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Campus - Social Sciences - 05.11.2020
Berkeley Law student joins Election Day ’doomscrolling’ project
Clara Dorfman '22 volunteered to monitor social media during voting and ballot counting with a Berkeley Human Rights Center team.

Campus - Environment - 05.11.2020

Health - Campus - 05.11.2020
UCLA to join pilot program for California’s COVID-19 exposure notification tool
A new program that uses smartphone technology to help identify COVID-19 cases and subsequently alert people to possible exposure to the virus will soon be available to the UCLA community.

Health - Campus - 05.11.2020
Tracking virus mutations reveals success of stay-at-home orders
A family tree of more than 200 variations in the virus that causes COVID-19 helps explain why two Wisconsin counties - just 75 miles apart, but far from the origins of the virus - had such different early experiences with the pandemic, and shows how well public health orders initially slowed the rate of infection.

Campus - Life Sciences - 05.11.2020

Social Sciences - Campus - 04.11.2020
America on edge: Berkeley scholars’ early election thoughts
Voters from the Bronx borough of New York line up on Nov. 3 to vote. Election results are still being tabulated one day after Election Day.

Campus - Event - 04.11.2020

Campus - Social Sciences - 03.11.2020

Campus - Pedagogy - 03.11.2020

Astronomy / Space Science - Campus - 03.11.2020
Supersonic winds, rocky rains forecasted on lava planet
Among the most extreme planets discovered beyond the edges of our solar system are lava planets: fiery hot worlds that circle so close to their host star that some regions are likely oceans of molten lava.

Computer Science - Campus - 02.11.2020
Sleuthing for misinformation about voting
Ahead of the 2020 election, Stanford students investigate the spread of misand disinformation online as part of their work with the Election Integrity Partnership.

Social Sciences - Campus - 02.11.2020

Campus - Politics - 02.11.2020

Environment - Campus - 02.11.2020
New certification system gives internships a sustainability label
Companies wanting to offer internships to EPFL Master's students can apply for a new sustainability certification to demonstrate that the goals of their internship or the technology being developed are environmentally friendly.

Campus - 30.10.2020

Campus - 30.10.2020
Voting resources as Election Day nears
Chancellor Carol Christ and Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost A. Paul Alivisatos shared the following message with the campus community Friday: As we enter the final days of this extraordi

Health - Campus - 30.10.2020
U-M researchers, others examine ways to scale up COVID-19 testing to meet demand
U-M researchers, others examine ways to scale up COVID-19 testing to meet demand
Several months into the COVID-19 pandemic, efficient and rapid testing for the coronavirus remains a critical priority in Michigan and across the country.

Campus - Environment - 30.10.2020