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Campus - Career - 22.09.2021

Campus - Pedagogy - 22.09.2021

Computer Science - Campus - 22.09.2021
University of Birmingham launches new data sciences institute
A new institute that will drive forward the use of big data and artificial intelligence in addressing major global challenges has been launched at the University of Birmingham.

Pharmacology - Campus - 22.09.2021

Campus - Health - 21.09.2021
Grad students suffer high levels of mental health stress, but pandemic provides opportunity for change
Graduate students suffer high rates of depression, anxiety and mental stress, studies show-a situation made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Campus - Health - 20.09.2021

Campus - Health - 20.09.2021

Art and Design - Campus - 20.09.2021

Health - Campus - 20.09.2021
Across disciplinary borders
Across disciplinary borders
From genetics and personalised medicine to health insurance and climate change: at ETH Week 2021, 120 students from all degree programmes and from 31 countries grappled with the topic of "Health for Tomorrow".

Campus - Health - 20.09.2021

Campus - 20.09.2021
UCL publishes second annual report on Bullying, Harassment and Sexual Misconduct
UCL has published its second annual report into bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct looking at reports received through the online platform Report + Support between February 2020 - February 2021.

Health - Campus - 20.09.2021
Triage standards during pandemic may worsen racial disparities in treatment
During the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, overwhelmed doctors and nurses in some places have had to make agonizing decisions about which patients should receive scarce health care resources. Some hospitals have contemplated using a standard measurement to guide these decisions. But two new Yale-led studies suggest that the protocol known as SOFA could promote racial disparities in treatment outcomes.

Campus - Research Management - 17.09.2021

Campus - Career - 17.09.2021

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Campus - Social Sciences - 16.09.2021

Campus - Health - 16.09.2021
More sleep boosts teens’ ability to cope with pandemic
While poor sleep was linked to higher levels of stress during the COVID-19 pandemic, more teens actually obtained the recommended amount of sleep compared to pre-pandemic sleep patterns, according to a new study from McGill University. Changes to daily routines triggered by lockdowns allowed teenagers to follow their biological impulse to wake up and sleep later, reducing daytime sleepiness.

Campus - 15.09.2021
The app SocUB brings new features
Acadčmic The app for phone devices, SocUB, has new resources for this academic year 2021/2022. Among the new features is the integration of the digital student card and the Cercabib of CRAI Libraries, which provides the students with the library network of the UB just one click away.

Campus - Social Sciences - 15.09.2021

Career - Campus - 15.09.2021
SUPSI and FHNW strengthen their collaboration for mobility programmes
Academic staff mobility is an important aspect that contributes to the quality of the academic system.

Chemistry - Campus - 15.09.2021
$2M to replace fossil fuels with solar power in fertilizer production
$2M to replace fossil fuels with solar power in fertilizer production
The new approach could reduce CO2 emissions and enable farmers to produce ammonia on-site from air and water Producing the fertilizer that helps feed Earth's 7.8 billion people comes with an e

Campus - Environment - 14.09.2021

Campus - Health - 14.09.2021