’Because we’re all in this together’

As the UChicago community prepares for the start of Autumn Quarter, the University is launching a campaign to drive awareness and adoption for the UChicago Health Pact --a shared commitment to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and reinforce a culture of public health as people return to campus.

The campaign, with the tagline "Because we’re all in this together," recently debuted with a series of posters that creatively highlight evidence-based guidelines aimed at keeping faculty, students and staff safe-from washing hands to limiting social gatherings to reporting positive cases. "Because a sneeze can travel up to 65 mph: Wear a face covering," reads one, reminding the campus community to "Keep the pact. Slow the spread."

Everyone who returns to campus is required to complete a brief training and sign an electronic form attesting that they will uphold required safety precautions. The campaign reminds the campus community of its collective responsibility to protect each other and our community’s health and safety by upholding the UChicago Health Pact. Please visit the UChicago Forward website áto learn more about the UChicago Health Pact.

The campaign, which was developed by UChicago Creative, will be featured throughout Autumn Quarter across University websites and social media and posters around campus, each highlighting different elements of the UChicago Health Pact.

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