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Architecture - Civil Engineering - 10.03.2009
Dept. of Architecture and Urban Design announces spring 2009 events
(Note to editors: Images can be obtained by contacting media representatives. The UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design presents a series of public events throughout the year.

Environment - Civil Engineering - 26.02.2009
Why California should consider Australia's "Prepare, stay and defend" wildfire policy
BERKELEY — Even as debate rages over the safety of Australia's "Prepare, stay and defend, or leave early" policy of wildfire defense, fire researchers at the University of California, Berkeley,

Environment - Civil Engineering - 26.02.2009
Speaker series on California climate change challenges
BERKELEY — A new speaker series at the University of California, Berkeley, will explore the state's landmark climate control legislation's critical connections to sustainable development and land-use planning.

Civil Engineering - Environment - 18.02.2009
Find a splash of colour to help scientists understand how birds survive in Birmingham’s concrete jungle
Residents across Birmingham are being asked to help researchers with a major project that aims to understand how some of our best loved garden birds survive in Birmingham's urban jungle.