COVID-19 testing at UCL: Participate in Quality Assurance for LFT tests

Lateral flow test for Covid-19

Lateral flow test for Covid-19

UCL is taking part in a national Quality Assurance scheme for Lateral Flow COVID-19 tests - find out how you can help if you’re picking up tests from the Student Centre.

Around one in three people with COVID-19 do not display any symptoms - testing regularly can help stop the spread of infections.

UCL’s Lateral Flow testing facility, based in the Student Centre, offers tests for asymptomatic staff and students - find out how to book a test here.

You can also order test-kits online or to collect from your  nearest participating pharmacy. A Test Kit Collection service (one box per person, per time, for UCL staff and students only) is now available from the Lateral Flow testing facility in the Student Centre, UCL Halls of Residence (ask at your Hall’s Reception), Here East (at Reception) and  Workplace Health.

From next week, if you’re picking up an LFT kit from the Student Centre’s testing facility, we will also be asking if you’d like to take an additional PCR test at the same time. This is to help ensure that the Lateral Flow tests are accurate, and ensure their ongoing effectiveness as new variants of COVID-19, such as the Omicron variant, emerge.

In order to take part, you’ll have to take both test kits home and take the tests at the same time. You’ll then need to report the LFT result online, and return the PCR test to the lab for processing - once this has been packed up in the pre-paid box provided you can hand it back to testing centre staff in the Student Centre, or post it in a priority post box. Full instructions will be provided with the tests.  If you have any questions about this process, please do ask staff in the testing facility when you visit.


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