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Computer Science - Career - 24.08.2020
Algorithms workers can’t see are increasingly pulling the management strings
Handing management to algorithms creates 'black-box bosses' whose decision-making is hard to understand or question, writes Dr Alex Veen with co-authors in The Conversation.

Computer Science - 20.08.2020
Researchers launch video game exploring the effects of confinement
Researchers launch video game exploring the effects of confinement
An interactive video game created by researchers and students in the College of Humanities (CDH) and UNIL Gamelab, in collaboration with the Initiative for Media Innovation (IMI) and Le Temps, allows

Innovation - Computer Science - 20.08.2020
The factory of the future, batteries not included
The factory of the future, batteries not included
3 Questions: Dayna Cunningham on urban planning's role in racial and social justice Louis Kampf, professor emeritus of literature and women's and gender studies, dies at 91 Nergis Mavalvala named Sch

Computer Science - Transport - 19.08.2020
Engineers set new world record internet speed
The world's fastest data transmission rate has been achieved by a team of UCL engineers who reached an internet speed a fifth faster than the previous record.

Computer Science - 17.08.2020
Philosophy’s Tetrad Project Awarded International AI Honor
The Tetrad Automated Causal Discovery Platform was awarded the Super Artificial Intelligence Leader (SAIL) award at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference held in Shanghai in July.

Health - Computer Science - 14.08.2020
Latest version of COVID-19 contact tracing app ready for testing on the Isle of Wight and Newham, London
The Department of Health & Social Care announced the latest version of the contact tracing app will be tested on the Isle of Wight and with NHS volunteers from this week, and in the London Borough of Newham from next week.

Computer Science - Event - 14.08.2020
CMU Names K&L Gates Presidential Fellows
Three remarkable graduate students chosen for their work impacting society Three Carnegie Mellon University Ph.D.

Computer Science - Pharmacology - 13.08.2020

Computer Science - 12.08.2020
Ecology in the digital age: U-M students use machine learning for summer research
Ecology in the digital age: U-M students use machine learning for summer research
Instead of spending their summer at remote research stations, University of Michigan students have been conducting field research at home.

Earth Sciences - Computer Science - 11.08.2020
With a nod to UC Berkeley, Google crowdsources earthquake data
Earthquake early warning gives people time to drop, cover and hold on until the shaking stops, preventing injuries.

Computer Science - Life Sciences - 11.08.2020
Blackrock Microsystems Licenses Wyss Center's Real-time Neural Signal Processing Platform
Blackrock Microsystems Licenses Wyss Center’s Real-time Neural Signal Processing Platform
The software platform, NeuroKey, interfaces with multiple brain signal acquisition sources and devices, extending the reach of brain-computer interface applications GENEVA, SWITZERLAND & SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, USA - The Wyss Center for Bio and Neuroengineering has granted a worldwide license to Blackrock Microsystems to commercialize its neural signal processing and decoding software platform for research and clinical applications.

Computer Science - 07.08.2020
Virtual Reality Environments for the Home Office
Virtual Reality Environments for the Home Office
Simulations using supercomputers or construction data from CAD systems are normally visualized and analyzed in a Cave 3D facility.

Event - Computer Science - 06.08.2020

Life Sciences - Computer Science - 06.08.2020
Harnessing the Potential of Artificial Intelligence for the Life Sciences
The great potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for the life sciences - from basic research in biology to medical applications - has to date largely been neglected. To leverage that potential in future, researchers from Heidelberg University, the German Cancer Research Center, and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory have founded a new research unit.

Environment - Computer Science - 06.08.2020
SDSC’s ’Comet’ Supercomputer Used to Simulate Environmental Changes in Chesapeake Bay
This map depicts the study area (Chesapeake Bay) with key tributaries labeled. Blue circles indicate the location of instruments used in the study while red circles indicate the 10 rivers represented in the computer simulations.

Computer Science - Career - 06.08.2020
Hoffman-Yee research grants focus on AI
Hoffman-Yee research grants focus on AI
The Hoffman-Yee Research Grant Program seeks to harness artificial intelligence to build a better future for humanity.

Physics - Computer Science - 05.08.2020

Computer Science - 05.08.2020
Live-Streamed Game Collects Sounds To Help Train Home-Based Artificial Intelligence
CMU researchers are utilizing Twitch to crowdsource database of home sounds From yawning to closing the fridge door, a lot of sounds occur within the home. Such sounds could be useful for home-based artificial intelligence applications, but training that AI requires a robust and diverse set of samples.

Computer Science - Environment - 04.08.2020
New app to implement social distancing on public transport
An app that allows companies to optimise social distancing measures on public transport has been created by a group of Cardiff University students.

Criminology / Forensics - Computer Science - 04.08.2020
’Deepfakes’ ranked as most serious AI crime threat
Fake audio or video content has been ranked by experts as the most worrying use of artificial intelligence in terms of its potential applications for crime or terrorism, according to a new UCL report. The study, published in Crime Science and funded by the Dawes Centre for Future Crime at UCL (and available as a policy briefing), identified 20 ways AI could be used to facilitate crime over the next 15 years.

