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Economics / Business - Civil Engineering - 06.11.2013
HS2 or what? Experts debate real impact for Birmingham
Gisela Stuart, MP for Birmingham, Edgbaston, will chair a one-off debate at the University of Birmingham this week on what HS2 will mean for the Midlands.

Environment - Civil Engineering - 04.11.2013
Peak garbage:"acute" global problem, experts warn
Rubbish is being generated faster than other environmental pollutants, including greenhouse gases, says the University of Toronto's Chris Kennedy .

Civil Engineering - Earth Sciences - 31.10.2013
Symposium on the art, science and storytelling of city maps
Symposium on the art, science and storytelling of city maps
In this map, prepared by an 8-year-old San Francisco girl, the potential connections between hungry pigeons and a few of the mapmaker's favorite bakeries are explored with a scientific precision.

Environment - Civil Engineering - 29.10.2013
How green is your city? And how do you know?
In a new book, an engineer and an architect lay out a program for urban development based on the cold hard facts about environmental sustainability.

Civil Engineering - Social Sciences - 22.10.2013
Q&A: Prof. Evelyn Brodkin discusses research on work and welfare policies across the globe
Editor's note: The following is excerpted from a Q&A conducted by the University of Chicago Urban Network. To read the rest of the , click here. While working on the steering committee of an international research network, Evelyn Brodkin , School of Social Service Administration professor and Urban Network research affiliate, began to see patterns in the changing boundaries between work and the welfare state across the globe.

Astronomy / Space Science - Civil Engineering - 21.10.2013
GOCE comes to end
21 October 2013 After mapping variations in Earth's gravity with unprecedented detail for four years, the GOCE satellite has run out of fuel and the end of mission has been declared.

Civil Engineering - 10.10.2013
New micro water sensor can aid growers
New micro water sensor can aid growers
Crop growers, wine grape and other fruit growers, food processors and even concrete makers all benefit from water sensors for accurate, steady and numerous moisture readings.

Civil Engineering - Economics / Business - 01.10.2013
Making clean drinking water universally available is 'achievable'
Making clean drinking water universally available is 'achievable'
Making clean drinking water globally accessible is one of the biggest challenges of this century. Yet a new study by Oxford University contends that this goal is achievable if the key elements of good governance and management are adopted. It proposes a framework built on examples of good practice in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa - areas which the authors argue present the most severe challenges of all the developing countries.

Civil Engineering - Life Sciences - 13.09.2013
Concrete which can heal its own cracks
Cardiff University researcher Dr Diane Gardner has won the 'You Heard It Here First' event at the British Science Festival for her work on self-healing concrete.

Computer Science - Civil Engineering - 21.08.2013
Paving the way for self-driving cars
Intersections of the future will not need stop lights or stop signs, says computer scientist Peter Stone.

Mathematics - Civil Engineering - 15.08.2013
Computation-enabled design under way for Chicago Lakeside Development
Rapid urbanization around the world is leading to the construction of real estate developments at a scale and pace far beyond human experience.

Civil Engineering - Life Sciences - 12.08.2013
Wildflowers sown across Bristol to encourage insect life
Cornflowers, poppies, buttercups and other wildflowers will be blooming across the city this summer as part of a three year, 1.3 million research project led by the University of Bristol.

Continuing Education - Civil Engineering - 01.08.2013
Elaine Allensworth named director of the Consortium on Chicago School Research
The University of Chicago has selected Elaine Allensworth, a nationally recognized expert in applied education research, to serve as the Lewis-Sebring Director of the Consortium on Chicago School Research after an extensive search.

Civil Engineering - Earth Sciences - 04.06.2013
To improve today's concrete, do as the Romans did
To improve today’s concrete, do as the Romans did
Chris Brandon of the ROMACONS project collects a sample of ancient Roman concrete drilled from a breakwater in Pozzuoli Bay, near Naples, Italy. The breakwater dates back to around 37 B.C. (D. Bartoli photo, courtesy of J.P. Oleson) In a quest to make concrete more durable and sustainable, an international team of geologists and engineers has found inspiration in the ancient Romans, whose massive concrete structures have withstood the elements for more than 2,000 years.

Civil Engineering - Earth Sciences - 04.06.2013
Roman Seawater Concrete Holds the Secret to Cutting Carbon Emissions
Roman Seawater Concrete Holds the Secret to Cutting Carbon Emissions
The chemical secrets of a concrete Roman breakwater that has spent the last 2,000 years submerged in the Mediterranean Sea have been uncovered by an international team of researchers led by Paulo Monteiro of the U.S. Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), a professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of California, Berkeley.

Civil Engineering - 15.05.2013
Tropical air circulation drives fall warming on Antarctic Peninsula
Tropical air circulation drives fall warming on Antarctic Peninsula
The eastern side of the Antarctic Peninsula, a finger of the southern polar continent that juts toward South America, has experienced summer warming of perhaps a half-degree per decade - a greater rate than possibly anywhere else on Earth - in the last 50 years, and that warming is largely attributed to human causes.

