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Civil Engineering - Event - 20.10.2014
Mobile tool allows trail users to learn as they explore L.A. neighborhoods
UCLA An experimental mobile website created by UCLA's Fabian Wagmister, his team at UCLA REMAP and numerous collaborators encourages people to learn about neighborhoods in downtown L.A. as they travel pathways around the Los Angeles State Historic Park.

Social Sciences - Civil Engineering - 16.10.2014
Latin London and every day urban violence
Robbery on buses, hijacked delivery vehicles, muggings on the street, and demands for protection money. This is every day urban violence; a quiet epidemic which plagues Latin American cities. New research, published today in Environment and Urbanization , argues that the continual, daily violence which stalks Latin American cities is now a significant driver for transnational migration.

Civil Engineering - 15.10.2014
Vote for pioneering eco-park scheme to bring wildflowers into the heart of Sheffield
Home > News > News releases > Vote for pioneering eco-park scheme to bring wildflowers into the heart of Sheffield Bid for lottery funding will see new 'wild heart' for Sheffield 'Open-sourc

Civil Engineering - Economics / Business - 14.10.2014
U of’T Cities podcast episode two: the future of transit
U of'T News is presenting a mini-series of podcasts aimed at giving voters - or anyone interested in the future of cities - an idea of what Toronto and other global cities could look like just a few

Civil Engineering - Administration - 13.10.2014
Big Data for Smart Cities: University leads new Urban Infrastructure Network
Using big data to solve the challenges of urban living is the focus of a new $24 million Australian Government research infrastructure project to be launched today at the University of Melbourne.

Administration - Civil Engineering - 07.10.2014
Access Across America: University of Minnesota ranks accessibility to jobs by transit in top U.S. cities
New research from the Accessibility Observatory at the University of Minnesota ranks 46 of the 50 largest (by population) metropolitan areas in the United States for accessibility to jobs by transit.

Civil Engineering - Economics / Business - 03.10.2014
New IMFG report highlights key election issues in six Ontario cities
As municipal politicians across the province vie for votes, transit is a key issue for four of Ontario's six biggest cities, says a new report from the University of Toronto's Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance (IMFG). "There will be plenty of political intrigue in the run up to the municipal elections," said Zachary Spicer.

Administration - Civil Engineering - 03.10.2014
From spreadsheets to solutions: New platform enables next generation of open city data
The rapidly growing torrent of data openly released by governments offers incredible new potential for policy, research and public engagement with cities.

Mechanical Engineering - Civil Engineering - 25.09.2014
How to make stronger, "greener" cement
Concrete is the world's most-used construction material, and a leading contributor to global warming, producing as much as one-tenth of industry-generated greenhouse-gas emissions.

Civil Engineering - Social Sciences - 18.09.2014
A step into the unmown creates a 'win-win' for wildlife and humans
A step into the unmown creates a ’win-win’ for wildlife and humans
A step into the unmown creates a 'win-win' for wildlife and humans Creating unmown areas in an urban park can significantly increase flowers and pollinating insects while also leading to a greater enjoyment of the space by people, according to a University of Sussex study.

Civil Engineering - Event - 08.09.2014
Q&A: Allison Carruth, your navigator on the L.A. River
A Colorado native, Allison Carruth grew up enjoying free-flowing alpine rivers fed by snow melt. So the UCLA associate professor of English is not an obvious advocate for the largely channelized Los Angeles River that is fed by urban run-off, treated wastewater and other less pristine sources.

Health - Civil Engineering - 19.08.2014
Heart disease and strokes have dropped in the U.S. in last decade
Heart disease and strokes have dropped in the U.S. in last decade
In some positive news for heart disease and stroke patients, Yale School of Medicine researchers report that the rates of U.S. hospitalizations and deaths from both conditions dropped significantly in the last decade, more so than for any other condition.

Civil Engineering - 14.08.2014
Water additive on the nose with concrete sewers
High res and low res raw footage, a short explanatory video and contents list available here . UQ TV News episode available here and an infographic on the research is here. A team of University of Queensland researchers has found a way to save water providers hundreds of millions of dollars a year by reducing sewer corrosion.

