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Physics - Computer Science - 13.11.2020
Cardiff joins £6.1m programme to transform silicon chips
Researchers from Cardiff University have started work on a £6.1m UKRI-EPSRC programme to transform the way data is sensed, transferred between and processed on silicon chips.

Computer Science - 11.11.2020
Digital loading zone management in Stuttgart
Digital loading zone management in Stuttgart
In the busy streets of Stuttgart, drivers often park in loading zones reserved for delivery vehicles.

Computer Science - 09.11.2020

Event - Computer Science - 06.11.2020
Honour among thieves: the study of a cybercrime marketplace in action
Researchers at the Cambridge Cybercrime Centre have revealed what they've learned from analysing hundreds of thousands of illicit trades that took place in an underground cybercrime forum over the last two years.

Computer Science - 06.11.2020

Computer Science - Economics / Business - 06.11.2020

Life Sciences - Computer Science - 05.11.2020
Teams win big in new ’Omics’ cancer competition
Teams from McGill took honours in four of five research grants in the first-ever competition, earning a share of $1.5 million in funding in projects that combine AI, genomics and cancer Earlie

Computer Science - Pedagogy - 03.11.2020
Using Machine Learning To Feed Families in Need
Community program delivers 6,000 monthly meals with assist from CMU In this monotonous COVID-19 world, a team of 22 Parkhurst Dining and Eat'n Park employees begin every Monday, Wednesday and Friday the same way.

Economics / Business - Computer Science - 03.11.2020

Computer Science - Campus - 02.11.2020
Sleuthing for misinformation about voting
Ahead of the 2020 election, Stanford students investigate the spread of misand disinformation online as part of their work with the Election Integrity Partnership.

Life Sciences - Computer Science - 02.11.2020
Building artificial neural networks inspired by the brain
Building artificial neural networks inspired by the brain
The requirements of real biological neural networks are modest compared to the complex deep neural networks used in machine learning, which come with substantial memory and energy demands. The Zenke group have developed a new method in machine learning called Neural Tangent Transfer to make a sparse neural network which performs almost as well as densely connected deep neural network on various learning tasks, but at a heavily reduced computing cost.

Health - Computer Science - 30.10.2020

Computer Science - Environment - 30.10.2020
Computational methods to ease the reuse of construction components
Computational methods to ease the reuse of construction components
Algorithms developed at EPFL can help architects to design building structures that incorporate both new and reused components, thereby lowering their environmental impact.

Computer Science - Environment - 30.10.2020
A software application to ease the reuse of construction materials
A software application to ease the reuse of construction materials
A new software developed at EPFL can help architects to design building structures that incorporate both new and reused components, thereby lowering their environmental impact.

Computer Science - Astronomy / Space Science - 29.10.2020
Deep Learning Algorithms Helping to Clear Space Junk from our Skies
Researchers are at the forefront of developing some of the cutting-edge technology for the European Space Agency's first mission to remove space debris from orbit.

Physics - Computer Science - 29.10.2020
CEA-Leti to Build Quantum-Photonics Platform to Ensure Ultra-Secure Data for Finance, Energy, Defense and Other Industries
Pr oj ect Wil l Build Demo nstrators for Transmitting and Receiving Qubits and Focus on Integrating the Technology in a Unique Platform to Address Quantum Computing Applications.

Environment - Computer Science - 29.10.2020
$39 Million Grant to Better Integrate Renewables into Power Grid
The National Science Foundation has awarded $39 million to a team of engineers and computer scientists at the University of California San Diego to build a first-of-its-kind testbed to better underst

Computer Science - 28.10.2020
Bristol one of four international partners creating a global cyberinfrastructure for scientific discovery
The University of Bristol is one of four international institutions selected to form a partnership within the new National Science Foundation (NSF) project, Fabric Across Borders (FAB).

Politics - Computer Science - 28.10.2020
Berkeley experts offer perspectives on election integrity and security
Experts and scholars across UC Berkeley's campus discussed the potential threat to the integrity and security of this year's election.

Microtechnics - Computer Science - 28.10.2020
Multi-drone system autonomously surveys penguin colonies
A new multi-drone imaging system was put to the test in Antarctica. The task? Documenting a colony of roughly 1 million Adélie penguins. Stanford University researcher Mac Schwager entered the world of penguin counting through a chance meeting at his sister-in-law's wedding in June 2016. There, he learned that Annie Schmidt, a biologist at Point Blue Conservation Science, was seeking a better way to image a large penguin colony in Antarctica.

