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Career - Social Sciences - 10.12.2013
Men's 'overwork' widens gender gap in wages
By now, social scientists once predicted, the gender gap in wages should have been as thin as a Roosevelt dime.

Career - Economics / Business - 09.12.2013
Polarized labor market leaving more employees in service jobs
Study: U.S. job market is putting more workers in positions with limited upside and leverage.

Career - 05.12.2013
Paralympians inspire new generation at Nottingham Tennis Festival
Double Paralympic champion Peter Norfolk MBE and Nottingamshire's two-time Paralympian David Phillipson were on hand to inspire the next generation of players at a Disability Tennis Festival run in partnership with The University of Nottingham on Tuesday.

Career - 04.12.2013
UC San Diego Joins Nationwide Efforts to Curb Phone Use While Driving
TREDS partners with San Diego-based employers in launching a campaign to end distracted driving Expanding their efforts to keep citizens safe on San Diego roadways, UC San Diego's Training, Research

Economics / Business - Career - 04.12.2013
Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon
The Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon could generate a £300M spend in Wales, create 1850 jobs and support the creation of £173M of gross value added for Wales within its three year development phase.

Career - Continuing Education - 29.11.2013

Career - 28.11.2013
Helping immigrants join Canada’s multicultural conversation
Researcher looks at why some immigrants find it hard to speak a second language, and how to make it easier for them. Tracey Derwing says immigrants, native English speakers, employers and government programs should all have a role in supporting second-language learners in Canada. Years after they arrive, some immigrants to Canada still find it difficult to improve their oral English skills, in part because of cultural differences, according to a University of Alberta study in which two groups of immigrants, Mandarin and Slavic language speakers, were compared.

Career - Mechanical Engineering - 27.11.2013
Children and researchers create eco-comic
Penguins wearing reflective hats and cars that run on tomato ketchup are among the highlights of a new graphic novel published by the University of Leeds' Centre in Low Carbon Technologies.

Career - 21.11.2013
Skills for Success updated to reflect work environment
Skills for Success updated to reflect work environment
The work we do at Cornell affects more than our individual lives and the work of our department; it affects others across campus and beyond the university's borders, and contributes to Cornell's impact and success for years to come, say Cornell experts in organizational effectiveness.

Innovation - Career - 20.11.2013
The Campus Opens Its Hub for Aspiring Entrepreneurs
The Forge, located in EPFL's Innovation Park, provides aspiring entrepreneurs an office to develop their startup as well as a location for networking and advice.

Career - Social Sciences - 19.11.2013
Something about STEM drives women out
Just when the nation has a need for more workers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields, research at Cornell and the University of Texas, Austin, finds that women have often found those fields inhospitable, and left for other kinds of jobs.

Economics / Business - Career - 18.11.2013
Modern Slavery Bill not currently fit for purpose according to new report
o Report's authors say forced labour is an issue right across the UK economy. o Forced labour in the UK is traceable to specific business models.

Health - Career - 17.11.2013
Paris Lodron University of Salzburg
Paris Lodron University of Salzburg
The University of Salzburg, with its 18,000 students and 2,800 employees, is not a "mass university" and it is distinguished by a very good teacher/student ratio.

Health - Career - 14.11.2013
Sweden’s first female Professor of Surgery
At Umeå University's Annual Autumn ceremony at the end of October, Malin Sund was inaugurated as Sweden's first female professor of surgery.

Administration - Career - 05.11.2013

Economics / Business - Career - 04.11.2013
UC Berkeley report raises alarm about falling wages, outsourcing at U.S. airports
The outsourcing of airport jobs that once sustained middle-class careers has left many airport workers in jobs characterized by insecurity and low wages, according to a new UC Berkeley study released Monday, Nov.

Veterinary - Career - 01.11.2013
Man's best friend an even better employee with fivefold return on investment
Man’s best friend an even better employee with fivefold return on investment
Working dogs make a considerable financial contribution to Australia's rural sector, providing an impressive fivefold return on investment.

Career - 31.10.2013
Working from home increases productivity
Employees who work from home one to three days per week called 'hybrid teleworkers', are more productive than workers who do none, according to a new study undertaken by the Institute for a Broadband Enabled Society (IBES) at the University of Melbourne and Auckland University of Technology. New Zealand.

Career - 23.10.2013
Maggie Philbin helps inspire engineers of the future
Maggie Philbin helps inspire engineers of the future
23 Oct 2013 The University of Manchester is playing host to 300 local schoolchildren today (Wednesday) for TeenTech – an initiative created by TV personality Maggie Philbin to raise awareness of career opportunities in science and engineering.

Career - 22.10.2013
Novartis recognized among 25 best multinational employers by Great Place to Work Institute
Basel, October 22, 2013 - Novartis is pleased to announce that it has been named among the Top 25 World's Best Multinational Workplaces by the Great Place to Work Institute.

