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Civil Engineering - Agronomy / Food Science - 21.08.2012
Study to examine trends in urban agriculture
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. Farming in the city is a hot topic in some circles, but an exact picture of urban agriculture has not yet been painted.

Civil Engineering - Event - 17.08.2012
Postcard from Papua New Guinea: Associate Professor Paul Jones
Postcard from Papua New Guinea: Associate Professor Paul Jones
Asia-Pacific urban researcher Paul Jones writes about his participation in a ceremony held in the PNG highlands to mark two major events of national significance.

Civil Engineering - 01.08.2012
Leaky water pipes problem solved by Sheffield engineers
A leak detection system that can identify damaged water pipes swiftly and accurately has been developed by engineers at the University of Sheffield. Leaky pipes are a common problem for the water industry: according to Ofwat, between 20 and 40 per cent of our total water supply can be lost through damaged pipes.

Environment - Civil Engineering - 26.07.2012
Future of California high-speed rail looks green
Future of California high-speed rail looks green
A new analysis gives Californians good reason to be optimistic about the green credentials of the state's proposed high-speed rail project, due to begin construction in 2013 thanks to funding recently approved by state legislators.

Civil Engineering - Environment - 18.07.2012
Significant reduction in pollution achieved by creating green walls
Scientists at the Universities of Birmingham and Lancaster (UK) argue that by 'greening up' our streets a massive 30% reduction in pollution could be achieved, according to research published today (18 July 2012) in the journal Environmental Science and Technology.

Civil Engineering - Health - 11.07.2012
Australian cycling boom? Nope - it's a myth
Australian cycling boom? Nope - it’s a myth
By Professor Chris Rissel. First published in The Conversation. 11 July 2012 Cycling industry reports of significant bicycles sales in Australia suggest a growth in cycling participation.

Civil Engineering - 14.06.2012
Works by urban muralist Jimmy Longoria featured at U of M UROC
MINNEAPOLIS / ST. PAUL (06/14/2012) —The vibrant paintings and eye-popping murals of urban artist Jimmy Longoria will be on display through September 15 at the University of Minnesota Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center (UROC), 2001 Plymouth Ave.

Health - Civil Engineering - 30.05.2012
Better urban planning is essential to improve health
Better urban planning is essential to improve health
The proportion of the world's population that lives in cities has been steadily rising, so that 3 in 5 of all people globally will live in a city by 2030.

Environment - Civil Engineering - 29.05.2012
Study takes novel ’back-casting’ approach to transform cities for healthier lives
Researchers at four of the country's leading universities, led by the University of Birmingham, are embarking on a low carbon engineering project that could transform the way cities are built, as well as the way we live in them, by taking a novel 'back-casting' approach to their study.

Civil Engineering - 25.05.2012

Civil Engineering - Administration - 14.05.2012
Benefit changes raise pressure on country life
Benefit changes raise pressure on country life
Significant numbers of social tenants in rural areas may have to move away from their friends and communities because of changes to housing benefit criteria, a report reveals today.

Civil Engineering - 25.04.2012
Trees help you breathe more easily
Research by the University of Birmingham has contributed to The Woodland Trust's new Urban Air Quality report. Published in collaboration with Lancaster University, the report highlights how considered planting of trees and other vegetation can be used to significantly improve air quality in towns and cities.

Economics / Business - Civil Engineering - 24.04.2012
Warwick Only European university in new NYU led Center announced by New York Mayor
New York's Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, and New York University's President John Sexton yesterday, 23rd April 2012, announced an historic agreement between New York City, New York's MTA, and a

Civil Engineering - 18.04.2012
LASIG and street networks evolution in the Scientific American
LASIG and street networks evolution in the Scientific American
Emanuele Strano, a doctoral candidate at LASIG, authored a study published in Nature's Scientific Reports to examine how a group of Italian villages evolved into suburbs outside Milan today. Such a study may eventually help urban planners optimize future developments. The magazine " Scientific American " devoted a popularization article to this study.

Civil Engineering - Environment - 18.04.2012
Researchers look to the urban future with new book on how to design "resilient" cities
A new book based on groundbreaking research led by academics from the University of Birmingham on how to create robustly-sustainable cities is being launched in London this month. Designing Resilient Cities: A Guide to Good Practice puts forward radical ideas and solutions to ensure our cities are able to adapt to and survive change, whatever the future brings.

