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Campus - Research Management - 09.06.2021

Research Management - Campus - 09.06.2021

Transport - Campus - 09.06.2021
'Transportation is a form of freedom': How to make it more equitable
’Transportation is a form of freedom’: How to make it more equitable
The routes and schedules of public transit, the presence or absence of sidewalks, the availability of different transportation options, and the design of highways that divide cities-these are examples

Campus - Research Management - 08.06.2021

Life Sciences - Campus - 08.06.2021
The digestive system of cows influences human’s vitamin B12 intake
Milk is the main source of vitamin B12 consumption for Canadians. A glass of cow's milk contains about 46% of the daily-recommended dietary intake of vitamin B12 for adults.

Computer Science - Campus - 08.06.2021

Campus - Career - 07.06.2021

Environment - Campus - 04.06.2021

Art and Design - Campus - 04.06.2021

Career - Campus - 03.06.2021

Life Sciences - Campus - 03.06.2021
R esearch experience is often a critical component when applying to graduate programs.

Campus - Health - 03.06.2021

Campus - Environment - 03.06.2021
Stanford opens a 'smart city' research center in Korea
Stanford opens a ’smart city’ research center in Korea
The new center will provide a testbed to help academic and corporate researchers develop and deploy a new generation of physical structures and electronic technologies as prototypes for the urban environments of the 21st Century.

Career - Campus - 03.06.2021