Background briefing on James Webb Space Telescope

Media representatives are invited to follow an online press briefing about the upcoming James Webb Space Telescope mission, that is set to launch in autumn 2021.

The international James Webb Space Telescope (Webb) will be the largest, most powerful telescope ever launched into space. It follows in the footsteps of the Hubble Space Telescope as the next great space science observatory, designed to answer outstanding questions about the Universe and to make breakthrough discoveries in all fields of astronomy. The telescope will be launched on an Ariane 5 from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana. As well as launch services, ESA contributes to two of the four science instruments, and provides personnel to support mission operations. Webb’s partners are ESA, NASA and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).

Programme: Tuesday, 1 June

15:00 - 15:30 CEST: Overview
15:30 - 16:00 CEST: Media Q&A


  • Günther Hasinger, ESA Director of Science
    Topics: Webb is a NASA/ESA/CSA partnership, European contributions, Webb’s role in ESA’s science programme
  • Thomas Zurbuchen, Associate Administrator, Science Mission Directorate, NASA
    Topics: Overview of spacecraft and mission, NASA’s role, how Webb enhances NASA’s astrophysics portfolio
  • Gilles Leclerc, CSA Director General, Space Exploration
    Topics: Canada’s role in Webb
  • Antonella Nota, ESA Webb Project Scientist
    Topics: Webb’s science goals, Europe-contributed instruments
  • Daniel de Chambure, ESA Acting Head Ariane 5 Adaptations & Future Missions
    Topics: Launch vehicle adaptation and qualification, including European Spaceport requirements
  • Beatriz Romero, Webb project manager, Arianespace
    Topics: Mission and Launch campaign preparations

The event will be moderated by Ninja Menning, Head of Newsroom and Media Relations.

Media registration

Journalists are invited to register for the media briefing by 31 May 2021 via:­esa-media-briefing-form/

The press conference will be streamed at , but only registered media will be able to ask questions

Registered media will receive an email with details on how to join. The briefing will be in English.

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