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Career - Environment - 08.12.2022

Career - 07.12.2022
Future of UK’s writing profession is under threat
The future of writing as a primary profession is under threat in the UK, according to new research led by the University of Glasgow into authors' earnings and contracts.

Career - 06.12.2022
Three-year port dispute shows the IR system is full of holes
Australia's industrial relations umpire has delayed industrial action that would have crippled Australia's ports in the lead-up to Christmas.

Career - Pedagogy - 05.12.2022
Teachers entering the profession from other fields often less satisfied
There is a shortage of teachers not only in Germany, but in many countries around the world. For this reason, people without formal teaching degrees are often brought in from other fields to teach in schools.

Career - Research Management - 05.12.2022
NSF awards funding to white scientists at higher rates than other groups
White researchers have been consistently funded by the National Science Foundation at higher rates than most nonwhite researchers since at least 1999.

Social Sciences - Career - 05.12.2022
Paying attention to freedom
Waterloo Engineering alumni and a student reflect on the Montreal Massacre By Charlotte Danby Faculty of Engineering It has been 33 years since a gunman shot and killed 14 women at the École Polytechnique de Montréal on December 6, 1989.

Health - Career - 05.12.2022
Income equity for Australian women 200 years away, affecting health and wellbeing: Report
Income equity for Australian women 200 years away, affecting health and wellbeing: Report
The first Australian Women's Health and Wellbeing Scorecard: Towards equity for women found that at current rates it will take 70 years to reach full time employment equality with men, and more than 200 years to reach income equity.

Career - 02.12.2022

Environment - Career - 02.12.2022
Sustainability more important for young people than high wages
ECONtribute study examines what is important to graduates when starting a career Young people would accept a lower salary for a job in a sustainable or socially oriented company.

Career - Innovation - 02.12.2022
SCS Team Wins Startup Competition for AI-Generated Communications Software
Three students in Carnegie Mellon University's Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Innovation program won the Graduate Entrepreneurship Club 's Hack-a-Startup competition.

Career - Social Sciences - 01.12.2022

Innovation - Career - 01.12.2022
Brainport Region among world’s leading tech ecosystems
According to a new report out today, Eindhoven ranks seventh when it comes to the most promising global -science hubs-.

Career - 01.12.2022
75% of unemployed Detroiters expect to return to work soon as unemployment rate drops
As more Detroiters return to work amid the pandemic recovery, the greatest declines in unemployment have been for residents of color and people with low incomes-although those groups continue to experience higher-than-average unemployment rates. A new issue brief from the University of Michigan's Detroit Metro Area Communities Study found Detroit's unemployment rate continued to decline, reaching 16% in August.

Campus - Career - 30.11.2022
What are the UB students like? 
Acadèmic The results of the survey "The students' living and study conditions" have been published.

Career - 29.11.2022
Science show Hoe’Zo! Show back into theatre thanks to grants
The Hoe'Zo! Show by earth scientist Lennart de Groot (UU) and neuroscientist Barbara Braams (VU Amsterdam) receives an ENW Communication Initiative Award.

Career - 29.11.2022
Applications for UCL's temporary voluntary resignation scheme are open
Applications for UCL’s temporary voluntary resignation scheme are open
Applications are now open and will open for a limited time only from 28 November 2022 to 15 January 2023.

Campus - Career - 28.11.2022

Career - Health - 28.11.2022
Mining companies are shifting their focus to supporting employee well-being
A new Curtin-led report has found that Australian mining companies have a stronger focus on the physical health and safety of employees compared to employee mental health and well-being, followed by a respectful workplace culture.

Chemistry - Career - 25.11.2022
CRC 1349 ’Fluorine-Specific Interactions’ Gets the Go-Ahead
German Research Foundation to fund Collaborative Research Center 1349 at Freie Universität Berlin for four more years Since 2019 Collaborative Research Center (CRC) 1349 "Fluorine-Specific Interactions" has been working on understanding and controlling the complex interactions that can emanate from fluorinated units in molecules and materials.

Career - Health - 24.11.2022
12,000 people in the UK become unpaid carers every day
4.3 million people take on an unpaid caring role every year Research from the Centre for Care, at the University of Sheffield, highlights the large number of people transitioning in and out of caring roles every year.

Research Management - Career - 23.11.2022

Career - Research Management - 23.11.2022
Three Imperial academics with ERC Starting Grants to pursue 'ambitious ideas'
Three Imperial academics with ERC Starting Grants to pursue ’ambitious ideas’
Three Imperial academics have won ERC Starting Grants to pursue their 'ambitious research ideas'. The grants - worth up to ¤1.5million euros each over five years - are awarded to emerging science talent through the Horizon Europe programme to launch their own projects and form teams.

Career - Research Management - 23.11.2022

Career - Research Management - 23.11.2022

Astronomy / Space Science - Career - 23.11.2022
ESA presents new generation of ESA astronauts
The European Space Agency has chosen 17 new astronaut candidates from more than 22 500 applicants from across its Member States.

Health - Career - 22.11.2022
Thomas Vogl receives prestigious ERC Starting Grant from the EU
Thomas Vogl, research group leader at MedUni Vienna's Center for Cancer Research, has received a "Starting Grant" from the European Research Council (ERC) with funding of ¤1.65 million for five years.

Career - Health - 22.11.2022
NS inadequately protected employees from chromium-6
Dutch Railways (NS) employees may have come into contact with chromium-6 between 1970 and 2020. It is not known exactly how often or how much this happened.

Research Management - Career - 22.11.2022
ERC Starting Grant Awarded to ’BADSEX’ Research Project at Freie Universität Berlin
European Research Council to provide social psychologist Verena Klein with funding for her research project on the gray zones of sexuality The European Research Council (ERC) is funding a new research project led by the psychologist Verena Klein through an ERC Starting Grant.

Career - Environment - 22.11.2022
Four ERC Starting Grants for KU Leuven researchers
Four ERC Starting Grants for KU Leuven researchers
The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded its Starting Grants. Among this year's recipients are literary scholar Núria Codina Solà, engineer Benjamin Gorissen, bioscience engineer Koenraad Van Meerbeek, and chemical engineer Xing Yang.

Research Management - Career - 22.11.2022

Career - Social Sciences - 22.11.2022
University celebrates Living Wage Week
Employers and employees have celebrated #LivingWageWeek in Wales by marking Cardiff's journey towards becoming a Living Wage City.
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