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Civil Engineering - Social Sciences - 04.11.2015
Analysis: The world’s urban population is growing - so how can cities plan for migrants?
Analysis: The world's urban population is growing - so how can cities plan for migrants? By Dr Michael Collyer , Reader in Geography at the University of Sussex The world's population is becoming increasingly urban.

Civil Engineering - 02.11.2015
Researcher discusses new lab that will tool up cities to cope with the future
Researcher discusses new lab that will tool up cities to cope with the future
A new Urban Systems Lab at Imperial is aiming to help cities like London adapt to the technologies of the 21st Century.

Environment - Civil Engineering - 02.11.2015
Penn-led Research Elucidates Genetics Behind Salmonella’s Host Specificity
The Penn Institute for Urban Research (Penn IUR) and Perry World House will host an event Wednesday, Nov.

Civil Engineering - Administration - 28.10.2015
UChicago, Delhi government to launch partnership to clean Delhi’s environment
The University of Chicago Urban Labs and the Delhi Dialogue Commission signed an agreement on Oct. 23, forming a first-of-its-kind partnership focused on improving air and water quality in Delhi.

Administration - Civil Engineering - 14.10.2015
Comment: Here’s what we learned from mapping out England’s inequalities
Dr Alasdair Rae from the University of Sheffield's Department of Urban Studies and Planning comments on what can be learned from mapping England's inequalities.

Civil Engineering - Health - 12.10.2015
UChicago Urban Labs announces $2.15 million in grants to test policy innovations
Timothy Knowles , the Pritzker Director of Urban Labs , announced on Oct. 12 the winners of $2.15 million in Innovation Challenge grants from the UChicago Health, Poverty and Energy & Environment Labs.

Environment - Civil Engineering - 09.10.2015

Civil Engineering - Mechanical Engineering - 07.10.2015
Typical bicycle rider
Suddenly he moves from the street onto the sidewalk, sidling through the traffic, right to the front, and is one of the nimblest of road users: the cyclist.

Mechanical Engineering - Civil Engineering - 07.10.2015
Smart vehicles in the urban traffic of the future
Head-up display on the windshield, connected simulations, tactical behavior of bicyclists and phased traffic lights for trucks: These are among the technologies being presented by the Technical Unive

Civil Engineering - 07.10.2015
What's my car trying to tell me?
What’s my car trying to tell me?
The sat nav announces the next turn-off, a road sign indicates a slow zone - and suddenly an ambulance pulls up alongside.

Computer Science - Civil Engineering - 07.10.2015
Dynamically phased traffic signals for trucks
Dynamically phased traffic signals for trucks
Fully-loaded trucks take longer than cars to accelerate after a stop. This impedes the flow of traffic and leads to more pollutant emissions and noise.

Civil Engineering - 22.09.2015
New book looks at lessons of Chinese cities
New book looks at lessons of Chinese cities
In her new book, Changing Chinese Cities: The Potentials of Field Urbanism ,   UC Berkeley professor of architecture and urban design Renee Chow suggests planners and architects searching for new des

Environment - Civil Engineering - 16.09.2015
Researchers look to stormwater as a solution for semiarid regions
Coordinated work with local and federal agencies could provide a template for capture and reuse of stormwater in dry regions such as the American West.

Civil Engineering - 15.09.2015
Letter to the MIT community regarding Sunday afternoon shooting
The following email was sent today to the MIT community by Executive Vice President and Treasurer Israel Ruiz.

Civil Engineering - 14.09.2015
National Science Foundation awards $3.1 million to Array of Things project
The University of Chicago announced Sept. 14 that the National Science Foundation has awarded a $3.1 million grant to support the development of Array of Things, an urban sensing instrument that will serve as a fitness tracker for the city.

Civil Engineering - Administration - 14.09.2015
CMU, City of Pittsburgh Help Create New Network To Address Challenges Facing Nation’s Urban Infrastructure and Services
Carnegie Mellon, City of Pittsburgh Help Create New Network To Address Challenges Facing Nation's Urban Infrastructure and Services-CMU News - Carnegie Mellon University Carnegie Mellon University an

Civil Engineering - 04.09.2015
UCLA faculty voice: If a cyberattack causes a car crash, who is liable?
Cyberattackers would bear primary responsibility but manufacturers and car owners could face some liability, too John Villasenor ng Connect Program/Flickr The growth of the Internet-connected car has opened up a new potential vulnerability that computer hackers could exploit.

Civil Engineering - Economics - 04.09.2015
The effects of a 'two-speed Britain' in internet access
A detailed academic study into internet access reveals the gap between urban and rural broadband speeds, which it says risks damaging business, adds to farming costs, and could be driving young people  away from the areas in which they grew up.

