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Career - 13.08.2013
Time to rethink the Rehabilitation of Offenders?
More than a third of men and almost one in ten women in Scotland are likely to have at least one criminal conviction, according to a new report published by academics at the University of Glasgow. Sunday Herald: One third of Scots men are offenders The figure emerged in the context of a review of the operation of and possible alternatives to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, Paul McGuinness, Sarah Armstrong and Fergus McNeill of the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research at Glasgow University.

Health - Career - 12.08.2013

Career - Social Sciences - 07.08.2013
Youth employment program has impact on violent crime arrests
At-risk youth who participated in the 2012 One Summer Plus program experienced a 51 percent drop in arrests for violent crime, according to a new study released from the University of Chicago Crime Lab.

Career - Economics / Business - 07.08.2013
U-M’s E. Han Kim: Does employee capitalism work?
ANN ARBOR-Broad-based employee stock ownership plans, if properly designed, are the best way to ramp up productivity, new research finds. E. Han Kim, a finance professor with the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business, said the plans work best when the right incentives are in place. Although firms with such plans, also known as ESOPs, claim they increase productivity by improving employee incentives, Kim's research finds that results vary by size of the plan as it relates to the total shares granted to employees and the number of employees.

Career - Sport - 02.08.2013
Understanding Biogenesis: how professional sports deal with drugs
Major League Baseball is poised to announce a flurry of player suspensions involving high-profile athletes linked to Florida-based wellness clinic, Biogenesis, and the use of performance-enhancing drugs or PEDs.

Career - 02.08.2013
Durham University sporting excellence on show at The Ashes
Durham University sporting excellence on show at The Ashes
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Career - 24.07.2013
Probing Question: Are smartphones changing photography?
Although cell phone cameras are a recent innovation, they continue nearly 150 years of tradition that photography should be broadly accessible and an extension of our own experience.

Social Sciences - Career - 22.07.2013
Laughing Matters -- stand-up comedy social enterprise to help recovering addicts
From touching a nerve to finding their funny bone — people affected by addiction problems are being asked to draw on their own life experiences to devise material for a stand-up comedy routine, as part of a new social enterprise devised by two Nottingham entrepreneurs.

Career - 19.07.2013
Armed robbery of Stanford employee prompts early morning emergency alert
An armed man robbed a Stanford employee at gunpoint shortly after midnight Thursday morning, and then fled toward the interior of the campus, prompting activation of the campuswide emergency alert system.

Health - Career - 19.07.2013
Plymouth evaluates doctor revalidation
A team from the Collaboration for the Advancement of Medical Education Research and Assessment (CAMERA) at Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry has been commissioned by the General Medical Council (GMC) to develop plans for how the GMC could measure the regulatory impact of medical revalidation on doctors' professional practice.

Career - Health - 19.07.2013
Disability professionals examine new trends in support
19 July 2013 The University of Sydney's Centre for Disability Studies (CDS) will host a conference bringing together disability professionals from all over Australia on Monday 22 and Tuesday, 23 July.

Career - Social Sciences - 16.07.2013
Why "Canadian experience" violates human rights
Employers who demand Canadian work experience are discriminating against potential employees, the Ontario Human Rights Commission says.

Career - 15.07.2013
Volunteers needed for emergency drill
To test the university's emergency response plans for managing a critical incident at the Stanford Stadium, the university will conduct a stadium evacuation exercise on Wednesday, Aug.

Economics / Business - Career - 11.07.2013
OFFA approves Sussex’s £8.1m widening participation plan
OFFA approves Sussex's £8.1m widening participation plan The Office for Fair Access (OFFA) has today (Thursday 11 July) re-endorsed the University's action plan, worth £8.1 million in 2014-15, to ensure talented students from all backgrounds can enjoy a Sussex education.

Career - History / Archeology - 10.07.2013
Humanities graduates' influence on Britain's economy
Humanities graduates' influence on Britain's economy
Humanities graduates played a large and growing role in employment sectors which brought about growth in the UK economy in the 1970s and 1980s, research has found.

Career - Life Sciences - 10.07.2013
Rugby player wings his way to graduation
Rugby player wings his way to graduation
10 Jul 2013 A University of Manchester student who completed his final year studies while training and playing with rugby union team Sale Sharks graduates today (10 July).

Administration - Career - 02.07.2013
’Modern slavery’ in England is a prevalent problem
The first evidence of widespread 'modern slavery' in England for refugees and asylum seekers is revealed in a study published today. The two-year study calls for an overhaul of government policy to restore asylum seekers’ right to work and ensure all workers can access basic employment rights, such as National Minimum Wage, irrespective of immigration status.

Career - Administration - 02.07.2013

Administration - Career - 01.07.2013
Chartwells to provide catering services for Sussex
Chartwells to provide catering services for Sussex The University of Sussex has announced today that Chartwells will become the new provider of its catering and conference services, following the detailed procurement process which began in May 2012.

