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Environment - Campus - 12.01.2022

Campus - Health - 11.01.2022
Faculty Mentor Training Program Strengthens University’s Institutional Climate
A pioneering program at UC San Diego Health Sciences serves as a successful model for medical schools looking to improve faculty diversity and success Many universities are in search of strategies to improve their faculty diversity and institutional climate.

Campus - 11.01.2022
How much do students learn when they double the speed of their class videos?
Recorded lectures have become a routine part of course instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic, and college students often try to pack more learning into a shorter span by watching these recordings at double their normal speed or even faster.

Campus - Environment - 11.01.2022

Environment - Campus - 11.01.2022

Campus - History / Archeology - 11.01.2022

Economics / Business - Campus - 10.01.2022

Environment - Campus - 10.01.2022
Transforming waste, industrial by-products to curb environmental impact
The climate change crisis and the push for sustainable technologies are driving the work of five engineering professors and their research teams at Western's Institute for Chemicals and Fuels from Alternative Resources ( ICFAR ).

Campus - Computer Science - 08.01.2022

Campus - 07.01.2022
Second phase of UCL Strategic Plan 2022-27 consultation to focus on academic priorities
Second phase of UCL Strategic Plan 2022-27 consultation to focus on academic priorities
Sign up for an online Town Hall on Monday 17 January 2022, 2.30-4pm.

Campus - Health - 06.01.2022

Health - Campus - 06.01.2022

Health - Campus - 06.01.2022

Campus - 06.01.2022
Developing low-cost microscopes for early malaria detection
Malaria is the leading cause of death among young people in Uganda. (Photo by Shelagh Murphy/Pexels) Western professor Ian Cunningham is working to help people in Uganda have better access to life-saving testing and early diagnosis of malaria.

Economics / Business - Campus - 06.01.2022

Campus - Economics / Business - 05.01.2022

Computer Science - Campus - 05.01.2022

Campus - Psychology - 03.01.2022