Civil Engineering - 13.08.2014
Penn IUR Publishes Two New Reports on Rapid Urbanization
Penn IUR Publishes Two New Reports on Rapid Urbanization
Penn IUR has recently published two reports about rapid urbanization. Both reports- Feeding Cities: Food Security in a Rapidly Urbanizing World , and Place Matters - grew out of Penn IUR conferences supported by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Civil Engineering - 05.08.2014
Less family support increases risk of binge drinking, marijuana use among urban youth
ANN ARBOR-Urban teens whose parents provide high levels of emotional support are more likely to avoid binge drinking and marijuana use, according to a new University of Michigan study.

Civil Engineering - Social Sciences - 31.07.2014
Planning differently
Planning differently
John Arroyo's first exposure to the 51-mile, concrete-walled Los Angeles River came in riding mass transit downtown from his East Los Angeles home, past a riverside cityscape of industrial structures, graffiti, and piles of debris.

Health - Civil Engineering - 29.07.2014
Urbanisation of rural Africa associated with increased risk of heart disease and diabetes
The increasing urbanisation of rural areas in sub-Saharan Africa could lead to an explosion in incidences of heart disease and diabetes, according to a new study carried out in Uganda which found that

Environment - Civil Engineering - 17.07.2014
JoAnn Carmin, expert on cities and climate change, dies at age 56
JoAnn Carmin, expert on cities and climate change, dies at age 56
JoAnn Carmin, an associate professor of environmental policy and planning at MIT, died on Tuesday after an extended illness.

Environment - Civil Engineering - 11.07.2014

Civil Engineering - Administration - 10.07.2014
Bangkok strategists turn to UQ for city planning tips
Thai city planners will take their cues from University of Queensland experts, after a team of 29 city administrators from Bangkok visited Brisbane to discuss urban planning methods.

Economics / Business - Civil Engineering - 09.07.2014

Civil Engineering - Environment - 09.07.2014
Urban heat -- not a myth, and worst where it's wet
Urban heat -- not a myth, and worst where it’s wet
A new Yale-led study quantifies for the first time the primary causes of the "urban heat island" (UHI) effect, a common phenomenon that makes the world's urban areas significantly warmer than the surrounding countryside and may increase health risks for city residents. In an analysis of 65 cities across North America, researchers found that variation in how efficiently urban areas release heat back into the lower atmosphere - through the process of convection - is the dominant factor in the daytime UHI effect.

Economics / Business - Civil Engineering - 07.07.2014
Let the people co-create our cities of the future, urge University of Birmingham experts
The UK's cities of the future should be "self-made", with citizens being enabled to help generate their own vision of urban living and to elect non-partisan leaders who can deliver it, urges a new Policy Commission report.

Architecture - Civil Engineering - 27.06.2014
Need a small house? Just press print
UCLA architecture and urban design students helped create a fully functional microhouse built using 3-D printing technology Mike Fricano UCLA 3M futureLAB This microhouse designed by graduate student

Civil Engineering - 25.06.2014

Economics / Business - Civil Engineering - 20.06.2014

Civil Engineering - Life Sciences - 19.06.2014
Exploring the lives of urban peregrines
Press release issued: 19 June 2014 A new book, the first in-depth focus on the lives of peregrines in towns and cities, is published this month by a researcher at the University of Bristol.

Economics / Business - Civil Engineering - 03.06.2014
One in four of world’s big cities water-stressed
As more people move to urban areas, cities around the world are experiencing increased water stress and looking for additional water supplies to support their continued grow. The first global database of urban water sources and stress, published online this week in Global Environmental Change, estimates that cities move 504 billion litres of water a distance of 27,000 kilometers every day.

Environment - Civil Engineering - 22.05.2014
Natural resources expert talks Big Apple agriculture
A Cornell graduate student has returned to his roots, so to speak, and is taking his love of metrics to new heights in the five boroughs of New York City.

Civil Engineering - 22.05.2014
Sociologist Robert Crutchfield examines the relationship between work and crime in ‘Get a Job’
University of Washington In his new book, " Get a Job: Labor Markets, Economic Opportunity, and Crime ,” University of Washington sociologist Robert Crutchfield takes on the popular notion that the unemployed are more likely to commit crimes.

Civil Engineering - 06.05.2014
Impressive finishes for steel bridge, concrete canoe teams
Fourteen regional schools duked it out for top spots in the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Steel Bridge and Concrete Canoe competitions, hosted by Cornell April 24-26.