Architecture - Civil Engineering - 14.05.2013
UCLA Architecture and Urban Design launches ’Extreme IDEAS’ series
UCLA Architecture and Urban Design (A.UD) will carry the narrative of modern architecture in Los Angeles forward from its influential past to the future with " Extreme IDEAS: Architecture at t

Astronomy / Space Science - Civil Engineering - 30.04.2013
World’s major development banks look closer at Earth observation
30 April 2013 International development banks often invest in regions where projects can be difficult to monitor and evaluate.

Environment - Civil Engineering - 29.04.2013
New book equips next generation with tools to make cities more energy efficient
New book equips next generation with tools to make cities more energy efficient
A guide for understanding how cities can be more energy efficient is being launched this week. Understanding the impact that biomass burning stoves in rural Kenya are having on the environment and models that enable planners to plot a path for reducing carbon dioxide emissions in cities are some of the topics covered in a new textbook, developed by academics from Imperial College London.

Civil Engineering - Social Sciences - 26.04.2013
The honey and the ivy - why gardeners’ foe is the bees’ friend
The honey and the ivy - why gardeners' foe is the bees' friend Ivy, often maligned as a garden pest, is vital to honey bees and other pollinators seeking food in autumn, new research from the University of Sussex reveals. The research, carried out by scientists at the University's Laboratory of Apiculture and Social Insects ( LASI ) is published online today (26 April 2013) in the journal Insect Conservation and Diversity 1 .

Civil Engineering - Health - 24.04.2013
Series of research conferences on urban issues to begin April 25
The University of Chicago Urban Network has scheduled four research conferences beginning April 25 as part of its 2013 Urban Forums series.

Civil Engineering - Environment - 23.04.2013
A greener concrete? UW-led coalition seeks to reduce concrete’s carbon footprint
Concrete is the most widely used manmade material in the world. Each year, more than 1 cubic yard of concrete is created for every person on the planet.

Career - Civil Engineering - 05.04.2013
New U of M study measures accessibility to jobs in top U.S. cities 
Minneapolis-St. Paul ranks fifth in convenience by car MINNEAPOLIS / ST. PAUL (04/05/2013) —Every year, Americans face a steady stream of discouraging transportation news. We're spending more time stuck in traffic, and congestion in our metro areas is on the rise. Yet these reports focus almost exclusively on traffic mobility—how quickly travelers can move between any two points via automobile or transit.

Civil Engineering - Computer Science - 05.04.2013
NYU's Center for Urban Science and Progress announces partnerships with four national laboratories
NYU’s Center for Urban Science and Progress announces partnerships with four national laboratories
Collaboration between NYU'S Center for Urban Science and Progress and the Department of Energy's laboratories is an indication of New York's growth in the science and technology industry.

Civil Engineering - 27.03.2013
Early Easter egg for Yorkshire's first urban breeding pair of Peregrine Falcons
Early Easter egg for Yorkshire’s first urban breeding pair of Peregrine Falcons
The pair of Peregrine Falcons who have set up home on a special nesting platform at St George's Church in Sheffield have laid their first egg of the breeding season.

Environment - Civil Engineering - 08.03.2013
Groundbreaking Penn Conference Tackles the Complex of Urbanization and Food
Feeding Cities: Food Security in a Rapidly Urbanizing World , the first international conference examining the critical link between urbanization and food security, will be held at the University of Pennsylvania from Wednesday, March 13, through Friday, March 15, 2013.

Civil Engineering - 05.03.2013
University Peregrine Falcons now on live webcam
Yorkshire's first urban breeding pair of Peregrine Falcons is now available to view on a live webcam via the University of Sheffield's website.

Civil Engineering - 31.01.2013
University expert critiques Victoria’s urban and regional planning
There is a fundamental crisis in planning in Victoria, University of Melbourne planning expert Alan March writes in his new book, The Democratic Plan: Analysis and Diagnosis .

Civil Engineering - Earth Sciences - 27.01.2013
Urban Heat Has Large-scale Climate Effects
The heat generated by everyday activities in metropolitan areas has a significant enough warming effect to influence the character of the jet stream and other major atmospheric systems during winter months, according to a trio of climate researchers. Led by Guang Zhang, a research meteorologist at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego, the scientists report Climate Change that the extra heat given off by Northern Hemisphere urban areas causes as much as 1 degree C (1.8 degrees F) of warming in winter.

Environment - Civil Engineering - 23.01.2013
New urban sustainability network
Urban Arena is the name of a new network of Lund University researchers working on sustainable urban development.

