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Social Sciences - Linguistics / Literature - 24.11.2021

Economics / Business - 24.11.2021

Computer Science - Campus - 24.11.2021

Health - 24.11.2021
Research shapes new miscarriage guidelines
Share this page Share on Twitter Share on facebook Share on linkedin Share on email Research led by the University of Birmingham has helped to shape guidelines which could mean thousands of women with prior miscarriage, and bleeding in early pregnancy, could be eligible for treatment with progesterone each year.

Environment - Health - 24.11.2021
Robust approach needed to reduce risk of disease transmission between humans and wild animals
Share this page Share on Twitter Share on facebook Share on linkedin Share on email The threat of disease transmission from conservationists moving wild animals between habitats or back into the wild needs to be urgently assessed to minimise risk. Experts at the University of Birmingham are calling on local and national health authorities and wildlife managers to adopt a robust approach.

Health - Physics - 24.11.2021
Better images for science
Better images for science
German Research Foundation supports MHH Department of Nuclear Medicine with around 900,000 euros for the expansion of molecular imaging In order to detect and research diseases, it is important to look inside the body.

Research Management - 24.11.2021
National Graphene Institute shines in list of most-cited scientists
Researchers from Manchester's National Graphene Institute (NGI) feature prominently in a new list of the most-frequently-cited academics in science over the past decade, providing more than half of The University of Manchester's overall contribution to the study.

Life Sciences - Health - 24.11.2021

Life Sciences - Health - 24.11.2021
We Might Not Know Half of What’s in Our Cells, New AI Technique Reveals
Artificial intelligence-based technique reveals previously unknown cell components that may provide new clues to human development and disease Most human diseases can be traced to malfunctioning parts of a cell — a tumor is able to grow because a gene wasn't accurately translated into a particular protein or a metabolic disease arises because mitochondria aren't firing properly, for example.

Physics - Environment - 24.11.2021

Environment - Transport - 24.11.2021
Hydrogen for ground transportation and heating is a bad idea
Ambitions to make hydrogen a key energy carrier for a climate friendly future are misguided, says Anthony Patt.

Economics / Business - Campus - 24.11.2021

Health - 24.11.2021
HIV Made Me Fabulous - SFU health sciences professors creatively share research findings through short film
HIV Made Me Fabulous - SFU health sciences professors creatively share research findings through short film
SFU health sciences professors Allison Carter and Angela Kaida, are sharing findings of their national study on women living with HIV through a short film, HIV Made Me Fabulous .

Environment - Economics / Business - 24.11.2021

Astronomy / Space Science - Physics - 24.11.2021
James Webb Space Telescope: our experts speak out
UdeMNouvelles The launch of the most complex and powerful telescope ever built will be commented on by a number of UdeM astrophysicists who contributed to its design. The James Webb Space Telescope is scheduled to be launched on December 22 with sophisticated instruments on board, including a Canadian guidance sensor largely developed by researchers at Université de Montréal.

Chemistry - 24.11.2021
Tempera painting probed on the molecular scale
Tempera painting probed on the molecular scale
In contrast to the oil painting technique that supplanted it at the end of the 15th century, tempera painting, practiced on wood panels, walls or canvas has received little attention on the physico-chemical scale.

Life Sciences - Health - 24.11.2021
A standardized gnotobiotic mouse model harboring a minimal 15-member mouse gut microbiota recapitulates SOPF/SPF phenotypes
Publication of the IGFL on November 18, 2021. Mus musculus  is the classic mammalian model for biomedical research.

Physics - 24.11.2021
The physical basis of mollusk shell chiral coiling
Publication of LGL-TEP in the journal PNAS on November 30, 2021. Snails are model organisms for studying the genetic, molecular, and developmental bases of left-right asymmetry in Bilateria.

Health - Innovation - 24.11.2021

Computer Science - Innovation - 24.11.2021
The spinoff Voctro Labs launches an app to help choir singers rehearse with the help of artificial voices
The program, called Cantamus, is able to read a score and automatically generate the voices of the entire choir to help performers practise The UPF spinoff Voctro Labs has launched a new app, named Cantamus , a tool for choir singers to rehearse.

Transport - Environment - 24.11.2021
Opinion: If we all choose the fastest mode of travel in a city, the whole city gets slower
Opinion: If we all choose the fastest mode of travel in a city, the whole city gets slower
If travellers behave selfishly there will be more congestion and everyone will end up taking longer to get where they need to be, argue postdoctoral researcher, Rafael Prieto Curiel (UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis) and Juan Pablo Orejuela from the University of Oxford.

Environment - 24.11.2021
Research films put science at heart of COP Cymru
Researchers from Cardiff University who are helping tackle global climate challenges have had their work showcased in a series of new videos as part of Wales Climate Week. The #SmallNationsBigIdeas video series comprises close to 40 videos profiling research and innovation initiatives from four Welsh universities, with Cardiff University-led projects accounting for over a quarter of those featured.

Innovation - Environment - 24.11.2021
Costa Samaras To Serve in White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
Carnegie Mellon University Carnegie Mellon University's Costa Samaras has been selected to serve in the Biden-Harris administration in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP).

Chemistry - Environment - 24.11.2021
Sudoc Named Startup To Watch by Chemical & Engineering News
Carnegie Mellon University Company co-founded by Carnegie Mellon chemists develops environmentally safe methods for removing toxins and pollutants Sudoc , a startup co-founded by Carnegie Mellon chem

Campus - Computer Science - 24.11.2021
Increasing the representation of girls and women in STEM and IT education
A new report from Monash University has identified best practices and strategies to overcome barriers that prevent young girls and women from pursuing STEM and IT education.

Economics / Business - 24.11.2021
Brazilian welfare program gambles with poor people’s lives, financial security
Brazilian welfare program gambles with poor people's lives, financial security, research shows FACULTY Q&A Luciana de Souza Leão , an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Michigan, studies the politics of cash transfers and inequality from a comparative perspective.

Earth Sciences - 24.11.2021
Inflation advice to consumers: ’Just grin and bear it’
Consumers expressed less optimism than any other time in the past decade, including more negative prospects for their own finances as well as for the overall economy, according to the University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers.

Materials Science - Transport - 23.11.2021

Social Sciences - 23.11.2021
Bans on flavoured e-cigarettes could see some vapers return to smoking cigarettes
Most adult vapers of non-tobacco flavoured e-cigarettes overwhelmingly oppose flavour restrictions Most adult vapers of non-tobacco flavoured e-cigarettes overwhelmingly oppose flavour restrictions, according to a recent study.

Health - Research Management - 23.11.2021

Health - Computer Science - 23.11.2021
Robotics and artificial intelligence to improve health rehabilitation
A Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) spin-off, Inrobics Social Robotics, S.L.L., has developed a robotic device that provides an innovative motor and cognitive rehabilitation service that can be used at health centres as well as at home.