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Career - 24.05.2022
Younger generations are changing the face of the labour market
The workplace is changing: workers are in short supply and they want more autonomy, more recognition and greater flexibility to work from home.

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Career - Life Sciences - 20.05.2022
An engineering thrill ride
An engineering thrill ride
City school students learn ups and downs of engineering during roller coaster contest held Saturday High school students from Baltimore City and the surrounding area designed, built, and tested miniature roller coasters at Johns Hopkins University last weekend.

Materials Science - Career - 19.05.2022

Career - Social Sciences - 17.05.2022
Major parties need to work harder to support women and families: Scorecard
The election promises of both major parties fall short of giving families the support they need to balance the demands of work and care, according to a new scorecard developed by 31 academics at 18 Australian universities.

Career - Physics - 17.05.2022

Career - Economics / Business - 17.05.2022

Career - Innovation - 16.05.2022
Transfer Center enaCom offers protoyping grants
Transfer Center enaCom offers protoyping grants
Up to ¤ 50,000 funding for product validations from research findings From research to application: Up to ¤ 50,000 funds are available for young scientists at the University of Bonn for product validations from their research.

Environment - Career - 16.05.2022

Event - Career - 15.05.2022

Astronomy / Space Science - Career - 12.05.2022

Career - Campus - 11.05.2022

Health - Career - 10.05.2022

Campus - Career - 06.05.2022

Innovation - Career - 06.05.2022
Berkeley’s Bakar BioEnginuity Hub opens its doors
Over 250 people attended UC Berkeley's Bakar BioEnginuity Hub grand opening Tuesday to celebrate the transformation of the building and the innovations that will come from its startups.

Campus - Career - 05.05.2022

Career - Economics / Business - 02.05.2022

Economics / Business - Career - 02.05.2022
Trust in dominant tech brands eroding, Brand Trust Index finds
Trust in dominant tech brands eroding, Brand Trust Index finds
The 2022 Gustavson Brand Trust Index (GBTI) reveals that Canadian consumers are more distrusting of dominant technology brands than ever before, even while their use of these companies- services is on the rise.

Economics / Business - Career - 29.04.2022

Economics / Business - Career - 28.04.2022
Oakland County economy enjoying rebound from pandemic despite high inflation, U-M economists say
Oakland County is rebounding from the pandemic and recession, with dramatically dropping jobless rates and rising wages, though national and global factors such as inflation and war in Ukraine still pose economic risks.

Career - Research Management - 28.04.2022

Career - History / Archeology - 27.04.2022

Research Management - Career - 26.04.2022
EU Research Council awards ’Advanced Grant’ to Lydia Sorokin and Christian Weinheimer
Biochemist Prof. Lydia Sorokin and particle physicist Prof. Christian Weinheimer from the University of Münster have each received one of the coveted Advanced Grants awarded by the European Research Council (ERC).

Research Management - Career - 26.04.2022

Career - 26.04.2022
The No Club: Bringing Gender Equity to the Workplace
Twelve years ago, a group of women found themselves overwhelmed by work and endless to-do lists. They banded together to get their work lives under control and soon realized that the work that was making them miserable really wasn't core to their jobs.

Career - 22.04.2022
Remote working is a ’mixed bag’ for employee wellbeing and productivity
Adapting remote and hybrid work policies to employees' specific work-life situations can result in increased well-being and productivity, but many employees are stuck in an increasing number of low-quality meetings when working remotely, according to a new study.