Back to school

With a new school year ahead, Stanford research shows how students, teachers and parents can better understand what leads to - or in some instances, undermines - a student success.

As a new academic year approaches, parents, students and teachers are preparing themselves for challenges that might lie ahead, such as overcoming a fear of math, dealing with the stressful demands of school work or improving slumping grades.

Also tackling these issues are Stanford scholars.

From the fields of medicine, psychology, education and even design thinking, Stanford researchers have examined what can help students flourish. For example, they have found that when students approach math with a positive attitude, grades improve. And that cultivating a growth mindset - the belief that intelligence is not a fixed attribute but is developed over time - can have a transformative effect on not just students’ grades but their lives.

Here is some of what Stanford researchers have learned about enhancing learning inside and outside the classroom.

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