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Architecture - 13.03.2020
Do it with feeling
Do it with feeling
Claudia Breidbach was born without a left forearm. She now wears a powered prosthesis, which she will be using for the powered prosthetic arm race at Cybathlon 2020.

Architecture - Materials Science - 09.03.2020
Notes: UW architectural historian Tyler Sprague explores the work of Kingdome architect Jack Christiansen
Tyler Sprague is an assistant professor of architecture who studies and teaches structural design and architectural history.

Environment - Architecture - 04.03.2020
New approach to sustainable building takes shape in Boston
New approach to sustainable building takes shape in Boston
A five-story mixed-use structure in Roxbury represents a new kind of net-zero-energy building, made from wood.

Architecture - Environment - 20.02.2020
Living in the city and dying in the city
Living in the city and dying in the city
Students create innovative concepts for a hospice People receiving end-of-life care are usually cut off from the outside world in their hospice rooms.

Architecture - Social Sciences - 18.02.2020
Campus podcasts: UW Tacoma, architecture, science papers explained
It's the year 2020, and where two or more are gathered, it seems, there is a podcast. Given the level of creativity among University of Washington faculty and staff, it's no surprise that many high-quality podcasts are now being produced on campus.

Architecture - 13.02.2020
Understanding the history of slavery through architecture
The Ark of Return is installed at the United Nations Plaza in New York City. It is a permanent memorial that honors the African victims of enslavement during the transatlantic slave trade.

Architecture - 25.01.2020

Computer Science - Architecture - 23.01.2020
Using artificial intelligence to enrich digital maps
Using artificial intelligence to enrich digital maps
Model tags road features based on satellite images, to improve GPS navigation in places with limited map data.

Architecture - 09.01.2020

Environment - Architecture - 18.11.2019
Living bridges
Living bridges
Dense, humid broadleaf forests, monsoon-swollen rivers and deep ravines - in the Indian state of Meghalaya wooden bridges easily decay or are washed away in floodwaters. Bridges made from steel and concrete are pushed to their limits here as well. But bridges made of living tree roots can survive here for centuries.

Architecture - 08.10.2019
A new anthology highlights the legacy of Rem Koolhaas
A new anthology highlights the legacy of Rem Koolhaas
"I regard myself as a descendent of the true Modernists," a young Rem Koolhaas told Dutch journal wonen-TA/BK in 1978.

Architecture - Physics - 11.09.2019

Architecture - 09.09.2019

Environment - Architecture - 06.08.2019
The power of trees
As they walk through the University of Miami's Coral Gables campus, many people are struck by the plethora of trees and greenery that surround them.

Architecture - 09.07.2019

Event - Architecture - 24.05.2019

Architecture - Computer Science - 23.05.2019
Nominations of EPFL professors
Nominations of EPFL professors
The Board of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology has announced the appointment of 7 professors at EPFL.

History / Archeology - Architecture - 29.04.2019
Just what will the rebuilt Notre Dame look like?
How to replace the spire that had soared above Notre Dame de Paris before the April 15 fire will be at the heart of renovation discussions.

Architecture - 10.04.2019

Architecture - 15.03.2019
Taking in the sights, sounds, and entertainment of Basel
A city street in Basel, Switzerland. Photos provided by Troy Gulec. A city street in Basel, Switzerland.

Architecture - 08.02.2019

Environment - Architecture - 05.02.2019

Architecture - 29.01.2019

Architecture - Administration - 05.01.2019