Carme Junyent and Jordi Díaz, dissemination prizes

Carme Junyent.

Carme Junyent.


Lecturers Carme Junyent and Jordi Díaz are the winners of the 8th Awards of the Doctors’ Senate and Board of Trustees of the UB to the top scientific and humanistic dissemination activities. This award aims to promote the dissemination of scientific knowledge to society. On Monday, July 12, at 6:00 p.m., an event in the Aula Magna of the Historical Building will hold the award ceremony for these prizes and those corresponding to 2020, which could not be awarded face-to-face due to the pandemic. The awardees of the previous edition were María del Carmen Llasat, professor at the Faculty of Physics, and Santiago Élvarez, professor at the Faculty of Chemistry. There is limited room capacity and it will be live-streamed on UBtv.

Carme Junyent (Masquefa, 1955) is a lecturer of General Linguistics at the University of Barcelona. An expert on processes of minoritisation and the languages of immigration, she has given numerous courses and lectures and has carried out dissemination activities throughout the country. She is the founder and director of the Study Group of Endangered Languages (GELA) and the Group of Linguists for Diversity (GLiDi). She has a long experience in scientific dissemination in the area of endangered languages, replacement processes and the values of linguistic diversity, especially in the field of education, to which she has contributed over the years with various publications and a large number of conferences, seminars, talks and training sessions in centres.

Among her most recent outreach activities are her participation in the Science Fest of the UB with a virtual exhibition and the game "What do you know about the languages of the world?"; collaborations in the media such as the daily article in Vilaweb last summer, and the publication of the volume El català, la llengua efervescent, which has been listed several weeks on the bestseller list among non-fiction books in Catalan.

Jordi Díaz (Barcelona, 1975) is a microscopist and science communicator at the Science and Technology Centres (CCiTUB) of the UB, and a lecturer in the Department of Materials Science and Physical Chemistry, and head of science communication at the Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (IN2UB) of the UB. He is the creator of the Nanodivulga project, which brings together multiple activities aiming to bring the world of nanotechnology closer to the public. In this line of work, Jordi Díaz coordinates several programmes: Nanoeduca, which is aimed at secondary schools and involves the UB, the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2), the UAB and the CESIRE of the Catalan Government’s Department of Education; Nanoinventum, a scientific co-creation project to incorporate nanotechnology into primary and secondary education, and the 10alamenos9 Festival, in which more than fifteen countries participate.

He has given many conferences, seminars, talks and training courses in the field of nanotechnology dissemination. He is the author of several informative books, including L’aventura de Berta a Nanoland. He has coordinated science and art activities, including several plays and a painting exhibition. He is a member of the board of the Catalan Association of Scientific Communication and of the scientific committee of Vil·la Urania, the UB Science Fest and the Pessics de Ciència de L’Hospitalet. He has received sixteen awards and recognitions in the field of science communication and dissemination.

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