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Computer Science - Sport - 18.11.2011
Helping computers make faster decisions
Industrial and systems engineering professor Jeff Linderoth is working on a way to help computers make yes/no decisions faster by enhancing the standard algorithm computers use to solve a class of problems called integer programs.

Computer Science - 18.11.2011
Moderate noise level can help learning
Sverker Sikström belongs to a group of cognitive science researchers who are conducting basic research on working memory and learning. Sometimes the step from basic research to application is not all that long. In the spring he will be launching a new app to help people who have difficulty concentrating.

Computer Science - Economics / Business - 17.11.2011
Analyzing massive datasets is subject of major international conference
Seattle is host this week to the major international meeting about high-performance computing, giving UW scientists and computer specialists an opportunity to see over the horizon at developments that will influence how research is conducted for years to come.

Computer Science - 17.11.2011
New Center for Cloud Computing Will Impact Mobile Computing and Internet Security
AUSTIN, Texas — As part of its research efforts to help create safer and faster computing, the Department of Computer Science at The University of Texas at Austin has partnered with SunGard Ava

Mathematics - Computer Science - 17.11.2011
Probing Question: Why are statistics important in modern life?
Probing Question: Why are statistics important in modern life?
By Melissa Beattie-Moss Research/Penn State Quick! Think of professions that will be the jobs of the next decade. Statistician probably didn't leap to mind - but odds are it soon will. Number nerds, take heed: statistical skills are in increasingly high demand and being applied to an incredibly diverse set of exciting problems, said Penn State Professor of Statistics Naomi Altman.

Computer Science - 16.11.2011
$50,000 to Solve the Most Complicated Puzzle Ever Attempted
Every few years the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) holds a public competition to stretch the outer limits of what technology can do.

Computer Science - 16.11.2011
SDSC’s Trestles Debuts on ‘Graph500’ List
Trestles , a new supercomputer using flash-based memory and launched earlier this year by the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of California, San Diego, has made this year's Graph500 list, a new ranking that measures how well supercomputers handle data-intensive challenges.

Computer Science - Administration - 14.11.2011
SDSC’s Gordon Ranks Among Top 50 Fastest Supercomputers in the World
Gordon , a unique data-intensive supercomputer using flash-based memory that will enter production in January at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of California, San Diego, made its debut as the 48th fastest supercomputer in the world, according to the latest Top500 list.

Health - Computer Science - 14.11.2011
Burns app could save lives at the touch of a button
Burns app could save lives at the touch of a button
A former soldier has developed an app which could save the lives of burns victims, both in combat and in hospitals around the world.

Computer Science - 09.11.2011
Engineering Breakthrough Improves Software Reliability and Security
Anyone who uses multithreaded computer programs—and that's all of us, as these are the programs that power nearly all software applications including Office, Windows, MacOS, and Google Chrome Br

Physics - Computer Science - 08.11.2011
Space Shuttle Data Helps Researchers Develop Better Model for Forecasting Solar Power Production
The space shuttle program may have ended, but data the space craft collected over the past three decades are still helping advance science.

Life Sciences - Computer Science - 08.11.2011
Galaxy DNA-analysis software is now available in the cloud
Galaxy - an open-source, Web-based platform for data-intensive biomedical and genetic research - is now available as a cloud computing resource. A team of researchers including Anton Nekrutenko, an associate professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at Penn State; Kateryna Makova, an associate professor of biology at Penn State; and James Taylor from Emory University, developed the new technology that will help scientists and biomedical researchers to harness such tools as DNA-sequencing and analysis software, as well as storage capacity for large quantities of scientific data.

Life Sciences - Computer Science - 07.11.2011
Easily ’Re-programmable cells’ could be key in creation of new life forms
PA 345/11 Scientists at The University of Nottingham are leading an ambitious research project to develop an in vivo biological cell-equivalent of a computer operating system.

Linguistics / Literature - Computer Science - 04.11.2011
Alumnus gives £1.4 million for Fitzwilliam College Library & IT Centre
Alumnus gives £1.4 million for Fitzwilliam College Library & IT Centre
Fitzwilliam College has announced a gift of £1.4 million from alumnus Ken Olisa and his wife, Julia.

Computer Science - Economics / Business - 03.11.2011
New network will promote 'SAVI' uses of technology
Imagine a Blue Jays game where fans, reporters and pundits are sharing their insight and commentary using a variety of media (videos, audio and pictures).

Computer Science - Chemistry - 03.11.2011
Supercomputers Accelerate Development of Advanced Materials
Supercomputers Accelerate Development of Advanced Materials
NERSC : Linda Vu, (510) 495-2402, LVu [a] lbl (p) gov New materials are crucial to building a clean energy economy-for everything from batteries to photovoltaics to lighter weight vehicles-but today the development cycle is too slow: around18 years from conception to commercialization.

