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Campus - Health - 05.10.2020
U-M study: 2016 election negatively affected mental health of Muslim college students
The 2016 presidential election was linked to considerable mental health declines among Muslim college students, with religious Muslims seeing the largest declines in mental health, according to a University of Michigan researcher.

Innovation - Campus - 05.10.2020

Astronomy / Space Science - Campus - 05.10.2020
’Self-eating’ rocket whets funders’ appetite for development
A 'self-eating' rocket engine which aims to put small payloads into orbit by burning its own structure as propellant has won financial support from the UK Government.

Music - Campus - 05.10.2020
Musicians may need more than social distancing to stay safe on stage
Musicians may need more than social distancing to stay safe on stage
Rice-Houston Symphony study of exhaled aerosols points to importance of ventilation Keeping musicians safe while they're on stage during the pandemic may require more than just social distancing, acc

Environment - Campus - 05.10.2020

Astronomy / Space Science - Campus - 02.10.2020

Environment - Campus - 02.10.2020
Hönggerberg campus development finds approval
Implementation of the -ETH Campus Hönggerberg 2040- vision has taken a major step forward. Zurich's municipal council approved the outlines of the plans for the future campus development with few changes.

Campus - Social Sciences - 02.10.2020

Campus - Event - 02.10.2020

Campus - 02.10.2020
Rising sentiment amid growing uncertainty
Consumer sentiment continued to improve in late September, with the Sentiment Index reaching its highest level in six months, according to the University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers.

Campus - 02.10.2020

Computer Science - Campus - 02.10.2020

Campus - 01.10.2020
Q&A: How to Access Library Services
UC San Diego's fall plan continues to evolve, informed by the university's Return to Learn program.

Campus - Social Sciences - 01.10.2020
New game to help UChicago community connect during Autumn Quarter
On Tuesday night, following a cryptic email transmission, students and other University of Chicago community members delved into a series of puzzles that uncovered a new challenge-and a means for connection in a socially-distant start to Autumn Quarter.

Health - Campus - 01.10.2020
New partnership with King Abdulaziz University aims to revolutionise drug discovery using artificial intelligence
The University of Oxford and King Abdulaziz University (KAU) have partnered to create a new Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Precision Medicine.

Health - Campus - 01.10.2020
Government COVID-19 testing lab to open at the University of Birmingham
As part of the drive to expand COVID-19 testing capacity across the UK, The University of Birmingham has been announced today as one of the first academic sector lab partnerships to come online.

Campus - Social Sciences - 01.10.2020

Campus - Economics / Business - 01.10.2020

Music - Campus - 01.10.2020

Health - Campus - 30.09.2020

Campus - Health - 30.09.2020
A Safe Start for Back to School
Campus mitigates COVID-19 virus transmission during its 10-day undergraduate move-in for nearly 6,000 students UC San Diego's in-person activities are off to a safe start under the campus' Return to Learn program.

Social Sciences - Campus - 30.09.2020

Campus - 30.09.2020
The IIS provides Pressure Cookers for six UvA programmes
This semester, students from six different courses at the UvA will start working with the online Design Thinking Pressure Cooker.

Campus - Computer Science - 30.09.2020
Student Studies Movement in Fashion’s Future
Carnegie Mellon University senior David Perry contemplates how fabric will move in the future. Not just the way clothing can drape a body or how curtains billow in a breeze, but how technology and electronics can change the way we think about clothing and material.

Health - Campus - 30.09.2020
UW researchers driving around Seattle to track COVID-19 response over time
UW researchers driving around Seattle to track COVID-19 response over time
UW researchers developed a project that scans the streets every few weeks to document how Seattle has reacted to the pandemic and what recovery looks like.

Health - Campus - 30.09.2020
Low-cost coronavirus testing, surveillance
Low-cost coronavirus testing, surveillance
Vera was designed as an expanded testing platform that's nationally scalable, rapidly deployable and more affordable than other current options.