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Career - Mathematics - 09.12.2020
Major European grants for four UofG researchers
Four researchers from the University of Glasgow have received frontier research funding grants from the European Research Council.

Career - Life Sciences - 07.12.2020

Chemistry - Career - 02.12.2020

Career - Campus - 25.11.2020

Career - 25.11.2020
Marking is the key driver of work stress among teachers
Marking and lesson planning are the two aspects of teachers' jobs that lead to the greatest increase in workload stress and levels of poor wellbeing, according to a new study by UCL researchers.

Innovation - Career - 24.11.2020

Career - Innovation - 24.11.2020
’Rapid science’ makes custom-fitted facemasks for NHS workers
A company working with experts from the University of Birmingham and King's College London has been awarded funding by Innovate UK to produce custom-fitted, reusable, medical grade facemasks that will fit all people regardless of age, sex or ethnicity.

Social Sciences - Career - 24.11.2020
Supporting People with Disabilities
Following the Smart Arm (SAM) team 's participation in Cybathlon 2020, Éric Lalanne describes the challenges of the Disability Assistance Mission that he directs.

Campus - Career - 23.11.2020

Career - 19.11.2020
Brexit: Papers, Please?
Brexit: Papers, Please?
The transition period ends on 31/12. New migration and visa legislation will be implemented that will effect mobility for employees.

Career - 19.11.2020
Managers are much more positive about flexible working and staff working from home since the pandemic - says new study
Managers are much more positive about their staff working from home and working flexibly since lockdown says a new study undertaken jointly by the Equal Parenting Project at the University of Birmingham and the Work Autonomy, Flexibility and Work-Life Balance at the University of Kent.

Career - Social Sciences - 16.11.2020

Event - Career - 14.11.2020

Campus - Career - 12.11.2020

Career - 12.11.2020
Disabled people could have greater accessibility to the legal profession due to rise in flexible working
An increase in remote and flexible working since the COVID-19 pandemic could make the legal profession more accessible for disabled people, research suggests. A survey of over 100 disabled lawyers by the Legally Disabled research team based at Cardiff University, in partnership with the Law Society of England and Wales, found working from home during the COVID-19 outbreak enabled the majority of respondents to manage their disability more effectively.

Life Sciences - Career - 09.11.2020
Four early-career researchers receive leadership grants
Brain Canada program supports paradigm-shifting neuroscience that improves the lives of Canadians Four researchers at The Neuro - Boris Bernhardt, Yasser Iturria-Medina, Jean-Francois Poulin, and Jo

Career - 06.11.2020
COVID-19 pandemic creates new causes of ’workplace’ stress
The global COVID-19 pandemic has created new causes of job-related stress that have displaced the 'traditional' main reason for workplace anxiety - ever-increasing workloads, according to new research.

Physics - Career - 03.11.2020
Multi-million dollar funding boost for UQ researchers
Twenty one University of Queensland researchers are among 200 nationwide awarded $84 million in grants through the Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards (DECRAs) scheme.

Career - 28.10.2020
Teachers among happiest professionals
The wellbeing and mental health of teachers in England is similar to those in other professions and teachers are less likely to report feelings of 'low self-worth', according to new research from aca
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