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Campus - Music - 21.01.2022
BXA Introduces New Engineering Studies and Arts Degree Program
In response to student requests and as part of an expansion in areas of study at Carnegie Mellon University, a new degree program is being introduced that's tailored to students with a solid math and science background who also have strong creative talents and interests.

Campus - Innovation - 21.01.2022
Design Students Envision New Ways to Provide Relief in a Water Crisis
The studio teamed with alumnus-run Bollinger Motors on a mobile water-filtration systems project Jackson, Mississippi, faced a dire water crisis earlier this year.

Campus - Social Sciences - 21.01.2022

Health - Campus - 20.01.2022
Step Up: Walking May Reduce Type 2 Diabetes Risk for Adults 65 and Older
Walking regularly and at greater intensity may help prevent Type 2 diabetes among 70 and 80 year olds, according to one of the first studies measuring steps and pace among this population.

Computer Science - Campus - 20.01.2022

Administration - Campus - 20.01.2022

Architecture - Campus - 18.01.2022

Health - Campus - 18.01.2022
Keep your distance: Feeling threatened, informed about COVID-19 predicted adequate spacing
Keep your distance: Feeling threatened, informed about COVID-19 predicted adequate spacing
If the COVID-19 virus mutates beyond Omicron, getting people to practice social distancing will require more than threats about long-term health issues or death.

Health - Campus - 18.01.2022
Reasons to be hopeful, optimistic and maybe even cheerful in 2022
Peggy Lemaux, a professor of cooperative extension in crop genetics, at UC Berkeley's Oxford Tract Research Facility.

Economics / Business - Campus - 17.01.2022
Science-based approach to financial wellness
If a new report from the Financial Wellness Lab of Canada at Western University is any indication, moving from a financially stressed situation to a more comfortable level in a relatively short period of time may not be an impossible feat.

Environment - Campus - 14.01.2022

Campus - Social Sciences - 13.01.2022

Campus - Innovation - 13.01.2022

Campus - Social Sciences - 13.01.2022