CMU Responds to COVID-19

As the world experiences an unprecedented situation due to coronavirus, the CMU community is responding with innovative approaches to education, impactful research and a commitment to service.

If you are a CMU researcher, student or staff member who has relevant COVID-19 work underway, expertise to contribute, or ideas for addressing the pandemic, related policy, or aftereffects, please email so we can help share your story.

CORONAVIRUS UPDATES: Get the most up-to-date information on Carnegie Mellon’s response to the coronavirus. More details

IN THE NEWS: Researchers have been lending their expertise to media conversations. See where CMU faculty, staff and students are quoted

CREATE Lab Launches Project That Helps Renters Avoid Evictions

Project scientist Anne Wright launches Eviction Rapid Response. Read more research news.

CMU Students Light Up The Stage Remotely

U pgrades to the university’s Light Lab and John Wells Directing Studio provide students with the tools for a hands-on learning experience no matter where they’re based. Read more about support for students.

CMU Helps Provide Free Wi-Fi to Area Students

A partnership with the University of Pittsburgh and community groups creates a unique nonprofit network. Read more about resources for community outreach.

COVID, Politics Could Divide This Year’s Thanksgiving Table

CMU experts say differences in politics and beliefs in pandemic precautions could make Thanksgiving downright toxic.

AMD Providing Computing Resources To Support CBD’s COVID-19 Research

Two CMU professors will have access to high-end computing and visualization assets to advance understanding of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Higher Education Was Already Ripe for Disruption. Then, COVID-19 Happened.

After the pandemic, we may never go back to the way things were.

COVID Extends Black Friday, Moves It Online

While shifting tactics could benefit some businesses, CMU experts say that not all shoppers and stores will shy away from in-person sales.

Share Your Location? CMU’s Li Weighs in

Beibei Li, the Anna Loomis McCandless Chair and associate professor of IT and Management, offers insight into COVID-19, contract tracing and consumer behavior.

Keep the Polls Open

A CMU team collaborated with voting rights advocates and prominent civic leaders to safeguard in-person voting for the November general election.

Pandemic Spawns ’Infodemic’ in Scientific Literature

New policies, technologies could help make sense of flood of information. Donates $1 Million, Personnel To CMU’s COVID-19 Forecasting Project

This will help Delphi expand its efforts.

Student Studies State Pandemic Policies, Consumer Behaviors

Tony Xu studies how U.S. government lockdown policies affect how people behave.

100 Maps From CMU’s EarthTime Chart Humanity’s Greatest Challenges

A new UK book provides perspectives for navigating uncertain times.

Molding Masks Against Coronavirus

A winning CMU design awaits FDA approval.

Carnegie Mellon Unveils Five Interactive COVID-19 Maps

County-level data will be used to forecast disease activity.

Science Fiction During a Science-Fictional Moment

A number of science fiction fans within the CMU community find themselves living through a science-fictional moment created by COVID-19 .

Research Informs Possible Susceptibility to COVID-19

Previous research points to the effect of social stressors on developing upper respiratory infections, holding clues to COVID-19 risk.

Researchers Urge the Scientific Community to #StopPandemicBias

Scientists have launched a Twitter campaign #StopPandemicBias, which aims to bring broader understanding to how COVID-19 will impact scientists.

Pro Sports Return to the Sound of Silence

CMU auditory neuroscientists discuss how sound influences the gameday experience.

Energy Systems Experts Offer Insights on Infrastructure Planning

CMU’s Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation hosted a webinar on how social, environmental and technical resiliency frameworks can better prepare our energy systems.

Miller ICA responds to COVID-19 Through Artists’ Windows

"Looking Out" is a photo and video program on Instagram and IGTV featuring new works by Pittsburgh artists.

Nearly Half of the Twitter Accounts Discussing ’Reopening America’ May Be Bots

CMU researchers say sophisticated, orchestrated bot campaigns aim to sow divide.