Environment - Civil Engineering - 22.01.2013
Citizen science project inspires thousands to rediscover the outdoors
Citizen science project inspires thousands to rediscover the outdoors
Over the past five years, more than half a million people from towns and cities up and down the country have been exploring their local green spaces as part of the Open Air Laboratories (OPAL) project, led by Imperial College London and supported by a 14 million Big Lottery Fund grant. Many participants were carrying out a nature survey for the very first time and have provided important data about biodiversity, including information about some places - particularly urban areas of deprivation - never sampled before by scientists.

Mathematics - Civil Engineering - 14.01.2013
MacArthur Foundation grant fuels computational city research
A new Chicago-based research center using advanced computational methods to understand the rapid growth of cities will receive a $500,000 grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

Civil Engineering - Continuing Education - 11.01.2013
Mellon Foundation awards UCLA $2 million to support urban humanities collaboration
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded UCLA $2 million to support "The Urban Turn: Collective Life in Megacities of the Pacific Rim.

Civil Engineering - Mathematics - 14.12.2012
New computational center will use data-driven techniques to inform urban policy
Over the next several decades, the population of the world's cities will nearly double, increasing by 2.6 billion people.

Civil Engineering - 22.11.2012

Civil Engineering - 22.11.2012

Civil Engineering - 15.11.2012
Cellphone bans associated with fewer urban accidents
Cellphone bans associated with fewer urban accidents
CHAMPAIGN, Ill. Cellphones and driving go together like knives and juggling. But when cellphone use is banned, are drivers any safer? It depends on where you're driving, a study by University of Illinois researchers says. The study found that, long-term, enacting a cellphone ban was associated with a relative decrease in the accident rate in urban areas.

Civil Engineering - Environment - 13.11.2012
New Warwick book tells human tale behind decline of industrial cities
The stories behind the warehouses, mills and factories left abandoned in cities that were once heartlands of heavy industry are the subject of a new University of Warwick book.

Civil Engineering - 12.11.2012
New scientists appointed for cities research using New York as ‘living lab’
Two researchers have joined the University of Warwick to tackle the challenges faced by cities in the 21 st century as part of the New York-based Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP ).

Civil Engineering - Social Sciences - 08.11.2012
Divided cities do not flourish
Divided cities do not flourish
In divided cities, place-based research and activism can enable communities to collectively reclaim their memories." —Wendy Pullan Divided cities such as Jerusalem, Belfast and Nicosia will permanently retain the symptoms of cities at war while the physical features of their division remain, says research announced today.

Civil Engineering - 11.10.2012
Prostitution and sex trafficking in Minnesota's urban communities topic of UROC Critical Conversations Oct. 18
Media Note: Members of the media who want to UROC director of research Lauren Martin in advance of the Oct.

Civil Engineering - Administration - 25.09.2012
How to crowdsource your happy space
How to crowdsource your happy space
A new online platform will harness crowdsourcing to identify the visual cues that lead people to perceive an urban space as happy, quiet or beautiful - focusing initially on London.

Civil Engineering - Environment - 20.09.2012
'Black, Brown and Green': Dudley Edmondson's portraits of African Americans in natural places featured in U of M UROC gallery
MINNEAPOLIS / ST. PAUL (09/20/2012) —African American cowboys, rock climbers and mountaineers are among the people celebrated in "Black, Brown and Green: Abstracts and Environmental Portraits by Photography Dudley Edmondson" opening Thursday, Sept.

Health - Civil Engineering - 17.09.2012
Biggest European health study identifies key priorities in 26 cities
Researchers have announced the results of the largest ever health and lifestyle survey of cities and conurbations across Europe – including five British urban centres. The research examined and compared the health, life expectancy and lifestyles of the populations of 26 European cities (the Euro-26) and found major differences, not only between cities, but within individual urban areas too.

Environment - Civil Engineering - 13.09.2012
Parking Lot Science: Is Black Best?
Parking Lot Science: Is Black Best?
On those sweltering summer days-when it's too hot to play at the playground, when it seems like you could fry an egg on the pavement, when your car feels like an oven after a couple hours parked at the mall-it's not just the beating sun that's driving up the temperature.

Environment - Civil Engineering - 10.09.2012
Penn IUR Co-Director Eugenie Birch Helping to Shape World Agenda on Urban Issues
Penn IUR Co-Director Eugenie Birch Helping to Shape World Agenda on Urban Issues
NAPLES, Italy - Eugenie Birch , co-director of the Penn Institute for Urban Research at the University of Pennsylvania, was re-elected co-chair of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme 's Wo

Civil Engineering - Life Sciences - 06.09.2012

Civil Engineering - 24.08.2012
Booklet published to celebrate 8 million walk-ways fifth anniversary
A multi-million pound river walk created by experts from the University of Sheffield and other volunteers from across the city is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a new booklet telling the trials and tribulations of its formation.

Civil Engineering - 22.08.2012
Building a brighter future
Engineering students were given an invaluable insight into pioneering construction work as they helped lay the foundations of the University of Sheffield's new Graduate School.