Civil Engineering - Economics - 27.08.2015
Researchers talk about gentrification and displacement
Researchers talk about gentrification and displacement
Research released on Monday by UC Berkeley's Urban Displacement Project is finding a resounding audience, as shown by the work headlining several newscasts this week.

Environment - Civil Engineering - 26.08.2015
NSF Awards $12 Million to Establish Urban Water Sustainability Research Network
A consortium of 14 U.S. academic institutions received a $12-million award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to address challenges that threaten urban water systems in the United States and around the world. University of Miami (UM) Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science researchers David Letson and Kenny Broad are among the network's principal investigators.

Civil Engineering - Linguistics / Literature - 24.08.2015
More gentrification, displacement in Bay Area forecast
More gentrification, displacement in Bay Area forecast
The San Francisco Bay Area's transformation into a sprawling, exclusive and high-income community with less and less room for its low-income residents is just beginning, according to UC Berkeley researchers who literally have it all mapped out.

Civil Engineering - Environment - 20.08.2015
SPRU project to investigate resilience and vulnerability at the urban Nexus
Three SPRU researchers; Professor Fiona Marshall , Dr Saurabh Arora and Dr Ralitsa Hiteva, have been awarded a grant by the ESRC for a project investigating ' Resilience and vulnerability at the urban Nexus of food, water, energy and the environment (ResNexus)'.

Civil Engineering - Environment - 19.08.2015
Building with nature’ to make our cities greener
'Green infrastructure' project aims to make urban areas more sustainable The University is partner in a multilateral prestigious research grant awarded by the UK and US governments to develop and implement 'green infrastructure' in urban areas around the world.

Civil Engineering - Architecture - 18.08.2015
Stories from Europe's busiest bus route
Stories from Europe’s busiest bus route
Stories from The Road is a new story-telling project that casts light on life and work along Oxford Road.

Civil Engineering - 17.08.2015
New Paper Finds University R&D to Affect Spatial Development of Neighborhoods
New Paper Finds University R&D to Affect Spatial Development of Neighborhoods
A new white paper just released by the Penn Institute for Urban Research (Penn IUR) finds that university-based research and development (R&D) affects the spatial development of universities, as well as their surrounding urban areas. The paper, titled "From Science Parks to Innovation Districts Research: Facility Development in Legacy Cities on the Northeast Corridor," explores the spatial aspects of university-led R&D in older, industrial Northeast cities that have experienced significant population and job loss in recent decades.

Environment - Civil Engineering - 11.08.2015
U-Michigan part of new network to build sustainable, livable cities
U-Michigan part of new network to build sustainable, livable cities
ANN ARBOR-The University of Michigan is one of nine research universities in a new international effort, funded by a $12 million award from the National Science Foundation, to build better cities of the future.

Environment - Civil Engineering - 11.08.2015
Princeton part of $12 million project to set up urban water-sustainability research network
Princeton part of $12 million project to set up urban water-sustainability research network Posted August 11, 2015; 02:00 p.m. Princeton University researchers will join 14 academic institutions and partners nationwide on a $12 million project to address the challenges that threaten urban water systems in the United States and globally.

Architecture - Civil Engineering - 11.08.2015
An Imperial researcher discusses the effects of fires on skyscrapers
An Imperial researcher discusses the effects of fires on skyscrapers
Making skyscrapers safer by understanding phenomena such as 'travelling fires' are discussed by an Imperial researcher in an. Dr Guillermo Rein , from Imperial's Department of Mechanical Engineering, is a world-leading expert on the combustion of solid fuels in fires. The aim of his work is to reduce the impact of accidental fires and to protect people, their property, and the environment.

Civil Engineering - Social Sciences - 10.08.2015
Political affiliation factors into choosing where to live, Stanford expert says
Stanford scholar Iris Hui found that political party affiliation can change desirability of a residential location by as much as 20 percent. As a result, legislative districts may become more lopsided, creating more partisan legislatures. Americans today appear more divided along partisan lines than ever, and this polarization extends to where they choose to live, a Stanford scholar has found.

Civil Engineering - 03.08.2015
Book examines early reformers 'hysteria' over vice in Philadelphia
James Adams, lecturer in history at Penn State Abington, recently published Urban Reform and Sexual Vice in Progressive-Era Philadelphia: The Faithful and the Fallen (Rowman & Littlefield).

Civil Engineering - Law - 14.07.2015
Scholars, community organizers discuss urban policy at civil rights roundtable
More than 60 civil rights leaders, scholars and community organizers from across the country recently gathered at the University of Chicago to participate in the first of a series of three roundtable

Civil Engineering - Environment - 14.07.2015
Data-driven design
Two global trends - bigger cities and more data - converged last week at MIT, where an international conference on computing and urban studies showed how researchers are harnessing more and in an att

Mathematics - Civil Engineering - 13.07.2015
University of Chicago to serve as test bed for Array of Things project
Imagine you are an asthma sufferer who works in a downtown Chicago office building. One morning, the weatherman warns of a high pollen count, but with no details beyond the city's overall pollen level that day.

