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Life Sciences - Campus - 26.11.2021
Hybrid species like the 'coywolf' could hold clues about human evolutionary history
Hybrid species like the ’coywolf’ could hold clues about human evolutionary history
The offspring of two horses will be a horse, and the offspring of two donkeys will be a donkey. But the offspring of a horse and a donkey will be a mule.

History / Archeology - Campus - 25.11.2021
The Alliance 4 Universities debate season on contemporary Africa closes at UPF with controversy around colonial heritage
Titled "Whose Culture? Cultural Appropriation and Repatriation in Africa", the session will include a presentation by Ciraj Rassool, a full professor of History at the University of the Western Cape

Innovation - Campus - 25.11.2021
A new boost for the data highway
A new boost for the data highway
Increasingly large amounts of data are being sent back and forth around the world. To ensure that this exchange continues to function smoothly, new solutions are needed at the interfaces between chips and optical fibres.

Computer Science - Campus - 24.11.2021

Economics / Business - Campus - 24.11.2021

Campus - Computer Science - 24.11.2021
Increasing the representation of girls and women in STEM and IT education
A new report from Monash University has identified best practices and strategies to overcome barriers that prevent young girls and women from pursuing STEM and IT education.

Life Sciences - Campus - 23.11.2021
Master of neuromodulation
Master of neuromodulation
Stanisa Raspopovic connects the digital world of sensors and electrical circuits with the nervous system and its cellular circuits.

Computer Science - Campus - 23.11.2021
Western student investigates social impacts of artificial intelligence
Whether scrolling Facebook, calling an Uber or searching for jobs, how does artificial intelligence (AI) affect the daily lives of Western students?

Campus - Health - 22.11.2021
Long-awaited study abroad trips back on track, with a few extra steps
FACULTY Q&A About 1,500 University of Michigan students, so far, have applied to travel to 33 countries during winter 2022, a number that is fast approaching pre-pandemic levels.

Campus - Career - 21.11.2021

Environment - Campus - 19.11.2021
When ecology meets art, you get a dating site for trees
"Joshua trees in soil fungi at high elevation.” (Artwork by Juniper Harrower; made with acrylic, alcohol, Joshua tree seed oil, Joshua tree fibers and Joshua tree roots) In 2015, as a Ph.D.

Social Sciences - Campus - 19.11.2021