Documentary Method

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Institut für Soziologie: Geschlechtersoziologie


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The workshop on the Documentary Method of Interpretation (DMI) offers an introduction to its methodology and procedures (including practical exercises). DMI is a hermeneutic branch in qualitative methods, aiming at the reconstruction of context-specific practical frames of orientation. To do so interpreters pay special attention to processes of meaning construction, i.e. in group discussions, interviews, and pictures. In the one-day lecture/workshop session, we will concentrate on the interpretation of qualitative interviews.

This lecture is part of a one-off course that is enabled by the funding from an APPEAR educational project in partnership with the Islamic University of Gaza. The five sessions will be transmitted by audio and video to the IUG with consecutive translation into Arabic. At the IUG the course is run as a lecture series organized by the Gender and Women’s Studies Centre that the APPEAR project helped establish.

Axel Philipps is Senior Researcher at Leibniz University Hannover. He is affiliated with the Leibniz Centre for Science and Society (LCSS), where his research interests include scientific practices, relations between science and society, and methodological questions. He published a number of articles in the fields of Visual Studies and Science Studies, including papers that apply DMI.

Limited seating capacity, please register with edith.lanser [at] uni-graz (p) at by 10th December 2019

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