rebecca Suter ; Dr Sophie Loy-Wilson ; Dr Cat Moir ; Dr Sonia Wilson ; Dr Josh Stenberg ; Associate Professor Giorgia Alù

Professor David James ; Associate Professor Elizabeth New ; Dr James Burchfield ; Dr Jacqueline Stoeckli ; Dr Guang Yang ; Dr Guang Yang; Professor Scott Summers

Professor Louise Sharpe ; Associate Professor Ben Colagiuri ; Dr Jemma Todd; Associate Professor Hamish MacDougall; Assistant Professor Dimitri Van Ryckeghem; Professor Dr Geert Crombez

Professor Karl Maton ; Associate Professor Sarah Howard; Associate Professor Philip Roberts; Professor Christian Ritz; Dr Jie Yang; Dr Yaegan Doran

Associate Professor Zhiyong Wang ; Professor Mohammed Bennamoun; Associate Professor Markus Hagenbuchner; Professor Ah Chung Tsoi; Professor Simon Lewis

Associate Professor Carolyn MacCann ; Dr Rebecca Pinkus ; Associate Professor Helena Nguyen ;  Associate Professor Anya Johnson ; Dr Karen Niven; Professor James Gross

Professor Glenda Wardle ; Professor Chris Dickman ; Dr Aaron Greenville ; Dr Ayesha Tulloch; Dr Thomas Newsome ; Associate Professor Michael Dietze

In addition to the University of Sydney-led projects, Dr Myra Hamilton from the Business School was part of the research team that was awarded $318,385 to investigate how and why parents and grandparents share childcare responsibilities in contemporary Australia.

University of Sydney projects have been awarded more than $2 million in funding in the latest rounds of Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Projects outcomes.

Sydney researchers have received $753,000 in Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Project grants to combat myrtle rust and to develop new technologies to better characterise aerosols.

Federal Education Dan Tehan announced the latest round of ARC Discovery Project grants, including funds for 58 research projects involving University of Sydney researchers and administered by the University.

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