Civil Engineering - Earth Sciences - 10.07.2015
Volcanic rocks resembling Roman concrete help solve a mystery, Stanford scientists say
Fiber-reinforced rocks discovered at the site of Italy's dormant Campi Flegrei volcano are similar to a wonder-material used by the ancients to construct enduring structures such as the Pantheon, and may lead to improved construction materials today.

Linguistics / Literature - Civil Engineering - 10.07.2015
Columbia Ink Summer 2015
Mathematics Without Apologies: Portrait of a Problematic Vocation By Michael Harris Princeton University Press What do pure mathematicians do and why do they do it?

Environment - Civil Engineering - 09.07.2015
Stanford grant programs enable researchers to tackle major environmental challenges
Woman and children at a water standpipe in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Lotus Water project will use its Realizing Environmental Innovation Program grant to implement a new approach to water disinfection in low-income urban areas.

Civil Engineering - Environment - 29.06.2015
Retreating sea ice could mean a colder Europe, researchers say
Retreating sea ice in the Iceland and Greenland seas may be changing the circulation of warm and cold water in the Atlantic Ocean and could ultimately affect the climate in Europe.

Civil Engineering - Environment - 15.06.2015
Has the U.S. turned a corner toward less urban sprawl?
The urban street network is one of the most permanent features of cities. Once laid down, the pattern of streets determines urban form and the level of sprawl for decades to come.

Social Sciences - Civil Engineering - 09.06.2015
Crime Lab to study three programs in effort to reduce youth violence in Chicago
In an effort to find effective ways to reduce youth violence in Chicago, the University of Chicago Crime Lab will evaluate three promising programs, selected from more than 200 ideas submitted during its inaugural design competition.

Civil Engineering - Environment - 11.05.2015
Researchers create a promising solution for urban toilets
Portable dry toilet and waste service system prove effective in Haiti's urban slums and can help solve the problem of "flying toilets." By Rob Jordan Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment They call them frogmen. Their job is to climb into 8-foot-deep pit latrines, empty them with a bucket, then cart away mountains of human waste.

Civil Engineering - Economics - 29.04.2015
Real estate and reality
Are you interested in cities and urban form? Do you ever wonder, for instance, why new housing developments spring up in certain places, but not others? So does Albert Saiz, an associate professor in

Economics - Civil Engineering - 24.04.2015
Does Rust Belt manufacturing have a future?
FACULTY Q&A Bill Lovejoy William Lovejoy, professor of technology and operations at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, shared his thoughts about manufacturing's future on

Civil Engineering - Linguistics / Literature - 22.04.2015
"The Professor is World Cup": understanding ’secret’ urban languages
Research into a 'playful' and increasingly popular urban language that grew out of the necessity for criminals to hide their true intent could help organisations in Uganda communicate better with the country's huge young population.

Civil Engineering - Health - 14.04.2015
Clean ride mapper: Cycling the less polluted routes
Cyclists in Montreal and Toronto can now choose the least polluted routes to get around their cities thanks to an online tool developed at McGill University.

Social Sciences - Civil Engineering - 08.04.2015
In rural areas, white women more prone to depression than African-American women
ANN ARBOR-"Location, location, location" is key in determining a home's value, but the phrase is equally important regarding the mental health for women living in rural areas, according to a new University of Michigan study. Addie Weaver, a researcher at the U-M School of Social Work, and colleagues examined how the interaction of rural and urban residency and race/ethnicity affected lifetime and 12-month major depressive and mood disorders.

Architecture - Civil Engineering - 30.03.2015
New architecture and planning staff to foster research and industry networks
Several new staff appointments have been made by the University of Sydney's Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning to foster its research and industry networks, and to give students the transformative education to compete in today's global market.

Environment - Civil Engineering - 27.03.2015
Improving life for insects in Bristol
The Greater Bristol Pollinator Strategy, a key component of the Get Bristol Buzzing initiative to make life better for pollinating insects in Bristol, was launched this week as part of the city's year as European Green Capital.

Civil Engineering - Mechanical Engineering - 23.03.2015
Health-conscious concrete
Roads that self-repair, bridges filled with first-aid bubbles, buildings with arteries.. not some futuristic fantasy but a very real possibility with 'smart' concrete.

Civil Engineering - Mechanical Engineering - 23.03.2015
Health-concious concrete
Roads that self-repair, bridges filled with first-aid bubbles, buildings with arteries.. not some futuristic fantasy but a very real possibility with 'smart' concrete.