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Campus - Pedagogy - 15.11.2020

Law - Campus - 13.11.2020
Is Trump right about Georgia vote?
Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced on Wednesday that his state will conduct a manual hand recount of all ballots cast in the presidential race in the state.

Campus - Social Sciences - 13.11.2020

Social Sciences - Campus - 13.11.2020

Campus - Pedagogy - 13.11.2020

Campus - 13.11.2020
CMU Students Light Up The Stage Remotely
Let there be light. Carnegie Mellon University students now can light on-campus theatrical projects from the comfort of their homes.

Campus - Health - 12.11.2020

Campus - Electroengineering - 12.11.2020

Social Sciences - Campus - 12.11.2020

Campus - Career - 12.11.2020

Campus - Economics / Business - 12.11.2020

Politics - Campus - 10.11.2020
Special forces veteran and Stanford scholar applies data and scholarship to conflict
Special Forces veteran and Stanford scholar Joseph Felter underscores the importance of rigorous data and scholarship in understanding violent conflict and reducing casualties.

Campus - 10.11.2020
UCL tops list of universities most engaged with UK policy
An independent study has revealed UCL is the most frequently seen university in the UK public policy landscape.

Event - Campus - 10.11.2020

Campus - Linguistics / Literature - 10.11.2020

Social Sciences - Campus - 10.11.2020
Navy veteran finds intellectual home at UChicago
Editor's note: This story is part of 'Meet a UChicagoan,' a regular series focusing on the people who make UChicago a distinct intellectual community.

Pedagogy - Campus - 09.11.2020

Campus - Linguistics / Literature - 08.11.2020

Social Sciences - Campus - 06.11.2020

Campus - Economics / Business - 06.11.2020

Health - Campus - 06.11.2020
Stanford's COVID-19 surveillance testing a crucial tool for return to campus
Stanford’s COVID-19 surveillance testing a crucial tool for return to campus
Initial results in Stanford's surveillance testing program, which began with autumn quarter, show a low prevalence of COVID-19 and serve as a reminder to maintain health protocols for those who are working and studying on campus.

Campus - Social Sciences - 05.11.2020
Berkeley Law student joins Election Day ’doomscrolling’ project
Clara Dorfman '22 volunteered to monitor social media during voting and ballot counting with a Berkeley Human Rights Center team.