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Computer Science - Campus - 02.10.2020

Campus - 01.10.2020
Q&A: How to Access Library Services
UC San Diego's fall plan continues to evolve, informed by the university's Return to Learn program.

Campus - Social Sciences - 01.10.2020
New game to help UChicago community connect during Autumn Quarter
On Tuesday night, following a cryptic email transmission, students and other University of Chicago community members delved into a series of puzzles that uncovered a new challenge-and a means for connection in a socially-distant start to Autumn Quarter.

Health - Campus - 01.10.2020
New partnership with King Abdulaziz University aims to revolutionise drug discovery using artificial intelligence
The University of Oxford and King Abdulaziz University (KAU) have partnered to create a new Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Precision Medicine.

Health - Campus - 01.10.2020
Government COVID-19 testing lab to open at the University of Birmingham
As part of the drive to expand COVID-19 testing capacity across the UK, The University of Birmingham has been announced today as one of the first academic sector lab partnerships to come online.

Campus - Social Sciences - 01.10.2020

Campus - Economics / Business - 01.10.2020

Music - Campus - 01.10.2020

Health - Campus - 30.09.2020

Campus - Health - 30.09.2020
A Safe Start for Back to School
Campus mitigates COVID-19 virus transmission during its 10-day undergraduate move-in for nearly 6,000 students UC San Diego's in-person activities are off to a safe start under the campus' Return to Learn program.

Social Sciences - Campus - 30.09.2020

Campus - Computer Science - 30.09.2020
Student Studies Movement in Fashion’s Future
Carnegie Mellon University senior David Perry contemplates how fabric will move in the future. Not just the way clothing can drape a body or how curtains billow in a breeze, but how technology and electronics can change the way we think about clothing and material.

Health - Campus - 30.09.2020
UW researchers driving around Seattle to track COVID-19 response over time
UW researchers driving around Seattle to track COVID-19 response over time
UW researchers developed a project that scans the streets every few weeks to document how Seattle has reacted to the pandemic and what recovery looks like.

Health - Campus - 30.09.2020
Low-cost coronavirus testing, surveillance
Low-cost coronavirus testing, surveillance
Vera was designed as an expanded testing platform that's nationally scalable, rapidly deployable and more affordable than other current options.

Campus - Health - 29.09.2020
Pandemic takeaway: Time to waive GRE requirement for public health degrees
As colleges and universities have wrestled with the question of what to do about standardized entrance exams during COVID-19, several public health programs have found a temporary solution by waiving the requirement, says a University of Michigan doctoral candidate.

Mechanical Engineering - Campus - 29.09.2020
$11.4M Army grant supports aircraft hybrid-electric engine research at UW-Madison
University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers are leading research to pave the way for hybrid-electric engines that power uncrewed aircraft systems.

Campus - Economics / Business - 29.09.2020

Campus - Social Sciences - 29.09.2020

Health - Campus - 29.09.2020

Campus - Health - 27.09.2020
Welcome Village: succesful warm welcome for the international students
Welcome Village: succesful warm welcome for the international students
During September, Ghent University received about 500 students in the Welcome Village at Home Vermeylen.