Computer Science - 28.10.2020
SoundWatch: New smartwatch app alerts d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing users to birdsong, sirens and other desired sounds
SoundWatch: New smartwatch app alerts d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing users to birdsong, sirens and other desired sounds
Smartwatches offer people a private method for getting notifications about their surroundings - such as a phone call, health alerts or an upcoming package delivery.

Health - Computer Science - 27.10.2020
New system uses floor vibrations to detect building occupants
New system uses floor vibrations to detect building occupants
Thanks to a new system developed at EPFL, building owners can detect the number of occupants and track their movement using sensors installed on floor slabs.

Microtechnics - Computer Science - 26.10.2020
Multidisciplinary Bristol team receives £3m to investigate trustworthiness of future robots
Would you trust a robot surgeon? What about a robot pilot, shop assistant or emergency responder? Would you trust them if they had the ability to adapt and change how they functioned? What would it t

Campus - Computer Science - 21.10.2020
SCS Students Chosen Finalists in Collegiate Inventors Competition
Augmented reality system exploits device status lights An idea for creating augmented reality overlays by exploiting the status lights on everyday appliances such as routers, power strips and parking meters has landed a pair of Carnegie Mellon University computer science Ph.D.

Politics - Computer Science - 21.10.2020
Even Our Language Is Polarized
Machine translation tools find word meanings vary based on news viewership It's not news that U.S. politics are highly polarized or that polarization affects cable news channels. But researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, using computer translation tools in an unprecedented way, have found that even the meanings of some words are now polarized.

Computer Science - 20.10.2020
Data centers need to consider their carbon footprint
Digital technology is running up against its physical limits. One solution is to build more data centers - but that needs to go hand in hand with a reduction in their carbon footprint.

Health - Computer Science - 20.10.2020

Computer Science - Campus - 14.10.2020

Computer Science - 14.10.2020
Bristol Cyber Security experts helping stop child exploitation
Researchers have developed an approach that combines Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help protect children.

Computer Science - Campus - 14.10.2020
Libraries Use Computer Vision to Explore Photo Archives
Powerful tool to inventory CMU's million-image collection An internal web application built by Carnegie Mellon University Libraries faculty and staff leverages computer vision to improve the discover

Economics / Business - Computer Science - 14.10.2020

Computer Science - 14.10.2020
Experts Discuss Combating Disinformation One Month from the Election
Disinformation spreads more than ever before, sowing falsehoods, increasing political polarization and potentially infringing on the democratic process.

Health - Computer Science - 14.10.2020
New online research database set to boost battle against COVID-19
Researchers around the world can tap into a new inter-disciplinary online database of COVID-19 research - - allowing them to search for new partners, resources and funding to boost the global battle against the virus.

Computer Science - Campus - 13.10.2020

Computer Science - Microtechnics - 09.10.2020
The algorithm on my team
The algorithm on my team
The automation of work is increasing at a tremendous pace. But how well do technology and humans really work together in a digitised world?

Computer Science - 07.10.2020
UCLA Library announces fall 2020 remote public programs
In October, November and early December, UCLA librarians and staff will share their expertise across dozens of events — from research and data science workshops to lectures and film screenings

Economics / Business - Computer Science - 03.10.2020

Computer Science - Campus - 02.10.2020

Health - Computer Science - 01.10.2020
UC San Diego COVID-19 Forecast Now Part of CDC Model
A computational model that forecasts the number of COVID-19 deaths in the United States as a whole and in each state developed by a team of researchers from UC San Diego and Northeastern University is now part of the national mortality forecast issued by the Centers for Disease Control.

Campus - Computer Science - 30.09.2020
Student Studies Movement in Fashion’s Future
Carnegie Mellon University senior David Perry contemplates how fabric will move in the future. Not just the way clothing can drape a body or how curtains billow in a breeze, but how technology and electronics can change the way we think about clothing and material.

Astronomy / Space Science - Computer Science - 30.09.2020
CMU’s MoonRanger Will Search for Water at Moon’s South Pole
Small, Speedy Rover Completes Preliminary Design Review MoonRanger, a small robotic rover being developed by Carnegie Mellon University and its spinoff Astrobotic , has completed its preliminary design review in preparation for a 2022 mission to search for signs of water at the moon's south pole.

Astronomy / Space Science - Computer Science - 28.09.2020
Countdown für neue Satellitenmission läuft
NetSat soll erstmals die Selbstorganisation von mehreren Satelliten im dreidimensionalen Raum im Rahmen einer Formation im Orbit zeigen.
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