Environment - Civil Engineering - 13.04.2012
Take care of water and make your garden grow
With the Environment Agency today (13 April) reporting that England and Wales received only 38% of the rainfall normally expected in March, scientists from the University of Leeds' leading interd

Environment - Civil Engineering - 05.04.2012
Bats in your belfry? Living with Melbourne’s native bats: a public forum
Melbournians are being asked to consider how they can live in harmony with bats at a forum held on April 11 at the University of Melbourne.

Civil Engineering - Economics / Business - 19.03.2012
Sniffy about the city? Just take a deep breath
Sniffy about the city? Just take a deep breath
A University of Manchester researcher says planners and architects should take the sense of smell more seriously when they are designing cities.

History / Archeology - Civil Engineering - 13.03.2012
Campus welcomes cube of dreams
The results of a week-long art partnership-project between the University of Birmingham's Department of Theology and Religion, an internationally renowned Muslim graffiti artist and young men from a

Administration - Civil Engineering - 09.03.2012
U-M report: Violent crime escalates in Haiti as confidence in police erodes
ANN ARBOR, Mich.-Haiti exhibited a dramatic increase in violent crime in the last six months, as residents reported declining confidence in the police, a new University of Michigan report indicates. No single factor can explain the rise in violence-especially murder and armed robberies-in Haiti's urban areas, but the country's stability has eroded after a five-year period in which crime steadily declined to record lows, the researchers say.

Civil Engineering - 29.02.2012
China's urbanization unlikely to lead to fast growth of middle class: UW geographer
China’s urbanization unlikely to lead to fast growth of middle class: UW geographer
The number of people living in China's cities, which last year for the first time surpassed 50 percent of the national population, is considered a boon for the consumer goods market.

History / Archeology - Civil Engineering - 09.02.2012
University community art project to help young adults express their dreams
Internationally renowned artist, Mohammed Ali will be working in partnership with the University of Birmingham's department of Theology and Religion and unemployed young men in Bromford, east Birming

Civil Engineering - 09.02.2012
Very low-performing Chicago schools make progress after reform efforts
A new report from the University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research shows that at the elementary level, turnaround efforts in Chicago had positive effects on students in chronically low-performing schools. Success at the high school level remained elusive, however. Four years after undergoing dramatic reform efforts such as turnaround, very low-performing elementary schools in Chicago closed the gap in test scores with the Chicago Public Schools average — by almost half in reading and two-thirds in math, according to the study.

Environment - Civil Engineering - 01.02.2012
Tool is new weapon in fight against climate change
Tool is new weapon in fight against climate change
A new service, developed by experts at The University of Manchester and The Mersey Forest, will provide vital information to help urban neighbourhoods avoid the potentially dangerous effects of climate change.

Civil Engineering - 26.01.2012
Using real-time road traffic data to evaluate congestion
Using real-time road traffic data to evaluate congestion
A new project has shown that by using existing sources of information about traffic flow it is possible to create a minute-by-minute image of congestion in cities. Most cities have the types of data we have used in Cambridge and the approach could be used more extensively by Cambridge County Council and extended nationally." —Professor Jean Bacon Britain's roads are getting more and more congested.

Health - Civil Engineering - 20.01.2012
Book Discussion at Penn on Jan. 24 About Health of Urban Women Worldwide
Book Discussion at Penn on Jan. 24 About Health of Urban Women Worldwide
WHO: Afaf Ibrahim Meleis, dean of the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing Eugenie L. Birch, Penn School of Design Susan M. Wachter, Wharton School WHAT: Book discussion of Women's Health and the World Cities WHEN: Tuesday, Jan.

Life Sciences - Civil Engineering - 04.01.2012
Plymouth nature in the picture for photograph competition
Photographers with a keen eye for the flora and fauna of Plymouth are being invited to take part in a new competition being launched this month.

Civil Engineering - Environment - 16.12.2011
Stressed urban forests to benefit from new tree experts
16 Dec 2011 Since the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme was introduced, urban trees have become valuable for their major role in reducing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, now a new course will train experts in managing urban forests facing environmental stresses, pests and diseases.

