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Art and Design - 24.06.2022
Students Match Soundscape Scores to ’Monet in Bloom’
Impressionistic compositions add element to Phipps Conservatory's Summer Flower Show Collaboration blooms between Carnegie Mellon University and its neighbor, Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

Art and Design - 22.06.2022

Art and Design - Linguistics / Literature - 20.06.2022

Art and Design - Social Sciences - 15.06.2022

Art and Design - 14.06.2022

Architecture - Art and Design - 13.06.2022

Campus - Art and Design - 06.06.2022
'Write fewer papers, take more risks': researchers call for 'rebellion'
’Write fewer papers, take more risks’: researchers call for ’rebellion’
A group of education specialists are urging researchers to challenge the -structures and regulations- which define academic scholarship, arguing that different approaches are needed in an age of climate change, COVID-19 and rising populism.

Economics / Business - Art and Design - 26.05.2022

Art and Design - Event - 24.05.2022

Linguistics / Literature - Art and Design - 20.05.2022
'There's definitely a romance about it': How letterpress printing made an impression on women writers
’There’s definitely a romance about it’: How letterpress printing made an impression on women writers
When  Claire Battershill  took part in the printing fellowship program at Massey College in 2009, she discovered its cast iron printing presses were far more than simply relics of a bygone era.

Campus - Art and Design - 19.05.2022

Art and Design - 13.05.2022
Q&A: Film programmer Paul Malcolm previews ’American Neorealism, Part Two’
In 2020, the UCLA Film & Television Archive presented the first half of a retrospective showcasing the influence of Italian neorealism on American cinema after World War II.

Art and Design - Environment - 05.05.2022
Glasgow Science Festival makes a splash with programme launch
The Glasgow Science Festival is setting out to make a splash as it returns with an expanded programme of in-person events in June under the theme of 'Glasgow's Making Waves'.

Linguistics / Literature - Art and Design - 04.05.2022

Art and Design - Event - 22.04.2022
Glasses bring colour to the museum
Glasses bring colour to the museum
In an Australian first, colour blind visitors to the Chau Chak Wing Museum will be able to experience exhibitions in vibrant colour thanks to a partnership with EnChroma, creators of glasses for colour blindness.

Campus - Art and Design - 20.04.2022
Dazzling multimedia art installation inspires personal contemplation among campus community
As twilight gave way to dusk across campus, the thousand people gathered in concentric arcs in the Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden shared an awestruck silence.

Art and Design - Campus - 20.04.2022

Computer Science - Art and Design - 18.04.2022
Digital Prometheus: Artist Refik Anadol imbues artificial intelligence with creativity
Since graduating in 2014 with a master of fine arts from UCLA's design media arts program, artist Refik Anadol has become a worldwide sensation known for exhibitions that harness state-of-the-art art

Social Sciences - Art and Design - 06.04.2022
Film series and discussion: Who's Got the Power?
Film series and discussion: Who’s Got the Power?
Cluster of Excellence BCDSS at the University of Bonn shows films about strong asymmetrical power relations and dependencies Who's Got the Power?

Campus - Art and Design - 31.03.2022
Berkeley Dance Project 2022 film ’opened a portal of new ideas’
When UC Berkeley professor Lisa Wymore began coordinating this year's Berkeley Dance Project in fall 2021, she assumed the annual showcase of original works would be a live performance.

Campus - Art and Design - 28.03.2022

Event - Art and Design - 28.03.2022

Campus - Art and Design - 25.03.2022
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