SCOVID and Transportation: What’s Next for the Summer and Beyond

Experts speculate on the summer travel season and COVID’s long-term impact on traffic and transportation systems. .

Societal Behavior During, and After, the Pandemic

Brandy Aven’s work includes studying the behavior of corporate whistleblowers and social networks in the workplace.

Carnegie Mellon, Pitt Researchers Launch Ventilator Project

The low-cost devices could address current and future shortages.

CMU Team Produces Face Shields for Essential Workers

Carnegie Mellon partners with Global Links to produce and distribute face shields for workers who need them.

CMU Dashboard Will Help Inform State Decision-Makers During Pandemic

Model will compile data to better understand areas’ public health, economic status.

Behind the Shield

Tech Spark is fabricating face shields for essential workers at the front lines of the COVID-19 response.

COVID-19 Treatments: A Call for Rigorous Clinical Research

Crises are no excuse for lowering scientific standards, experts say.

Self-reported COVID-19 Symptoms Show Promise for Disease Forecasts

Carnegie Mellon will soon be forecasting coronavirus activity several weeks ahead.

CMU Professor Creates Innovative App To Anonymously Trace Exposure to COVID-19

A contact tracing app uses ultrasound technology to more accurately follow people’s exposure to COVID-19 than other apps that use Bluetooth alone.

CMU Spinoff Uses AI To Address COVID-19

Zensors has made its computer vision platform available for free to governments, airports and essential businesses to help them answer questions about disease management.

CMU-Developed Microneedle Patches Ready for COVID-19 Fight

As health care professionals battle the COVID-19 pandemic on the front lines, engineers are working behind the scenes with innovative technologies.

Creativity Would Allow More Americans to Return to Work, Soon

Jonathan Caulkins doesn’t know when America will return to work. Whenever it happens, he knows it won’t be normal. And he’s fine with that.

The Ethics of Developing COVID-19 Treatments and Vaccination

CMU’s experts explore the options.

Game Developers Level Up as COVID Pushes People Home

With many stuck in their homes as cities around the world try to reduce transmission of COVID-19, people are turning to games.

Design Students Develop Interactive Coronavirus Map

Two juniors create map presenting aggregate data that’s easy for all to understand.

The Desire for Information: Blissful Ignorance or Painful Truth?

Researchers develop scale that measures people’s willingness to avoid useful information.

Prisoners, Police and the Pandemic

Heinz College criminologist and public policy expert Daniel Nagin discusses disease transmission within the prison system.

COVID-19 Should Be Wake-Up Call for Robotics Research

Howie Choset says the pandemic response requires "Dull, Dirty, Dangerous" jobs suited for robots.

The Show Must Go On... line

A CMU professor pivoted a live performance to streaming fundraiser for shuttered theater.

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center Resources Available for Urgent COVID-19 Research

The High Performance Computing (HPC) Consortium empowers researchers to accelerate understanding of the COVID-19 virus

CMU,, Microsoft, and Five Leading Research Universities Launch Digital Transformation Institute

The first call of proposals will focus on AI techniques to mitigate COVID-19.

Online Misinformation About COVID-19 Can Take Many Forms

CMU researchers offer advice for filtering misleading facts about the pandemic.

Carnegie Mellon Extends Forecasting of Flu-Like Illness

A rise of COVID-19 cases prompted a request from the CDC.

To Predict an Epidemic, Evolution Can’t be Ignored

In a new study, CMU researchers show how important evolutionary adaptations are predicting epidemics.

Across the Cut: Minecraft

Stuck at home at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, College of Engineering student Jared Cohen and friends utilized some of their quarantine time to recreate the CMU campus in Minecraft... block by block.

Fall Career Fairs Combine, Go Virtual

Three annual career fairs joined forces to bring together more than 3,500 students and employers virtually.

