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Career - 07.04.2014
Nine out of ten Sussex 2013 graduates in work or further study
Nine out of ten Sussex 2013 graduates in work or further study
Nine out of ten Sussex 2013 graduates in work or further study Nine of every ten students who graduated from Sussex in 2013 are in work or further study, the University's latest survey of leavers has found, with 75% of those in work in 'graduate level' jobs.

Career - Economics / Business - 06.04.2014
Zero hours are ’tip of the iceberg’ of damaging shift work, say researchers
New report shows that zero hour contracts are only one of a wide number of flexible employment practices that are abused by managers - leading to financial insecurity, anxiety and stress in the workforce.

Career - 20.03.2014
Cohort training keeps UK ahead
Cohort training keeps UK ahead
Professor David Bogle, Head of the UCL Graduate School and Chair of the League of European Research Universities Doctoral Studies Community, welcomes the support for more Centres for Doctoral Training announced in the UK Budget.

Career - Economics / Business - 20.03.2014
Budget changes to tax allowances will not help the lowest paid in Northern regions, experts say
Regional analysis of budget announcement shows increase in income tax personal allowance will benefit London and the South East more than the North.

Career - Continuing Education - 14.03.2014
Tony Benn: what made him special?
Professor Matthew Flinders comments on Tony Benn's remarkable gift for connecting with the public. Matthew Flinders is Professor of Politics at the University of Sheffield and Director of the University's Sir Bernard Crick Centre for the Public Understanding of Politics.

Economics / Business - Career - 12.03.2014
Economists: How to slow the growth in disability claims
How bad? How come? Social Security Administration records show that SSDI rolls are steadily rising - from 1.2 million disabled workers collecting cash benefits in 1967, to 8.8 million in 2012.

Career - Economics / Business - 06.03.2014
UT Austin Startup Incubator is Among National Elite
AUSTIN, Texas - The Austin Technology Incubator (ATI) at The University of Texas at Austin has been named one of the top eight startup incubators in the nation by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, a leading international entrepreneurship organization.

Career - Health - 04.03.2014
Wellness programs: well-intentioned or intrusive?
A panel discussion about the impact of employer-sponsored wellness programs generated lively debate Feb.

Career - 04.03.2014
Day of action aims to inspire young people away from a life of crime
Coordinated by the Plymouth Howard League Student Society, the open event was designed to increase the educational and employment aspirations of youngsters from deprived backgrounds.

Career - 04.03.2014
Gender segregation in Wales
A University study published today uncovers the full extent of gender segregated working that still exists in Wales.

Career - Social Sciences - 03.03.2014
Master and servant relationships among nations
Master and servant relationships among nations
More people are working from outside Australia to provide Australians with consumer goods, than are working within Australia. The finding is from a University of Sydney study which analyses international employment and reveals that in 2010 there were more than 11 million workers outside Australia working for the Australian people, while the total workforce in Australia was about 10 million.

Career - 28.02.2014
Using a treadmill while working can boost employee productivity
MINNEAPOLIS / ST. PAUL (02/28/2014) —Walking while you work may not only improve an employee's health, it may also boost productivity, according to new research from the University of Minnesota just published in PLOS ONE .

Law - Career - 26.02.2014
Unions still have a role to play: study
Australian unions still play a crucial role in monitoring and enforcing employer compliance with labour laws on behalf of workers, new University of Melbourne Law School research has determined.

Career - 25.02.2014
Secret salaries hurt worker performance
If salaries in your workplace are secret, there's more at stake than the frustration of thinking coworkers who produce less than you might be getting paid more. Research by Elena Belogolovsky, a ssistant professor of human resource studies in the ILR School, indicates that pay secrecy might also hurt your work performance and prompt top talent to look for new jobs.

Career - Economics / Business - 25.02.2014
Out of the office, but checking email
ANN ARBOR-Cloud technology and wider use of freelancers has more people working from home, remotely or even from coffee houses.

Career - Social Sciences - 25.02.2014
Worldview Stanford launches 'The Science of Decision Making'
Worldview Stanford launches ’The Science of Decision Making’
New program introduces innovations in professional education aimed at creating framework for strategic decisions.

Career - Health - 21.02.2014
University mourns oldest staff member
University mourns oldest staff member
21 Feb 2014 Farewell to boathouse stalwart who 'arrested' two intruders, battled blaze…and retired at 95 The University's oldest employee has died at the age of 97.

Economics / Business - Career - 18.02.2014
Report: Offshoring and outsourcing a mixed bag for American jobs, wages
Report: Offshoring and outsourcing a mixed bag for American jobs, wages
A new study by University of California, Berkeley, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers finds that the practices of outsourcing and offshoring jobs appear to have both positive and negative effects on American jobs and wages.  The pilot study, funded by the National Science Foundation, provides the first representative and internationally comparable evidence of the domestic and international sourcing practices of U.S. private and public sector organizations.