Career - Administration - 01.07.2013
Women have access to executive jobs only when other women already hold such jobs, Cornell study finds
It may be that the notorious "glass ceiling" is actually a glass door, but one that women can open only after other women have already done so, says new research by a professor at Cornell University's Johnson Graduate School of Management.

Career - Health - 29.06.2013
Statement on investigation into MBBS assessment procedures and a revision app
King's College London is aware of allegations relating to information supplied via a smartphone app then being replicated in an MBBS examination on 25 June affecting 420 students.

Career - Economics / Business - 18.06.2013
U.S. economy: Steady as she goes
ANN ARBOR-America's economy will hum along its path of moderate growth, adding 4.7 million jobs through the end of next year, say University of Michigan economists.

Career - 18.06.2013

Health - Career - 18.06.2013
School of Nursing clinic fights spread of TB on L.A.’s skid row
Each morning as the gate to fenced-in Gladys Park is unlocked, homeless men and women move in from wherever they have spent the night on downtown L.A.'s skid row.

Career - 18.06.2013
New project aims to get stroke survivors in Nottingham back to work
PA 203/13 A pilot project being led by researchers at The University of Nottingham is aiming to assist more stroke survivors to return to work.

Life Sciences - Career - 18.06.2013
Low exposure of excellent work by female scientists
Scientists at the University of Sheffield have found that high quality science by female academics is underrepresented in comparison to that of their male counterparts. The researchers analysed the genders of invited speakers at the most prestigious gatherings of evolutionary biologists in Europe - six biannual congresses of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology (ESEB) and found that male speakers outnumbered women.

Career - 14.06.2013
Documents that Changed the World: Alfred Binet’s IQ test, 1905
With students huddled over spring quarter finals campuswide, the latest podcast in the Documents that Changed the World series seems particularly timely: It's about intelligence testing.

Career - 07.06.2013
Convocation 2013: job prospects strong for iSchool graduates, survey finds
Students who pursue a graduate degree at the University of Toronto iSchool to upgrade or acquire skills to enhance their career are seeing results when they enter the job market, a new survey finds.

Social Sciences - Career - 05.06.2013
Policies Help Women Balance Work-Family Life, Study Shows
Mother cares for her twins while on nationally-mandated maternity leave in Stockholm, Sweden. Photo by Caity Collins, Department of Sociology AUSTIN, Texas - Various Western nations' work-family policies leave many working mothers feeling unsupported as both caretakers and workers, according to a comparative study of working mothers in multiple countries by The University of Texas at Austin.

Economics / Business - Career - 03.06.2013
Corporate hoarding of cash has roots in CEO’s past
ANN ARBOR-As some U.S. corporations rankle investors by holding unprecedented levels of cash, research from the University of Michigan indicates that the CEO's prior job experience could have something to do with it.

Health - Career - 03.06.2013
Nursing graduate's innovative design taken forward in region's hospital
An innovative and award-winning idea by a Plymouth University adult nursing graduate is being developed in one of the South West’s biggest hospitals.

Career - 30.05.2013
Statutory pension change - Auto Enrolment
A statutory change in pensions will soon impact staff at UCL. The scheme is known as Auto Enrolment (AE).

Career - Health - 29.05.2013
Election to President of OCE
Gail Stephenson, Head of the Directorate of Orthoptics and Vision Science , has been elected as the first British President of the European Association of Orthoptics (OCE).

Career - Social Sciences - 28.05.2013
Implementing new ways of charitable giving could see donations triple
Charities could benefit from an additional £40 million per year if a new intervention designed to automatically enroll donors to a scheme that increases their donations by three per cent a year is implemented.

Career - Computer Science - 28.05.2013

Career - Economics / Business - 23.05.2013

Law - Career - 23.05.2013
Firms reveal sought-after competencies in law graduates
Law firms rate 'global mindset', 'commercial awareness' and 'intellectual rigour' as highly prized competencies in graduates, finds new research conducted by King's College London in partnership with The Times .

Economics / Business - Career - 22.05.2013
Big business could learn survival lessons from family businesses
Family businesses are less likely to fail than big business because they are usually made up of a well functioning and diverse board of directors who are able to advise effectively.

Career - 21.05.2013
New e-voting system to flag up coercion
SAN FRANCISCO - University of Birmingham (UK) computer scientists have devised an e-voting system that can identify and monitor any votes that could have taken place under coercion, they announced at the IEEE Symposium on Security & Privacy on 21 May 2013. The internet-based system, called Caveat Coercitor, is designed to flag up any votes made by voters that are coerced.

Psychology - Career - 21.05.2013
Married Penn State Guggenheim Fellows a rarity
Guggenheim Fellows Judith Kroll and David Rosenbaum. The married recipients will use their fellowships to do research at UCLA in Los Angeles.

Economics / Business - Career - 17.05.2013

Career - Health - 17.05.2013
Latest news on planned strike by patient-care workers unions at UC, UCLA
The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) union, which represents more than 12,500 University of California patient care employees, has asked its members to strike at UC medical centers May 21-22.
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