Celebration of the Star Wars Franchise to head this year’s The Future of Society festival

The University of Birmingham will be hosting its annual celebration of social sciences, looking to the future and exploring how society is rapidly changing. The Future of Society festival will be taking place from the 2-9 November 2019 on campus and across iconic venues in the city centre, with a range of talks and debates, live music, film screenings and exhibitions.

With changes to how we communicate with each other, the jobs we do and how we access healthcare, on top of a shifting political landscape; the festival will provide an opportunity to engage the wider public with these issues. The week-long event will be covering a variety of topics including political backlash, mental health, leadership in the city and a celebration of the Star Wars franchise.

"Birmingham Strikes Back" will take the audience on journey across the galaxy to bring an intergalactic experience with live music and a series of talks from researchers focusing on science, politics and culture. It is an opportunity to bring like-minded individuals together and share their appreciation for the Star Wars series.

"Build Your Own James Bond Film" will discuss the popular James Bond franchise with contributions from consumer research/marketing, sociology and geopolitical experts. Audience members will have the opportunity to participate in a build-your-own Bond film exercise, where attendees can create potential storylines based on the topics highlighted within the movies.

With another 11 events planned across the city discussing topics such as living with and through food poverty, adult care, the polarisation of society and crime and social harm; the festival will take a deep dive into society and bring to light crucial issues that don’t make the papers. The Future of Society is part of the nationwide ESRC Festival of Social Sciences which showcases how pioneering social, economic and political research impacts everyday life.

Professor Richard Black , Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Head of the College of Social Sciences at the University of Birmingham said: “The Future of Society Festival will showcase the best the University of Birmingham’s research has to offer on how we can effectively overcome many modern day challenges. Our day-to-day lives are affected by the issues we will be focusing on; from how to handle online trolling, mental health, the rise of food banks, gender in films and life with learning disabilities. There is something for everyone.”

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  • Read the full list of events at the Future of Society Festival.
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