School of Drama Students Host Virtual Cabaret: ’Bring Me To Light’

A one-night only performance open to the public featured award-winning music from composer Jeanine Tesori.

On-Campus, Virtual Events Encourage Voting

In the run-up to the Nov. 3 presidential election, CMU artists and designers focused their creative energies to get people out to vote.

Program Aims To Enhance Inclusive Teaching

A new program at Carnegie Mellon University is providing support to faculty to help students thrive in more inclusive classroom experiences.

Fostering Community Through COVID

CMU student organizations adapt to pandemic safety precautions.

Grant Helps Grad Students Work the Polls

CMU GSA members volunteer to fill vital role.

Student Turns Old Polaroid Into New Digital Camera

Sam Zeloof used modern technology to turn a Polaroid instant camera into a working digital camera that prints black and white images. .

Shuttle Service Steps Up Bus Cleaning, Social Distancing

As part of COVID-19 precautions, CMU adds route to Squirrel Hill.

CMU-Created COVID Early Warning App to Assist Campus Community

NOVID tracks coronavirus within your user network.

CMU Offers New, Temporary Child Care Options

The university has announced it will offer three new, temporary child care options.

CMU Has Network Advantage in Fight Against COVID-19

Dean Dijour and Bennett Huffman helped Po-Shen Loh create the NOVID app.

Dining Services Transforms for Fall Semester

New protocols and procedures are in place for CMU community

Free Kits for Students Put the ’Well’ in Welcome

Carnegie Mellon is providing a free Wellness Kit to each student living on or off campus in preparation for the fall semester.

For Community Well-Being, Whole Equals Sum of Its Parts

Maureen Dasey-Morales reviews four important behaviors for the CMU community.

What Will Community Well-Being Look Like This Fall?

When University Libraries’ locations reopen for the fall semester, visitors will encounter many new changes.

Save Me A Seat

When University Libraries’ locations reopen for the fall semester, visitors will encounter many new changes.

A Fall Semester Unlike Any Other

CMU students will see classroom modifications to support social distancing and other health-promoting behaviors.

Recreational Facilities Re-open - With Restrictions

Indoor and outdoor recreational and athletic facilities will re-open with a staggered and phased approach.

Chief Medical Officer Discusses Return to Campus

Wear a mask. Practice social distancing. Avoid touching the face. Wash hands with soap and water.

Tartans, Ready

Campus will look and feel different in the midst of this global pandemic, but all of us at CMU remain committed to offering our students a transformative educational opportunity.

Signature Courses Lead the Way

Preparations for fall are an investment in the future.

"Every Day is a Tuesday” as Facilities Management Prepares Campus for Fall

A team of nearly 300 maintenance and custodial services workers have ridden the wave of the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, they’ve ridden three.

Project Courses Provide Key Skills, Faculty Engagement

Through guided research opportunities, students are exploring issues related to COVID-19 and other topic.

Scrubbing Up for Fall

Spring cleaning has never ended at Carnegie Mellon University. It has continued this summer and will extend through the fall.

Students Navigate Summer Internships Remotely

While many students had summer internships cancelled due to the pandemic, some were fortunate to be able to work remotely.

The Pittsburgh Packers

CMU staff members spend the month packing belongings for students.

Pandemic Safety Officers Step Up to Help Out

Volunteers will help co-workers follow physical distancing and hand-washing guidelines, making sure facial coverings are worn correctly, and meetings are held virtually.

FMCS Duo Manages CMU’s Deep-Cleaning Efforts

Charity Anderson and Dawn Roerink are overseeing an aggressive campus-wide deep-cleaning effort that will extend through the fall.

A Dramatic Shift

CMU professors pivot to remote learning with the help of alumni, industry professionals.

CMU Career Center Adapts to Help Students Facing Uncertain Summer

Assistance like webinars, coaching and advising have gone virtual.

School of Drama "eShowcase" Highlights Graduates’ Talents for Industry Pros

The May 18 event is open to the public and goes live at 5:30 p.m.