Health - Civil Engineering - 07.12.2011
Aboriginal health concerns not exclusive to Ontario’s northern communities, says new research
More than 60 per cent of Canada's Aboriginal population live in urban areas and are experiencing high rates of illness, poverty and challenges in access to food and housing security, new University of Toronto and St. Michael's Hospital research shows.

Civil Engineering - Environment - 25.11.2011
Australian researchers to address urban opportunities and challenges
While Australian cities are highly regarded for their livability, they face significant challenges with urban planning and infrastructure in the future.

Civil Engineering - Environment - 17.11.2011
Rivers may aid climate control in cities
Rivers may aid climate control in cities Planners could make greater use of urban waterways to regulate environmental temperature in our cities, according to research presented today (17 November 2011).

Civil Engineering - Administration - 20.10.2011
Visions of a ’car-free future’ created by Leeds researchers
City centres could become virtually car-free over the next 20 years under new plans proposed by University of Leeds transport researchers.

Environment - Civil Engineering - 19.10.2011
City heat is a small contributor to global warming, Stanford study finds
City heat is a small contributor to global warming, Stanford study finds
Urban 'heat island' effect is only a small contributor to global warming, and white roofs don't help to solve the problem, say Stanford researchers Heat emanating from cities – called the "urban heat island" effect – is not a significant contributor to global warming, Stanford researchers have found.

Civil Engineering - Economics / Business - 11.10.2011
Housing voucher recipients moving to America’s suburbs, new report shows
Americans who use housing-choice vouchers provided by the federal government are increasingly choosing to live in the suburbs, and as that trend continues, metropolitan areas across the country need

Civil Engineering - 06.10.2011
From Toilet to tap: another view of the water recycling challenge
6 Oct 2011 Will Australia ever take up water recycling and consider the idea of 'Toilet to Tap'? A panel of experts, led by Professor Peter Scales from the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Melbourne, will tackle some of the big issues about water recycling.

Civil Engineering - 22.09.2011
The mobility of the canton's
The mobility of the canton's "second city" under the microscope
No less than 25000 people travel between the University of Lausanne and EPFL in the week, making the two campuses the canton's second largest city in the daytime.

Earth Sciences - Civil Engineering - 07.09.2011
Engineers study 9/11 for lessons on how to help buildings withstand threats
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Civil Engineering - 05.09.2011
A new age of outdoor lighting
A new age of outdoor lighting
Jan Ejhed, Sweden's only professor of lighting design and director of Ljuslaboratoriet (the Lighting Laboratory) at KTH, wants to see some changes in street lighting.

Civil Engineering - Administration - 24.03.2011

Civil Engineering - Economics / Business - 11.03.2011
Free University of Sydney talk on grapevine yellows
Free University of Sydney talk on grapevine yellows
A University of Sydney engineer will next week outline his efforts to help curtail the proliferation of a notorious "grapevine yellow" in his European homeland, one of Italy's great grape growing regions.

Economics / Business - Civil Engineering - 01.03.2011
The origin of productivity remains in the City
The trend towards urbanization continues - and it has positive effects on our economy, Prof. Edwin Deutsch from the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna) claims.

Civil Engineering - 14.02.2011
Crisis management: lessons from Enron
Changes in an organisation's email traffic are a potential predictor of looming crises, an analysis of emails leading up to the infamous demise of Enron Corporation has found.

Civil Engineering - 10.02.2011
Making city streets safer for cycling
McGill Civil Engineering Professor Luis Miranda-Moreno is trying to make Montreal safer for cyclists than it is now.

Physics - Civil Engineering - 20.12.2010
Using composites for traffic bridges could save time and money
Using composites for traffic bridges could save time and money
Press release issued 20 December 2010 Extensive use of advanced composite materials - glass and /or carbon fibre reinforced polymers - could be the answer to building bridges in half the time, thereb

Environment - Civil Engineering - 23.11.2010
A step-change in sustainable urban transport
A step-change in sustainable urban transport
The 1.5 million STEP-CHANGE project, funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), aims to inform a 'step-change' in attitudes to urban transport by revolutionising the planning of towns and cities.

Civil Engineering - Environment - 29.09.2010

Civil Engineering - 23.09.2010
New energy efficient concrete could reduce road closures
New energy efficient concrete could reduce road closures
New energy efficient concrete could reduce road closures A new type of concrete road that is energy efficient, cheaper to develop and ready for traffic immediately after laying - something that would