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Career - 07.03.2023
All eyes on Lynda Tesillo
All eyes on Lynda Tesillo
For Lynda Tesillo, Women's History Month means more than reflecting on the past. Her path to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory started with studying engineering at a university - a decision which put her in a unique position within her family.

Art and Design - Career - 06.03.2023

Environment - Career - 02.03.2023
Two Imperial engineers win European grants for pioneering research
Two Imperial engineers win European grants for pioneering research
Two Imperial engineers have won European Research Council Proof of Concept grants for their pioneering research.

Career - 01.03.2023
Wide variation in app usage and earnings Uber drivers
The gross earnings of drivers who drive through Uber average ¤32.32 per hour. These are earnings from rides, tips and promo).

Research Management - Career - 28.02.2023
Focus on Energy and Health for Eindhoven University Fund
Focus on Energy and Health for Eindhoven University Fund
Alumni donations make radical research possible through the new UFe theme funds. For the energy transition and the issues surrounding sustainable health, the Eindhoven University Fund has come up with the Energy Health theme funds.

Career - History / Archeology - 27.02.2023

Career - Social Sciences - 24.02.2023
Working women more educated but not more respected
Young Australian women are still fighting for equal pay, respect and opportunities in the workforce, according to a new report from researchers at the University of Sydney and The Australian National University (ANU).

Career - 23.02.2023

Career - 23.02.2023
A day in the life: LLNL's construction managers
A day in the life: LLNL’s construction managers
One of 68 active construction sites at LLNL, Bldg. 310, home of Nondestructive Evaluation, is looking pretty sharp.

Economics - Career - 22.02.2023
Made-to-order career advice
Made-to-order career advice
Made-to-order career advice from Yum Brands CEO and Hopkins alum David Gibbs Gibbs didn't have a master plan when he left Homewood.

Career - 22.02.2023
Michigan local government leaders report increased problems with workforce recruitment, retention
The number of Michigan local government leaders reporting problems retaining their workers nearly doubled in 2022 compared with five years earlier.

Career - Social Sciences - 21.02.2023
All eyes on Lauren Casonhua
All eyes on Lauren Casonhua
Lauren Casonhua's journey to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) begins with a love of stories.

Career - 20.02.2023
UCU strike action called off for the next two weeks
UCU strike action called off for the next two weeks
We welcome the news that all strike action planned for the next two weeks by our union partners has been paused following constructive negotiations on both pay and pensions.

Career - Health - 20.02.2023
1 in 7 NHS staff are trying to leave - new report
The new Institute for Policy Research report authored by Dr Andrew Weyman (Department of Psychology) focuses on the pressing issue of NHS worker retention. A new University of Bath Institute for Policy Research (IPR) report into NHS workforce retention indicates that more frontline workers are actively trying to leave the NHS now than at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in winter 2020/21.

Career - 15.02.2023
Secondary crises now greatest threat to life after earthquakes
While much of the focus has centred on the immense loss of life in the immediate aftermath of the earthquakes, secondary crises now pose the biggest threat to people in Turkiye and Syria, writes Dr Aaron Opdyke from the School of Civil Engineering.

Career - Health - 14.02.2023
Disability services need to employ more people with lived experience
Disability services need to employ more people with lived experience
New research from the University of Sydney finds almost a quarter of Australian disability services do not employ any people with disability, and 20 percent employ less than three people with disability. This underrepresentation also extends to leadership roles within disability service providers, in what experts have labelled "an affront to the 'nothing about us without us''" movement.

Career - Economics - 14.02.2023
NWO Open Competition Grants awarded to SBE researchers
SBE Researchers Anouk Festjens (MSCM) and Nico Pestel (ROA) have been awarded NWO grants for their research projects in the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) domain.

Life Sciences - Career - 13.02.2023
Congratulations to our 2022 fellows
FMI researchers are awarded competitive grants and fellowship throughout the year, which speaks for the quality and potential of their work.

Career - 09.02.2023
Helping first-term co-op students kick start their careers
Monthly donations provide dependable funding to support innovative programs like the Waterloo Experience Accelerate Program, helping students acquire in-demand skills through work-integrated learning.

Health - Career - 09.02.2023
Startup brings blockchain to Ukrainian refugees, lands US$2.4 million in funding
Startup brings blockchain to Ukrainian refugees, lands US$2.4 million in funding
For many, blockchain is best known as the technology that underpins cryptocurrencies. But  startup company TransCrypts  is using it to give people more control over their personal information - including refugees who fled Ukraine.

Career - 09.02.2023
Performance-related pay plays a sizeable role in gender pay gap, analysis shows
Performance-related pay is an important but overlooked factor behind the the gender pay gap, analysis from Cardiff University has found. Academics at Cardiff Business School analysed UK-wide employee data to assess the impact of performance-related pay. Their results found that, compared to jobs which were not subject to performance-related pay, there is a lower concentration of female employees in performance-related pay jobs, particularly at the higher end of the wage spectrum, where bonuses are more common.

Research Management - Career - 08.02.2023

Career - Social Sciences - 07.02.2023
Four Utrecht research projects receive EU funding
How do power relations cause gender inequality and exclusion, and how can we change it? What impact does structural racism have on societies? And what are the living and working conditions of migrant

Linguistics / Literature - Career - 07.02.2023

Career - 07.02.2023

Social Sciences - Career - 06.02.2023
PhD on Roots and Routes to Migrants’ Economic Participation in the Netherlands (1970-2021) (1.0 FTE)
Function We are seeking a candidate for a PhD project titled "Roots and routes to migrants' economic participation in the Netherlands: the constraining and facilitating impact of home and host society contexts (1970-2021).

Research Management - Career - 06.02.2023

Career - Social Sciences - 05.02.2023

Career - Campus - 03.02.2023
Studenten Work, Health and Career ontwerpen oplossingen voor actuele arbeidsmarktproblemen
De masteropleiding Work, Health and Career (WHC) sloeg de handen ineen met het Nederlandse initiatief 'NL werkt aan werk' om een mini-hackathon te organiseren.