CVM Mini-Symposium "Model organisms for the study of aging and disease"

We are pleased to announce the next Mini-Symposium of the Cardiovascular and metabolism (CVM) PhD program of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine, UNIL/CHUV Organizer: Alejandro Ocampo, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Lausanne

Talk program:

  • Jerome Mertens (Neural Aging Laboratory, University of Innsbruck, Austria & Salk Institute San Diego, USA):
    Direct neuronal reprogramming to study human aging and neurodegeneration
  • Collin Ewald (Laboratory of Molecular Mechanisms of Healthy Aging, ETH Zurich, Switzerland):
    Transcriptomic signature of longevity in C. elegans implicates ECM remodeling
  • Ferdinand von Meyenn (Laboratory of Nutrition and Metabolic Epigenetics, ETH Zurich, Switzerland):
    Show me your epigenome and I tell you how old you are!
  • Dario Valenzano (Laboratory of Evolutionary and Experimental Biology of Ageing, Max Planck Institute Cologne, Germany):
    African killifishes shed light on lifespan evolution and on the role of the gut microbiota during ageing

The meeting is free of charge, but please register here prior to April 1, 2019. Participation to the mini-symposium will be accredited by the Direction of veterinary affairs and their inspection (DAVI), section Lausanne, as a half day of continuing education.

For PhD candidates: There will be workshops with symposium speakers in the afternoon following the symposium between 14:00 - 16:00h. The UNIL doctoral school attributes 1.0 ECTS for PhD students who present a signed participation form for the mini-symposium (0.25 ECTS morning session, 0.75 ECTS afternoon session). Please also use the registration link and indicate your workshop preference.

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