Never Remote: Libraries Continue to Connect Community with Resources

University Libraries has rolled out activities to ensure that the Carnegie Mellon community has uninterrupted access to resources.

Gelfand Center Pivots To Support Parents, Prospective Students

A CMU organization connects Tartans with the K-12 community.

Remote classes.

Remote lectures.

Remote (Fence) painting?

Thank you, Ari Cohn, for continuing the ultimate tradition of painting the Fence. #TartanProud

Try it for yourself.

- Carnegie Mellon (@CarnegieMellon) March 22, 2020

Carefully Cataloguing Coronavirus

University Archives documents unprecedented times, finds parallels with flu pandemic.

Students Log On for First Days of Remote Instruction at CMU

As CMU moves to remote instruction to fight the spread of COVID-19, students and faculty discuss the difficulties of moving their classes online in a short timeframe.

CMU’s Unprecedented Move to Remote Education

Marsha Lovett led a quickly developing university-wide effort to transition more than 4,900 course-sections to remote instruction.

Stay Home, Stay Fit

Pattye Stragar and her fellow fitness gurus at CMU are making it easy for us to stay fit despite our inability to get to the gym.

Zoom Backgrounds Available

The Marketing & Communications Division has created a Box folder with campus images to be used as custom backgrounds for Zoom.

A few of our favorite home studio sketches by students in Prof Clayton Merrell’s Imaging class! (work by Milo Tayao, Caroline Kroger, Jennifer Shin, and Angie Orbeta) @CarnegieMellon #homestudio #stayhome

- CMU School of Art (@CMUSchoolofArt) March 25, 2020

Using Machine Learning To Feed Families in Need

A c ommunity program delivers 6,000 monthly meals with an assist from CMU.

Makers Use Facial Coverings as Creative Outlets

Producers forge community bonds on and off campus.

Fischhoff Recruited to Help Devise COVID Vaccine Distribution Plan

NIH and CDC look to CMU’s policy expert for guidance.

COVIDcast Now Monitoring Daily U.S. Mask Use, COVID-19 Testing

Carnegie Mellon expands symptom survey distributed to Facebook users.

NOVID Is the Most Accurate App for Contact Tracing

NOVID is the first to demonstrate the distance accuracy required to perform contact tracing without significant false positives.

CMU Community Comes Together to Support Students

New Tartan emergency support fund assists with financial challenges from COVID-19.

Students Past and Present Start Food Delivery Service

Interdisciplinary CMU coalition finds a solution amidst quarantine.

CMU Tackles the Digital Divide, Connects High-Need Students to Wi-Fi

CS Pathways partners with Meta Mesh Wireless Communities to aid remote learning.

Online Labs for Online Learning

David Yaron helps provide free resources for high school and higher education teachers during COVID-19.

Children’s School Shares Resources For At-Home Learning

The school is experimenting with different ways to reach students while children, parents and teachers are staying home to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

CMU Team Supports Local School Districts

Experts in education and technology come together to find permanent solutions in time of crisis.

Stitching Together Help for Essential Staff

In a crisis, Mr. Rogers said to always look for the helpers. You can find them at Carnegie Mellon University.

CMU Offers Free Resources To Support Remote Teaching

Carnegie Mellon’s is making its courseware materials available for free for the rest of the semester.

Researchers Donate Equipment to Allegheny County Health Department

Personal protective equipment generally used in laboratories will aid front-line responders fighting COVID-19.

Solidarity During the Coronavirus Crisis

University Archives documents unprecedented times, finds parallels with flu pandemic.

Alice Offers Creative Entry Into Coding

SciGirls, a PBS KIDS TV show, recently aired an episode where students learned to code. The platform they used was created at CMU.

Po-Shen Loh Provides Free Math Lessons

The associate professor streams live on YouTube to give what he likes to call "mathematician office hours," amid school closures.

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