Computer Science - 03.11.2011
Lamont-Doherty Scientists Predict Faster Retreat for Antarctica Glacier
The retreat of Antarctica's fast-flowing Thwaites Glacier is expected to speed up within 20 years, once the glacier detaches from an underwater ridge that is currently holding it back, says a new study in Geophysical Research Letters. Thwaites Glacier, which drains into west Antarctica's Amundsen Sea, is being closely watched for its potential to raise global sea levels as the planet warms.

Computer Science - Earth Sciences - 02.11.2011
UW-Madison home to weather-predicting supercomputer
A new supercomputer designed to run weather prediction models is now the most powerful computer of its kind on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, where researchers will help make those models more accurate. The National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration approached UW-Madison's Space Science and Engineering Center with a $1 million grant to design and install the Supercomputer for Satellite Simulations and Data Assimilation Studies (known as S4).

Agronomy / Food Science - Computer Science - 01.11.2011
Crowdsourcing nutrition in a snap
Crowdsourcing nutrition in a snap
Counting calories in photos, PlateMate proves the wisdom of the (well-managed) crowd Americans spend upwards of $40 billion a year on dieting advice and self-help books, but the first step in any healthy eating strategy is basic awareness-what's on the plate. If keeping a food diary seems like too much effort, despair not: computer scientists at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) have devised a tool that lets you snap a photo of your meal and let the crowd do the rest.

Environment - Computer Science - 01.11.2011
Hackers Take on the Planet
The two top entries in the first Stockholm Green Hackathon, held over the weekend of October 21st and 22nd in the R1 Reactor Hall, show gamers and Web users how everyday activities contribute to carbon dioxide emissions. Bringing together more than 30 participants, the Green Hackathon was designed to put creative minds to work spotlighting solutions to environmental threats.

Computer Science - Health - 01.11.2011
New algorithm could substantially speed up MRI scans
Faster scans could reduce the time patients spend in the machine from 45 to 15 minutes. CAMBRIDGE, Mass.

Computer Science - Linguistics / Literature - 01.11.2011
It’s All About the Hair
It's not every day that computer science students get invited to a Hollywood premiere to recognize the work they have done.

Environment - Computer Science - 31.10.2011
NASA Launches JPL-Built Earth Science Experiment
NASA Launches JPL-Built Earth Science Experiment
October 31, 2011 An experiment developed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif., to test technology for future NASA Earth science missions was aboard one of five small "CubeSat" research satellites that hitched a ride to orbit Oct. 28 with NASA's newest Earth-observing satellite, the National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System Preparatory Project, or NPP.

Computer Science - Health - 26.10.2011
Your phone as counselor: monitoring mental health from your pocket
Your smartphone knows where you go and how fast, while its microphone hears your voice. Soon, your phone may use these capabilities to measure the stress in your life and help you deal with it.

Life Sciences - Computer Science - 25.10.2011
Fall 2011 SEAS newsletter is now available
Fall 2011 SEAS newsletter is now available
Dive down into the genetic rabbit hole, learn about cool research, and discover other news around Oxford Street Dean's Note: Down the Genetic Rabbit Hole "While we cannot-and should not-stop technolo

Computer Science - Event - 24.10.2011
Stanford's John McCarthy, seminal figure of artificial intelligence, dies at 84
Stanford’s John McCarthy, seminal figure of artificial intelligence, dies at 84
McCarthy created the term "artificial intelligence" and was a towering figure in computer science at Stanford most of his professional life.

Computer Science - Economics / Business - 24.10.2011

Computer Science - Administration - 20.10.2011
Professor Steven Bellovin Discusses Computer Security
Steven Bellovin always had a knack for catching computer hackers—even before most people knew what they were.

Computer Science - 20.10.2011
Shih-Fu Chang Sees New Angles in Visual Search
Engineering professor Shih-Fu Chang is trying to make visual search technology as effortless as typing a keyword like "Morningside restaurants" into Google.

Computer Science - Linguistics / Literature - 20.10.2011
Computer Scientist Seeks the Real Meaning of Language
Better be careful about telling a lie to Julia Hirschberg. The computer science professor, an expert in spoken language, examines what people unconsciously communicate through such things as intonation, accent and phrasing. One of the enduring questions she studies is whether it's possible to detect a lie.

Computer Science - 18.10.2011
Seeing through walls
Researchers at MIT's Lincoln Lab have developed new radar technology that provides real-time video of what's going on behind solid walls. Lincoln Laboratory researchers John Peabody and Gregory Charvat explains how their team's system can see through walls. Video: Melanie Gonick CAMBRIDGE, Mass. The ability to see through walls is no longer the stuff of science fiction, thanks to new radar technology developed at MIT's Lincoln Laboratory.

Environment - Computer Science - 17.10.2011
University of Minnesota robots to join search for invasive species
University of Minnesota robots to join search for invasive species
$2.2 million NSF grant funds development of robotic boats to track nonnative carp Media Note: View video of prototype robotic boats in action at

Computer Science - 17.10.2011
Registration opens for KTH Energy Initiative, Nov. 9
The KTH Energy Initiative, hosted by the Energy Platform, is an annual event aimed at profiling the wide range of energy-related research being conducted in KTH's various schools and programmes.