Civil Engineering - Economics / Business - 23.04.2014
Planning professor-turned-entrepreneur to help SF tackle urban problems with Big Data
Planning professor-turned-entrepreneur to help SF tackle urban problems with Big Data
Paul Waddell, a city planning professor at the University of California, Berkeley, with a penchant for conducting research with what he calls his "big urban data," is putting his work to a real-world test in San Francisco.

Civil Engineering - Social Sciences - 16.04.2014
2014 Urban Forums conference puts focus on neighborhoods
Where you live matters. That's the common theme for geographers, sociologists, urban planners and other scholars gathering in April for the 2014 Urban Forums, titled Neighborhoods: The Measure and Meaning of an Urban Ideal , hosted by the University of Chicago Urban Network.

Civil Engineering - Economics / Business - 14.04.2014
Cultivating happiness often misunderstood, says Stanford researcher
Stanford research explores the concept of maximizing happiness, and finds that pursuing concrete "giving" goals rather than abstract ones leads to greater satisfaction. The paradox of happiness is that chasing it may actually make us less happy, a Stanford researcher says. So how does one find happiness? Effective ways exist, according to new research.

Health - Civil Engineering - 28.03.2014
UCL and Novo Nordisk partner to take action against urban diabetes
UCL is partnering with Novo Nordisk and the Steno Diabetes Center - a world leading institution in diabetes care and prevention - to launch the Cities Changing Diabetes initiative, an ambitious new partnership programme to fight urban diabetes.

Civil Engineering - 24.03.2014

Environment - Civil Engineering - 18.03.2014
You can put a green roof anywhere even on a freight container!
The University Melbourne freight container green roof is now on display at Melbourne's City Square until 20/3/1 and will also appear at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden show. 'Nature's green roofs', are the rocky outcrops seen around Australia and these have inspired Burnley campus researchers to look what plants are the best for green roofs in Australian cities.

Civil Engineering - 07.03.2014
Mapping cities of the future
Software with the potential to make our future cities more efficient and regeneration plans for Swansea High Street were on show as Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude visited the University's School of Planning and Geography yesterday. The Minister met with students and lecturers at the forefront of the development of tools and designs that will ensure the cities of today are fit for the future.

Health - Civil Engineering - 28.02.2014
Cities of dreams... and death
The fate of migrants moving to cities in 17thand 18th-century England demonstrates how a single pathogen could dramatically alter the risks associated with migration and migratory patterns today.

Health - Civil Engineering - 26.02.2014

Civil Engineering - Environment - 19.02.2014
Indoor urban farms called wasteful, 'pie in the sky'
Indoor urban farms called wasteful, 'pie in the sky'
It seems a sensible solution to urban space constraints and a desire for increased local food production: transform abandoned warehouses into indoor farms, or construct purpose-built vertical food factories.

Social Sciences - Civil Engineering - 06.02.2014
New urban research centre to break down Big Data
Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Dr Piyushimita (Vonu) Thakuriah: Research Profile School of Social and Political Sciences College of Social Sciences The University of Glasgow has received

Earth Sciences - Civil Engineering - 28.01.2014
Risk modeling for bridges simulates multihazard scenarios
Swagata Banerjee, an assistant professor of civil engineering at Penn State, conducts research on the combined impacts of flood and earthquake on bridge stability.

Civil Engineering - Environment - 13.01.2014
DeLap studies urban birds, sketches for book 'Subirdia' due out in 2014
DeLap studies urban birds, sketches for book ‘Subirdia’ due out in 2014
University of Washington If you've ever seen Jack DeLap lead a bird walk, you can't help but feel his passion for everything avian.

Civil Engineering - Economics / Business - 02.12.2013
A challenge from the deans
Harvard's deans and the University's provost have announced a new competition, challenging students to propose sustainable ideas that would improve urban life by 2030.

Civil Engineering - Environment - 20.11.2013

Civil Engineering - Environment - 18.11.2013

Astronomy / Space Science - Civil Engineering - 11.11.2013
GOCE gives in to gravity
11 November 2013 Close to 01:00 CET on Monday 11 November, ESA's GOCE satellite reentered Earth's atmosphere on a descending orbit pass that extended across Siberia, the western Pacific Ocean, the eastern Indian Ocean and Antarctica.

Civil Engineering - History / Archeology - 07.11.2013
New model for urban regeneration launches in Sheffield
New model for urban regeneration launches in Sheffield
This weekend (9-10 November 2013) academics from the University of Sheffield will open the doors to a new space aiming to provide a model for urban regeneration - Furnace Park.