College and University Rankings

College and university rankings are updated regularly by the organizations that compile them - the links below represent a sample of the many rankings available.

While the media outlets and other organizations that develop these rankings often collect useful data, controversy has arisen over how that data is aggregated and weighted to create a final ranking. In some cases, those methods have changed from year to year, causing an institution’s ranking to rise or fall with little change in the underlying data. Prospective students and parents should consider rankings in that context, and look beyond them to the university’s academic program, culture and opportunities for enrichment. A successful education depends more on finding an institution that best fits a student’s needs and goals than upon any statistical formula.

Slop Chest: Notes on Trade

6:00 PM

Gray Center Lab, Room 112

Only at UChicago

Feb 1, 1971
Prof. Tetsuya Fujita develops the F-scale that describes tornado strength.


Network for College Success deepens its work with high schools

Molecular engineering

Innovative materials design center receives $25 million grant


Frank E. Reynolds, leading scholar of Buddhism, 1930-2019

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