Mathematics - Computer Science - 17.10.2011
Computer Models of "Brilliant" Engineering Professor Drive Animated Films and New Research
In September, Popular Science named Eitan Grinspun to its "Brilliant 10" list of top researchers in the U.S. Calling him a "computational contortionist," the magazine lauded the associa

Computer Science - 14.10.2011
Researchers launch Ethnic minority Internet & mobile phone use survey with free phone calls reward
Search News & Events Search University of Warwick Search for people at Warwick Search Warwick Blogs Search past exam papers Search video Researchers at the University of Warwick are key collaborators in an an online survey launched this week, which will investigate how minority ethnic groups and migrants are using new information and technologies.

Life Sciences - Computer Science - 14.10.2011
Brain art
Brain art
A new exhibition showcasing the University's world-leading brain imaging research will be on display as part of a Cardiff festival.

Physics - Computer Science - 14.10.2011
Caltech Awarded $12.6 Million for New Institute for Quantum Information and Matter
The California Institute of Technology (Caltech) has been awarded $12.6 million in funding over the next five years by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to create a new Physics Frontiers Center.

Computer Science - Environment - 13.10.2011
$3.45M for new technologies to study birds, other species
$3.45M for new technologies to study birds, other species
A gift and a grant totaling $3.45 million will help the Cornell Lab of Ornithology develop new computer technologies to better understand the movements and behaviors of birds and other species.

Computer Science - Economics / Business - 13.10.2011
With NSF and Microsoft support, Cornell team aims to take errors out of cloud computing
Cloud computing, which taps the resources of a network of remote computers, offers tremendous potential for storing and processing vast amounts of data quickly and cheaply.

Economics / Business - Computer Science - 12.10.2011
Series of live Guardian debates ask how the UK might ever rival Silicon Valley
Series of live Guardian debates ask how the UK might ever rival Silicon Valley
By Tanya Gubbay Wednesday 12 October 2011 Imperial College Business School, in partnership with the Guardian, hosted the first in a series of four debates for the Guardian's Tech Weekly podcast on Mo

Chemistry - Computer Science - 10.10.2011
Honorary Doctorates Named
Honorary Doctorates Named
KTH has announced the recipients of honorary doctorates for 2011: -Professor Liam Bannon, University of Limerick, Ireland.

Physics - Computer Science - 09.10.2011
Progress in quantum computing, qubit by qubit
Progress in quantum computing, qubit by qubit
Researchers control the rate of photon emission from luminescent imperfections in diamond Engineers and physicists at Harvard have managed to capture light in tiny diamond pillars embedded in silver, releasing a stream of single photons at a controllable rate.

Computer Science - Earth Sciences - 06.10.2011
BBC documentary brings the world’s oldest underwater city back to life
Movie industry computer graphics and the very latest digital marine technology have brought the world's oldest submerged city back to life in a BBC Two documentary due to be shown this Sunday (October 9) at 8pm. Just a few metres under the sea, off the southern coast of Greece, lies Pavlopetri — the oldest submerged city in the world.

Environment - Computer Science - 06.10.2011
Unleashing the power of green data
Unleashing the power of green data is working to give sustainability decision-makers access to open environmental impact data. Sustainability practitioners know that quantitative environmental research is the cornerstone of sound decision-making. But these results are too often found in closed, costly databases based on proprietary software.

Environment - Computer Science - 06.10.2011
University of Minnesota receives $8M grant for first-of-its-kind use of global population and environment data
Terra Populus: A Global Population / Environment Data Network will integrate the world's largest population database with global data on land use, land cover and climate change.

Computer Science - Physics - 03.10.2011
Weatherspoon gets $1.35M to fix 'potholes' in private information superhighways
Weatherspoon gets $1.35M to fix ’potholes’ in private information superhighways
To avoid the congestion of the public Internet, scientists, the military and the managers of huge "cloud computing" data centers have created private information superhighways - dedicated fiber-optic systems known as lambda networks.

Computer Science - Life Sciences - 02.10.2011
Car Talk
Calling all gamers: If you like to play first-person racing games, you may be able to help campus researchers better understand typical driving behaviors.

Computer Science - 29.09.2011
Robots of a feather flock together
Up to ten autonomous flying robots flock like birds in a real-sky experiment. A flock of birds suddenly taking off and flying in formation, acting like one entity, is a stunning and complex communication effort.

Health - Computer Science - 27.09.2011
Saving heart attack victims with computer science
ANN ARBOR, Mich.—Subtle markers of heart damage hidden in plain sight among hours of EKG recordings could help doctors identify which heart attack patients are at high risk of dying soon. That's according to a new study involving researchers from the University of Michigan, MIT, Harvard Medical School, and Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.

Computer Science - Administration - 26.09.2011
SDSC Announces Scalable, High-Performance Data Storage Cloud
San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) SDSC Cloud UC San Diego Arista Networks OpenStack SDSC Announces Scalable, High-Performance Data Storage Cloud Web-based System Offers High Durability, Security,