Campus investigating stun gun incident

On March 8, UCPD officers responded to a report of an individual who was visibly in possession of a stun gun near Sather Gate. Stun guns are illegal on campus and, to protect the community, UCPD strictly enforces the campus weapon ban.

When one of the officers reached for the device, a struggle ensued between the officer and the individual with the stun gun, as well as another individual who sought to intervene. Both individuals were arrested, cited and released by UCPD. "The officers were following a protocol designed to protect the campus community. At the same time, we are receiving and reviewing comments about what occurred," said Chief Margo Bennett. "A thorough and equitable investigation into what occurred is continuing, and we will openly share its findings."

The campus is satisfied with reports indicating that the District Attorney has reviewed the case and is referring both individuals to a diversion program in lieu of prosecution.

UC Berkeley’s administration and UCPD place great importance on a campus that is safe and welcoming for all. It is a matter of concern that this recent activity unfolded during a time of heightened tension and suspicion between members of communities of color and law enforcement. "We recognize this arrest has become a racial issue for some of our community members," said Vice Chancellor for Administration, Marc Fisher. "We are committed to supporting a fair and thorough investigation, and to taking the steps necessary to maintain a relationship of trust with our community and our guests, while ensuring their safety."