COVID-19 and the media: The role of journalism in a global pandemic

Live webcast: Wednesday, May 6 9-10:15 a.m. (Pacific)

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This event will be broadcast live on this page. You can also watch this event live on the UC Berkeley Facebook page.

Berkeley Global is pleased to present this unique discussion with two global thought-leaders in Public Health and Journalism which will explore the challenges reporters and researchers alike face when it comes to providing accurate information about a new virus and a pandemic of historic proportions. This look behind the scenes will shed light on the collaborative efforts of scientists and journalists to support policy makers and the public in navigating the crisis. We hope to challenge your current understanding of the pandemic, provide criteria you can use when choosing sources of information and explore possible scenarios of an eventual return to normalcy.

Dr. Frederick Wehrle, Assistant Dean for Academic Design and Innovation, will moderate a discussion with John Swartzberg , M.D., clinical professor emeritus at the School of Public Health and Ed Wasserman , Dean of the Graduate School of Journalism.

This event is sponsored by UC Berkeley Extension.

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