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Computer Science - Life Sciences - 14.09.2012
SDSC Invites Researches to Apply for Access to Gordon Supercomputer
The San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of California, San Diego is seeking innovative applications for the next round of user allocations on its data-intensive Gordon supercomputer, which went into operation earlier this year.

Environment - Computer Science - 13.09.2012
Engineers Mine Big Data to Faster Assess Carbon Footprints
The Columbia Engineering methodology enables carbon footprinting and hotspot analysis across thousands of products simultaneously. Shown here are examples of carbon intensities (i.e. total GHG by weight; broken down to stages of the supply chain) for individual products as well as rollup views of brands and countries.

Mathematics - Computer Science - 12.09.2012
Popularity versus Similarity: A Balance that Predicts Network Growth
Connections in networks optimize trade-offs between popularity and similarity. New nodes in growing networks tend to connect not only to popular existing nodes, but also to similar nodes that may be not so popular. Courtesy of Justin Cheng, Bradley Huffaker , and Dmitri Krioukov, CAIDA and San Diego Supercomputer Center, UC San Diego .

Computer Science - 11.09.2012
Mass Obs to store messages marking 90 years of BBC radio
Mass Obs to store messages marking 90 years of BBC radio
Mass Obs to store messages marking 90 years of BBC radio Messages marking 90 years of BBC radio - to be curated by singer Damon Albarn into a worldwide transmission - will be preserved at the Mass Observation Archive at the University of Sussex.

Health - Computer Science - 11.09.2012
UC San Diego Researcher Wins Top Ph.D. Award in Multimedia Computing
Wanmin Wu is a postdoctoral researcher in the Calit2 Center for Wireless and Population Health Systems at UC San Diego A researcher now at the University of California, San Diego, Wanmin Wu, wrote the outstanding Ph.D.

Physics - Computer Science - 11.09.2012
A first for physics: inducing superconductivity in a semi-conductor with Scotch Tape
An international team led by University of Toronto physicists has developed a simple new technique to induce high-temperature superconductivity in a semiconductor for the first time - using Scotch Tape. The method paves the way for new devices that could be used in quantum computing and to improve energy efficiency.

Computer Science - Mathematics - 10.09.2012
SDSC Awarded NSF Grant to Facilitate Sharing and Streaming of Scientific Visualizations
] This image is from a video showing the ground motions of a simulated Magnitude 8.0 earthquake along the San Andreas Fault through some densely populated areas.

Computer Science - Economics / Business - 10.09.2012
$18.5 Million Grant Establishes Center for Nanomanufacturing Systems for Mobile Computing
$18.5 Million Grant Establishes Center for Nanomanufacturing Systems for Mobile Computing
AUSTIN, Texas — The University of Texas at Austin has been selected to receive an $18.5 million grant over the next five years from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to create and lead a nanosystems engineering research center.

Computer Science - Sport - 07.09.2012
Usain Volt and The Mobot in the starting blocks for Plymouth University science and technology showcase
Robo sprint king Usain Volt and marathon specialist The Mobot will be demonstrating their athletic prowess at a special exhibition of university research on Plymouth Hoe.

Electroengineering - Computer Science - 06.09.2012
3D Modelling: Artificial Intelligence Meets Consumer Electronics
Reception and service at central level for international students after arrival at KTH. For Master's students For Exchange students At the KTH Symposium, the director of the U.S. Nat

Health - Computer Science - 06.09.2012
Sydney seeks Latin partners in fight against NCDs
By Richard North 6 September 2012 A team of medical specialists from the University is visiting South America this month, looking to link with researchers and clinicians who are working on non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

Economics / Business - Computer Science - 03.09.2012
New Phone App Can Cut Your Insurance Premiums
New Phone App Can Cut Your Insurance Premiums
Reception and service at central level for international students after arrival at KTH.

Computer Science - Mathematics - 31.08.2012
Making Web applications more efficient
A new system that automatically streamlines database access patterns can make large Web applications up to three times as fast.

Computer Science - Environment - 31.08.2012
Computational Power
CARTHE Media: Julie Hollenbeck 206/321-0509 jhollenbeck [a] (p) edu Cray XE6M Supercomputer Vital to Hydrocarbon Research in the Gulf of Mexico in the Wake of the Deepwater Horizon

Physics - Computer Science - 30.08.2012
New record in quantum communications
New record in quantum communications
Researchers from The Australian National University have taken a quantum leap towards developing the next-generation super-fast networks needed to drive future computing. Mr Seiji Armstrong, a PhD researcher from the Department of Quantum Science in the ANU College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, has led a team which has developed a technique that allows for quantum information to travel at higher bandwidth using a beam of light and the phenomenon called entanglement.

