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Economics / Business - Career - 22.10.2020
Diversity improves among TV actors, but executives still overwhelmingly white and male
Atsushi Nishijima/Netflix The Netflix limited series "When they See Us" was one of the top-rated digital programs of the 2018-19 season.

Health - Career - 22.10.2020
Q&A: What Employee Leave Options Are Available?
UC San Diego's fall plan is continually evolving, informed by the university's Return to Learn program.

Health - Career - 21.10.2020
Michiganders with COVID-19 experienced a double whammy of prolonged illness, economic distressMichiganders with COVID-19 experienced a double whammy of prolonged illness, economic distress
Months after they first experienced COVID-19 symptoms, 1 in 4 Michigan residents with a confirmed case of coronavirus had not fully recovered from the illness, according to a joint study that seeks to document Michiganders' experiences with the novel coronavirus.

Career - Social Sciences - 21.10.2020

Career - Economics / Business - 21.10.2020
Plenty more phish: Why employees fall for scams and what companies can do about it
Preventive countermeasures to phishing emails may actually increase the likelihood of employees falling for such scams, a new academic study reveals. Protective controls, such as email proxy, anti-malware and anti-phishing technologies, can give employees a false sense of security, causing them to drop their vigilance because they incorrectly assume such measures intercept all phishing emails before they reach their inbox, a study co-organised by the University of Sussex Business School reveals.

Economics / Business - Career - 20.10.2020

Career - 16.10.2020
Chicago Booth alum launches startup to train young poll workers
Mere weeks away from Election Day, a critical element of voting in the United States remains disrupted by the pandemic: poll workers.

Campus - Career - 15.10.2020

Social Sciences - Career - 15.10.2020
For single adults and families alike, higher cost of living in all Washington counties
A single adult in Seattle needs to earn more than the state minimum wage to make ends meet - and if they have an infant, they'll need to make more than twice that: $34 an hour, according to new research from the University of Washington.

Career - Economics / Business - 14.10.2020
Is there a male breadwinner norm? Don’t look at salary data to find out, U-M study says
Previous research seems to show the tendency of women to sabotage themselves in order to earn less than their husbands. But a closer look at the data reveals that might not be the case. A 2015 paper, now well known in economics research, details a graph that appears to show women's behavior in marriage reinforces the stereotype of a male breadwinner-that is, in heterosexual couples, women prefer to be married to a man who makes more than them.

Economics / Business - Career - 14.10.2020

Campus - Career - 13.10.2020

Environment - Career - 13.10.2020
New agreement on U.S. hydropower and river conservation
New agreement on U.S. hydropower and river conservation
Stanford's Dan Reicher discusses a new agreement addressing the role of U.S. hydropower in fighting climate change and the need to restore and sustain America's rivers.

Career - 09.10.2020

Campus - Career - 07.10.2020

Health - Career - 06.10.2020

Health - Career - 28.09.2020
Applying human-centered design to voting places
Stanford's has partnered with the Healthy Elections Project, a joint collaboration with scholars at Stanford and MIT, to help election officials address some of the unprecedented challenges the pandemic poses to November's general election.

Career - 25.09.2020
Poll finds Californians have one mission: Defeat President Trump
President Donald Trump signs a section of border wall in California in September 2019. A new poll shows that more than two-thirds of California voters plan to support his opponent in November's election.

Campus - Career - 24.09.2020
UC San Diego Helping More Californians Gain Skills, Degrees
Approximately 10 percent of freshmen and transfer entrants begin their degree coursework at University of California campuses but never complete their degrees.

Career - Innovation - 24.09.2020

Career - 21.09.2020
Lockdown could have lasting effect on survivors of sexual violence and the services that support them, experts argue
Experts argue that lack of visibility made these types of violence invisible at a time when offences were likely increasing, making it harder for individuals to identify the most appropriate forms of support service.

Economics / Business - Career - 21.09.2020
Oakland County’s economy hit during pandemic, but it’s well-positioned for recovery
Oakland County, one of the most populous and prosperous counties in Michigan, enjoyed a decade-plus run of job growth through early 2020-a record that was upended only by a pandemic-fueled recession.

Campus - Career - 18.09.2020

Career - 16.09.2020
Vulnerable groups affected by public transit cuts amid pandemic
Study of public transport agencies across North America shows service cuts disproportionately affect lower-income and more vulnerable groups In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, public transport age
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