Health - Computer Science - 04.08.2020

Astronomy / Space Science - Computer Science - 29.07.2020

Computer Science - Transport - 29.07.2020
Predicting the unknown
Predicting the unknown
Olga Fink develops artificial intelligence algorithms for industrial assets, rolling stock and power plants.

Computer Science - Innovation - 28.07.2020

Innovation - Computer Science - 27.07.2020
New AI platform makes debut at automatica
New AI platform makes debut at automatica
Munich School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence presents munich_i The Munich School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence (MSRM) of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is exploring new directions with automatica, the leading international trade show for automation and robotics.

Health - Computer Science - 27.07.2020
CHF 12 million funding for cutting-edge surgical technology
CHF 12 million funding for cutting-edge surgical technology
Researchers at the University of Basel have a vision: an individually configurable robot will revolutionize surgical procedures and provide numerous benefits for patients.

Physics - Computer Science - 27.07.2020
New quantum science fellowship
Five fellows comprise the first cohort of Stanford's new Bloch Fellowship in quantum science and engineering.

Computer Science - Health - 22.07.2020
3D-sensing wristband opens possibilities for sign language translation, virtual reality
The FingerTrak device uses four small thermal cameras and machine learning to accurately capture the three-dimensional position of the human hand and fingers, which is potentially useful for sign language translation or disease diagnostics.

Computer Science - 21.07.2020
UChicago to partner in $25 million National Science Foundation quantum information institute
University of Illinois, UW-Madison, UChicago to develop quantum computing architectures and networks The National Science Foundation has announced the formation of a new institute that will explore new ways to create and connect quantum computers and networks.

Computer Science - Physics - 21.07.2020
UC Berkeley to lead $25 million quantum computing center
As part of the federal government's effort to speed the development of quantum computers, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded the University of California, Berkeley, $25 million over fiv

Computer Science - Microtechnics - 20.07.2020
Which Way to the Fridge? Common Sense Helps Robots Navigate
Carnegie Mellon's winning strategy speeds up robotic searches A robot travelling from point A to point B is more efficient if it understands that point A is the living room couch and point B is a refrigerator, even if it's in an unfamiliar place.

Economics / Business - Computer Science - 17.07.2020
Opinion: The tensions over Huawei are not about trade, but global supremacy
Commenting on the UK's reversal regarding Huawei's involvement in its 5G infrastructure, Laurie Macfarlane (UCL Institute for Innovation & Public Purpose) says the decision is political, reflecting the threat of the Chinese economic model to the liberal capitalism of the UK.

Health - Computer Science - 17.07.2020
How computer science can help fight COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic has mobilized the world's scientific community like no other recent crisis, including many researchers using the most modern data science and artificial intelligence approaches. At the University of Chicago, public health experts, computer scientists, economists and policy analysts have launched projects using computational tools to better detect, diagnose, treat and prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

Research Management - Computer Science - 16.07.2020
Galaxy evolution research among most cited of past decade
A supercomputer simulation carried out in Durham that realistically calculates the formation of galaxies from the Big Bang to the present day is one of cosmology's most popular research papers of the past decade.

Computer Science - 15.07.2020
Smile, You’re on Camaroptera
CMU's Brandon Lucia created a batteryless remote image sensor - and taught it time management Imagine a small, inexpensive device that could look at a parking lot to see which spaces are filled and which are not.

Computer Science - 15.07.2020
Space station motors make a robotic prosthetic leg more comfortable, extend battery life
Space station motors make a robotic prosthetic leg more comfortable, extend battery life
Share on: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn A new robotic prosthetic leg prototype offers a more natural gait while also being quieter and more energy efficient than other designs.

Computer Science - Microtechnics - 15.07.2020
"Alexa, go to the kitchen and fetch me a snack"
New model aims to give robots human-like perception of their physical environments. Wouldn't we all appreciate a little help around the house, especially if that help came in the form of a smart, adaptable, uncomplaining robot? Sure, there are the one-trick Roombas of the appliance world.

Computer Science - 15.07.2020
Carnegie Mellon University Joins Roborace Autonomous Racing Championship
A student team from Carnegie Mellon University is joining the upcoming season of Roborace , an international competition involving autonomous, electrically powered vehicles.

Microtechnics - Computer Science - 14.07.2020
Transparent, Reflective Objects Now Within Grasp of Robots
Carnegie Mellon researchers teach robots to infer shapes from color images Kitchen robots are a popular vision of the future, but if a robot of today tries to grasp a kitchen staple such as a clear measuring cup or a shiny knife, it likely won't be able to.

Computer Science - Microtechnics - 13.07.2020
Machine Learning Helps Robot Swarms Coordinate
At a Glance Leadership President Provost Board of Trustees Legacy History & Milestones Historic Awards & Honors Caltech Archives Interactive History Map News Publications This is Caltech Calte

Mathematics - Computer Science - 13.07.2020
National Science Foundation awards $15.5M to launch math institute at UChicago
Partnership of four Illinois universities will apply mathematical, statistical ideas to scientific progress and economic development The new  Institute for Mathematical and Statistical Innovation  at
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