Environment - Computer Science - 29.08.2012
Campaign to recruit Fellows to understand how software can help research
The UK's Software Sustainability Institute is on the lookout for a team of researchers to take part in its new Fellows programme to develop a better understanding of the way that software is used in research.

Computer Science - 28.08.2012
Create action figures from computer graphic images
Create action figures from computer graphic images
Computer graphics researchers at Cornell and Harvard have created software that will translate a graphic image of a character from a movie or video game, or even something you've created yourself, into a posable plastic model manufactured by a 3-D printer. Eventually this capability might be built into games and other software, the researchers said.

Computer Science - Administration - 24.08.2012
Share and share alike
Share and share alike
A new resource launched today by the University of Cambridge will help researchers seek out and access high-value equipment across five universities. " In today's climate of cut-backs and austerity measures, opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce costs are sought after. With this in mind, a new resource launched today by the University of Cambridge aims to improve research management by making greater use of existing equipment and facilities, and by sharing these between universities wherever possible.

Computer Science - 24.08.2012
Making crowdsourcing easier
A new system for crowdsourcing database operations spares the user from worrying about the computational details but improves cost effectiveness. Crowdsourcing is a technique for farming out labor-intensive tasks over the Internet by splitting them into small chunks that dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people complete at their desks for a few cents each.

Mathematics - Computer Science - 24.08.2012
Ian Foster appointed to third term as director of Computation Institute
Ian Foster will serve a third term as director of the Computation Institute , continuing his mission to advance the study and application of computation across the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory, University officials announced.

Computer Science - Innovation - 23.08.2012
The future of programming is Scala
Typesafe, a company created just a year ago at EPFL and headquartered in the Science Park, has raised $14 million to commercialize a new programming language called Scala.

Computer Science - 23.08.2012
Can 'serious games' be an effective tool for workplace learning?
Can ’serious games’ be an effective tool for workplace learning?
Researchers from UCL are analysing a serious game called TARGET to see if it could help workers develop skills such as negotiating and trust-building in the workplace. Serious games are video games designed for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment. A collaborative project between 17 partners, including UCL, TARGET aims to use the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) environment provided by the game to support the development of workers.

Electroengineering - Computer Science - 22.08.2012
MIT's Technology Review names Joyce Poon to "Top 35 Under 35"
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology's magazine, Technology Review , has named Assistant Professor Joyce Poon one of the world's top 35 innovators under the age of 35.

Physics - Computer Science - 20.08.2012
'Acceleration noise' adds realism to animated collisions
’Acceleration noise’ adds realism to animated collisions
Bang. Clatter. Tinkle. Jingle. When solid objects collide in the real world we hear a sharp impact sound, sometimes followed by a ringing aftershock.

Computer Science - 17.08.2012
Computer-simulated knitting goes right down to the yarn
Computer-simulated knitting goes right down to the yarn
To put clothes on their characters, computer graphic artists usually simulate cloth by creating a thin sheet, then adding some sort of texture. But that doesn't work for cable-knit sweaters. To make the image realistic, the computer has to simulate the surface right down to the intricate intertwining of yarn.

Earth Sciences - Computer Science - 16.08.2012
Landslide fatalities are greater than previously thought
Landslides kill ten times more people across the world than was previously thought, according to research by Durham University, UK.

Computer Science - Life Sciences - 16.08.2012
Artful algorithms
Money laundering and other suspicious behaviours will become more detectable with the refinement of a 2D graphic visualisation tool currently under development at the University of Sydney's Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies.

Computer Science - 13.08.2012
Pixel perfect
Pixel perfect
SARINA TALIP takes a journey into the not so distant future, where artificial intelligence makes life less of a chore and computers can recognise objects.

Computer Science - Electroengineering - 10.08.2012
Autonomous robotic plane flies indoors
New algorithms allow an autonomous robotic plane to dodge obstacles in a subterranean parking garage, without the use of GPS.

Electroengineering - Computer Science - 10.08.2012
Soft autonomous robot inches along like an earthworm
Earthworms creep along the ground by alternately squeezing and stretching muscles along the length of their bodies, inching forward with each wave of contractions.

Life Sciences - Computer Science - 09.08.2012
U.S.-Russian Collaboration Develops New Method for Sequencing Dark Matter of Life from a Single Cell
An international team of researchers led by computer scientist Pavel Pevzner, from the University of California, San Diego, have developed a new algorithm to sequence organisms' genomes from a single cell faster and more accurately.