Career - 18.10.2013
In Brief: Employee benefits miss the mark for workers under 50
Employers are risking losing talented employees due to unsuitable benefits packages, according to a new report from the University of Liverpool.

Economics / Business - Career - 17.10.2013

Health - Career - 16.10.2013
Stanford adds new low-cost medical plan to 2014 health care offerings
The benefits department in University Human Resources has prepared a variety of charts and publications designed to help employees and their families choose medical, dental and vision plans for 2014.

Continuing Education - Career - 14.10.2013
Literacy project set to improve prospects for young people
A pioneering project to help local young people improve their literacy skills has begun thanks to a collaboration between the University of Sheffield, Sheffield City Council and local secondary schools.

Career - Administration - 12.10.2013
WARF’s Bremer remembered as technology transfer legend
Sustained by a passion to improve people's lives, Howard Bremer's enduring commitment to innovation fueled his work and his life.

Health - Career - 07.10.2013
Doctors feel powerless against rise of "McMedicine", says study
The growing "McDonaldisation" of healthcare in the UK is leaving many doctors with "an underlying sense of powerlessness", new research has warned.

Career - Economics / Business - 04.10.2013
What to do about highly educated workers in temporary, part-time, low-paying service jobs
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Career - 04.10.2013
CERN welcomes its first film maker in residence
Geneva, 4 October 2013. Seeing the invisible and discovering the meaning of life are the twin quests of CERN 's first film maker in residence, Jan Peters the second winner of the Collide@CERN Geneva 2 prize, which is supported by the Canton and City of Geneva.

Career - Environment - 03.10.2013
U.N. agency head outlines global work challenges
U.N. agency head outlines global work challenges
International Labour Organization (ILO) Director-General Guy Ryder described global challenges to work and employment when he spoke at the ILR School's Worker Institute in New York City Sept.

Career - 01.10.2013
First research network for female scientists launched
A new research networking portal designed to provide crucial career development exposure for female scientists and engineers within Chicagoland's research community was launched today as part of the Chicago Collaboration for Women in STEM professional development program. The Chicago Collaboration for Women in STEM is a joint initiative of Northwestern University and the University of Chicago.

Social Sciences - Career - 01.10.2013
Majority of British internet users go online 'without enthusiasm'
The number of people in Britain who are using the internet has risen, reaching 78% of the population aged 14 years and over as compared with 59% in 2003.

Career - Economics / Business - 30.09.2013
Job growth in Michigan higher than initially reported
ANN ARBOR-Michigan's economy is actually doing better than most people think, says a University of Michigan economist. Instead of lagging behind the national average in job creation from the first quarter of last year to the first quarter of 2013, Michigan exceeded U.S. growth and added twice as many jobs during that time as has been widely reported.

Career - 30.09.2013
Cambridge’s criminal past revealed in centuries-old court records
Adultery, libel, bribery, attempted murder: Cambridge University's criminal underbelly has been exposed after painstaking research on its Vice-Chancellor's Court records from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Economics / Business - Career - 27.09.2013
The Big Ideas: Creativity, Design and Innovation Camp
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Health - Career - 27.09.2013
Study raises questions over discrimination in GP exam
27 Sep 2013 Concerns over discrimination in the UK general practitioner examination are raised in a study by The University of Manchester published on today.

Career - Sport - 25.09.2013
Eliminating ’scary coach’ behaviour to keep kids in sport
Changing coaches' behaviour to give children a more positive experience of playing sport has been found to change children's intentions to drop out of sporting activity, according to sports scientist

Social Sciences - Career - 25.09.2013
Stuttering: the elephant in the classroom
25 September 2013 Stuttering is going undiagnosed in Australian classrooms, causing a raft of lifelong social anxiety problems, warns a world-leading University of Sydney expert.

Career - 19.09.2013
3 Questions: Suzanne Berger on converting innovation into growth
3 Questions: Suzanne Berger on converting innovation into growth
Since 2011, MIT faculty from several disciplines have collaborated on a unique research project, Production in the Innovation Economy (PIE); the aim is to see how U.S. strengths in innovation can be turned into new production capabilities, to spur growth and new jobs. Their findings will be presented tomorrow at an MIT conference.

Career - 17.09.2013
Going part-time: sweeping changes ‘worsen ethnic divide’
17 Sep 2013 Researchers from The University of Manchester have discovered a rising tide in part-time employment affecting ethnic minority people, alongside stubbornly high overall inequalities between White and non-White groups.

Career - Economics / Business - 11.09.2013
The Cambridge cluster
The modern Cambridge cluster began in 1960 with the foundation of Cambridge Consultants, which was formed to "put the brains of Cambridge University at the disposal of industry.

Economics / Business - Career - 10.09.2013