Career - 05.02.2014
Study untangles divergent U.S. job-tenure patterns
Have American jobs become less stable? Do workers change employers more frequently than in the past? Many Americans would probably say the answer to these questions is an obvious yes.

Economics / Business - Career - 04.02.2014
Hiring people with disabilities benefits 'green' industries
Green-economy jobs hold promise for people with disabilities, and inclusion practices would also improve the outlook in this growing sector, according to new research from the ILR School's Employment and Disability Institute.

Career - 04.02.2014
Most teen workers spend, not save
ANN ARBOR-High school seniors spend most of their earnings on clothes, music, movies, eating out and other personal expenses.

Continuing Education - Career - 03.02.2014

Health - Career - 30.01.2014
New initiative to combat underrepresentation of senior female medics
New initiative to combat underrepresentation of senior female medics
o Six medical schools have no women professors o Half medical students are now women but lag behind in senior positions o Only 28 per cent of consultants are women A team of dedicated doctors and hea

Research Management - Career - 30.01.2014

Health - Career - 29.01.2014
It takes more than stand-up desks to beat ’chair disease’
It takes more than stand-up work stations for office staff to combat "chair disease" from sitting too long, a new study has found. A study from The University of Queensland, led by researcher Maike Neuhaus, found that a multicomponent intervention program was far more effective in getting office staff to stand up, than stand-up work stations alone.

Art and Design - Career - 28.01.2014
Sing a song
I t's both a dream and a nightmare scenario for anyone seeking a career on the musical stage: Stand alone in front of an acclaimed Broadway star, sing your heart out, and then await the critique.

Career - 27.01.2014
When the job search becomes a blame game
MIT professor's book explores how white-collar job hunters in the U.S. blame themselves unnecessarily - and suffer as a result - when they cannot find work. Searching for a job is tough - and the nature of the hiring process in the United States makes matters far tougher, and more emotionally fraught for workers, than it needs to be.

Career - 16.01.2014
Gender equity in university sports
The bad news: gender equity in Canada's interuniversity sport system has taken a step backwards in recent years.

Career - 14.01.2014
University recognised as inclusive employer by Stonewall
The University of Sheffield has been recognised for its outstanding support for staff after being ranked in the top 100 Stonewall Workplace Equality Index.

Career - 13.01.2014

Career - Law - 23.12.2013
Low-wage, hourly workers struggle with inadequate hours, schedule uncertainty
A century ago, low-wage, hourly workers faced long shifts and low hourly pay. Today, many of their counterparts face a new set of challenges: receiving too few work hours to guarantee adequate earnings and facing unpredictable, variable schedules.

Career - 18.12.2013
Third of Bangladeshis and Pakistanis ‘in deprived neighbourhoods’
18 Dec 2013 New analysis reveals a shocking one in three Bangladeshis and Pakistanis in England and Wales lived in a deprived neighbourhood at the time of the 2011 Census, as defined by the government.

Career - Social Sciences - 10.12.2013
Men's 'overwork' widens gender gap in wages
By now, social scientists once predicted, the gender gap in wages should have been as thin as a Roosevelt dime.

Career - Economics / Business - 09.12.2013
Polarized labor market leaving more employees in service jobs
Study: U.S. job market is putting more workers in positions with limited upside and leverage.

Career - 05.12.2013
Paralympians inspire new generation at Nottingham Tennis Festival
Double Paralympic champion Peter Norfolk MBE and Nottingamshire's two-time Paralympian David Phillipson were on hand to inspire the next generation of players at a Disability Tennis Festival run in partnership with The University of Nottingham on Tuesday.

Career - 04.12.2013
UC San Diego Joins Nationwide Efforts to Curb Phone Use While Driving
TREDS partners with San Diego-based employers in launching a campaign to end distracted driving Expanding their efforts to keep citizens safe on San Diego roadways, UC San Diego's Training, Research

Economics / Business - Career - 04.12.2013
Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon
The Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon could generate a £300M spend in Wales, create 1850 jobs and support the creation of £173M of gross value added for Wales within its three year development phase.

Career - Continuing Education - 29.11.2013

Career - 28.11.2013
Helping immigrants join Canada’s multicultural conversation
Researcher looks at why some immigrants find it hard to speak a second language, and how to make it easier for them. Tracey Derwing says immigrants, native English speakers, employers and government programs should all have a role in supporting second-language learners in Canada. Years after they arrive, some immigrants to Canada still find it difficult to improve their oral English skills, in part because of cultural differences, according to a University of Alberta study in which two groups of immigrants, Mandarin and Slavic language speakers, were compared.

Career - Mechanical Engineering - 27.11.2013
Children and researchers create eco-comic
Penguins wearing reflective hats and cars that run on tomato ketchup are among the highlights of a new graphic novel published by the University of Leeds' Centre in Low Carbon Technologies.