Life Sciences - Computer Science - 08.08.2012
UC San Diego, Yale Awarded Collaborative NSF Grant for Neuroscience Gateway
SDSC, NIF to Provide Expertise and Computational Resources on XSEDE The University of California, at San Diego and Yale University have been awarded a collaborative grant by the National Science Foun

Computer Science - 08.08.2012
New router enhances the precision of woodworking
Anyone who has tried to build a piece of furniture from scratch knows the frustration of painstakingly cutting pieces of wood, only to discover that they won't fit together because the cutting was not quite accurate enough.

Physics - Computer Science - 08.08.2012
The First Public Data Release from BOSS, the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey
The First Public Data Release from BOSS, the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey
Scientific: David Schlegel, 510-495-2595, djschlegel [a] lbl (p) gov ; Stephen Bailey, 510-495-2604, stephenbailey [a] lbl (p) gov The Third Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS-III) has issued Data Release 9 (DR9), the first public release of data from the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (BOSS).

Computer Science - Physics - 07.08.2012
What Makes Paris Look Like Paris? CMU Software Uncovers Stylistic Core
Visual Data Mining of Google Street View Identifies Cities' Distinctive Details : Byron Spice / 412-268-9068 / bspice [a] cs.cmu (p) edu PITTSBURGH—Paris is one of those cities that has a look all its own, something that goes beyond landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame.

Computer Science - Event - 05.08.2012
DOD Awards $1.1 Billion to Applied Research Laboratories
ARL:UT's outdoor test tank built to Naval shipyard specifications. The tank is one of ARL:UT's many specialized facilities that provide engineering, integration, testing, and prototyping for research projects.

Computer Science - Art and Design - 02.08.2012
Alison Duthie joins King’s Cultural Institute
Alison Duthie joins King's as Director of Programming, King's Cultural Institute.

Computer Science - Mathematics - 02.08.2012
Writing graphics software gets much easier
A new programming language for image-processing algorithms yields code that's much shorter and clearer - but also faster. Image-processing software is a hot commodity: Just look at Instagram, a company built around image processing that Facebook is trying to buy for a billion dollars. Image processing is also going mobile, as more and more people are sending cellphone photos directly to the Web, without transferring them to a computer first.

Computer Science - 01.08.2012
Learning machines scour Twitter in service of bullying research
Hundreds of millions of daily posts on the social networking service Twitter are providing a new window into bullying — a tough nut to crack for researchers.

Computer Science - Event - 01.08.2012
UC San Diego Professor Wins Top Information Theory Award
Using powerful mathematical techniques from information theory, linear systems theory, convex optimization, and functional analysis, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of California, San Diego resolved a 40-year-old open problem in the field of communication. Professor Young-Han Kim tackled the problem in a paper titled, "Feedback capacity of stationary Gaussian channels," which has now received the 2012 Information Theory Paper Award, one of the highest honors in the field of communication theory, awarded each year by the IEEE Information Theory Society.

Mathematics - Computer Science - 01.08.2012
Children’s Learning With Tablet Technology is Often Passive
Can tablets teach children basic math and reading skills' As a professor who studies technology integration in K-12 schools, I can say the answer is yes but with some critical caveats.

Computer Science - 31.07.2012
Upgrading the Internet for the mobile age
Upgrading the Internet for the mobile age
Some strands of the World Wide Web are getting a little tattered. When it comes to delivering data to users, the Web still works brilliantly.

Computer Science - 31.07.2012
Adding a '3D print' button to animation software
Adding a ’3D print’ button to animation software
Tool developed at Harvard turns animated characters into fully articulated action figures : Caroline Perry , (617) 496-1351 G.I. Joe may have finally met his match.

Physics - Computer Science - 31.07.2012
Collaborative computing, pioneered at UW–Madison, helped drive LHC analysis
Miron Livny is pictured near an enclosed bank of distributed computing equipment in the Computer Sciences and Statistics building.

Computer Science - Microtechnics - 27.07.2012
A market leader in civilian drones joins senseFly and Pix4D
The French company Parrot, world leader in wireless peripherals for mobile phones and already in the market for consumer drones, acquired for 5 million Swiss Francs a majority share in senseFly, a start-up from the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems at EPFL.

Computer Science - Health - 27.07.2012

Computer Science - Event - 26.07.2012
Computer scientist Daniel Spielman named inaugural Simons Investigator
Yale computer scientist Daniel Spielman has been named to the inaugural class of Simons Investigators, providing him and Yale's Department of Computer Science with $660,000 over five years for curiosity-driven research.

Computer Science - 25.07.2012
One touch towards the future
One touch towards the future
A group of designers and developers are investigating, through a hands-on workshop, how the emerging field of UltraHaptics might be used in a creative context in the future.

Computer Science - Physics - 24.07.2012
Three outstanding UCLA scientists win Presidential Early Career Awards
Three exceptional young UCLA scientists were honored by President Obama Monday with Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) — the highest honor bestowed by the U&p